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i can't believe it!!!
Thursday. 10.4.07 5:47 am
I dunno if you know or not,there are so many people posing as the High School Musical stars on Friendster!!!I can't believe how stupid many people are to believe that these posers were really the stars themselves,so very stupid!!!I was doin some research on this,and I caught one of the posers red handed!!!The poser was posing as Ashley Tisdale,so I thought I checked it out.The location she put on her profile was the location where Ashley is,but on her group profile she put Brunei Darussalem!!!This is outrageous and really,unbelievable!!!The nerve of some people these days!!!I may sound like I'm some cop,but then I'm just saying la...heh.
Cham la these people...haiz.=.=lll

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a tribute to...
Thursday. 10.4.07 5:38 am
Heh,I thought I'd write a tribute to my good friend,Shireen.She's my youth leader,and my best friend's elder sister.She is like a big sister to me...she is always on the lookout for me.I don't know why,its just so nice to have her around.I'm very very thankful to God that I have Shireen as my friend.Bcuz,whenever I wanna go out,when Shireen is around,my mum would be okay with it.Usually My mum hates me to go out for no reason or just to hang out.So I'm kinda a loser when it comes to shopping...thanks Shireen,I wanna thank you and God bless!!!

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Skipped a day,a day comes along
Thursday. 10.4.07 5:21 am
I had 3 days of hols already,but then cuz i felt really sick bcuz of my flu and sighness.i had ta stay at home la(actually i made my dad let me stay)...it was quite boring though...woke up,had some of my mum's home made bread,then hung the clothes,had a good time watchin oprah winfrey on her show...haha...life gets really boring sometimes.Haha.

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Monday. 10.1.07 11:52 pm
You know,ever since last week,since my mum bought an oven,she started to bake like almost everyday...bread bread bread...yup,wonderful bread...and then,my mum baked some muffins yesterday...they were oh sooooooooooooooooo deliciouso!!!It's hard to explain how it tastes like,cuz you have to taste it to know it,hahaha...

But then,thru this events,i've learnt that my mum actually loves me more than it looks like.It's true that my mum always nags at me and calls me names and somtimes even threathens me,but then when she nags and all,i feel the love that she always gives to me,since the day she knew i was coming.

It was like when i was 1 year old,i had a sever fever.and then my mum took me to the hospital,and i can tell you she had had sleepless nights...she did that because she loved me so much.and the thing before this is,the time she gave birth to me.she struggled for almost 2 days until i came bumping out.It was painful.my dad told me.I can't imagine the pain.not even an accident can compare to the pain that my mum went thru.

What I wanna say here is,us teens nowadays always seem to complain that our parents don't love us or understand us.We tend to always expect them to pay attention to us,to all our needs,even though our needs may be unreasonable or actually pointless.Our parents work their heads off to earn a living,though there are some useless parents who don't seem to care at all.But then,for those of y'all who have parents with you still,and they love to nag at you,always think back at all the sacrifices thay have made for you.Parents are old-fashioned(at least mine are),they are ancient,but then their love for us can never get ancient or old-fashioned.I think we should learn to appreciate the things they do for us bit by bit,little by little,day by day.I know i may seem like a preacher or a goody good kid like dat,but then I like to think,and I think God,through the HS,has somehow made me realize this and I wanna do this post so that maybe some of us will start to realize our past mistakes against our parents,and forgive their mistakes towards us.Nobody is perfect,you are not perfect,i'm not as well.

So...let's do our part as sons and daughters and show some appreciation.


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Bloody day
Saturday. 9.29.07 10:49 am
okay,here's what happened today.

My mum was having some classes on today,so she couldn't go out for shopping.So,guess who she sent?----yours truly and mua dad.Maybe my mum made a mistake,cuz btw,WE TOTALLY HATE SHOPPING!!!!oh please,i'd rather have a nap under the sun than go walking in the stuffy and crowded shops!!!

We went out at abt 11 am lk dat,so we got into the shop.oh my goodness!!!There was a whole big crowd in there,like there were a gazillion ants in there.The first thing we went to get was a garbage bin.Okay,this is jz stupid.There were jz so many bins with no covers that could ever fit them,it took my dad a long time to figure out which was the right cover for the bins.Whilst he was bin-hunting,i went to get toilet tissue.

The prices was cheap,so everybody wanted a piece of it.But then,i was almost exploding cuz there was this bloody fool who was cutting my que and then taking more than they should!!!every customer was entitled to only 2 units of each promotional item,but then that bloody lady was cheating...i was so pissed that i went off to get my brother's diapers.Ok,there's loads of diapers,untouched by men.(thank God)so i took a pack,and went downstairs for shampoo.

This shop was like a maze,it took me 4 rounds around the shop to find the shampoo section.I got 2 rejoice shampoos...then,i left for something else,vermicelli.Grabbed a whole carton of it,and went off.

i was almost gonna lose my temper and curse people already,but i tried to keep controlled.So...what did we learn today??
That's about it.Caught a flu after that,doctor gave me flu & cough medicine...and i had to smell menthol...heh.Okay...now,at least i've got itme to rest,haha.What a day...heh.

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Exam week recap~~
Friday. 9.28.07 3:52 am
As you all know,my exams jz went past for the past two weeks like that.Here's a little recap on what happened for these few days.

Day 1(19/9/2007):English I & Malay 2
Papars today were okay,it's jz that i wrote a crappy essay 4 my english.Malay paper was bad lah...can't describe it much.There goes day 1.

Day 2(20/9/2007):Chemistry & Chinese 1
Another essay,chinese essay,my essay is totally unlogical,for crying out loud!!!For chemistry,it's okay i guess,jz i did smthing very stupid,i answered both essay questions,but actually only need to answer one.Woof..sheesh.

Day 3(21/9/2007):History 2 & EST 2
I know dat my history is gone case d one,so i'm not gonna say anything abt it,haha.My EST,easy peasy.

Day 4(24/9/2007):Biology & Add Maths
Today's papers were the two subjects dat were gonna murder me...id fail them both...heh...but then at least the add maths no body is gonna blame me 4 failin,cuz even d maths whizz can't do it,how can i???Hello,i'm no math whizz here!!!Haha.

Day 5(25/9/2007):Physics & English 2
The physics paper was also a killer,so i'll 4get it..heh.English has always been cake for me,but then i was a bit doubtful of myself when i doing the paper..but i think i can pass..and I won a BOYS LIKE GIRLS self-titled album,i was OVERJOYED!!!!

Day 6(26/9/2007):Math & Moral
Time flies so fast.Exams are almost over.But then,still 2 more headache papers.I worjed all nite to make sure i remembered my math,i don wanna fail another paper...heh...i did it ok,so i'm relieved heh.As 4 moral,no body knows how to do it,so fail also lk dat only...heh.

Day 7(27/9/2007):Chinese 2
the paper was wacko,i hate chinese but then i still have to take it.Haha...the tradisional chinese language was driving me into the drain...i was lost.

Day 8(28/9/2007):Malay 1 & EST 1 (THE GREAT ESCAPE!!!)
The papers were okay,no sweat.The best thing was after the exam...you wanna know wat happened?I was like day-dreaming after finishing my papers,so i was having this crazy thought dat after the papers,everyone would all shout out loud and go out happy,like wat happened in the first scene of High School Musical 2.Guess what,it did!!!(jz without the singing and the throwing of sheets..)...it was UNBELIEVABLE!!!Whoa,wat a week!!!Yeah it is,reli,the great escape!!!

Crazy week yeah!!I never thought it would turn out so cool.Exams..haha.


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