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11 September, 2009 07:53 PM: Web page's temporarily plain! I haven't had extra time to cuztomize a new one. Will be updated soon :)
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Clinic Tan
Tuesday, June 2, 2009
What disease'd you think I'd get when you saw Clinic Tan the tittle?

Let me tell you, I did't get any diseases but I got Mr. Acne {I call him Mr. A} sitting on my face. Since then he stucks on my face and never wants to go away. He likes producing babies on my face and they grow up very fast in a day. Before they open their eyes, pus is running in there, and when they join together, their head explodes and blood bursts out. Volcano here it comes.

Acne Bursted

So tonight I had to stop the Volcano, I went to Clinic Tan to get some 'Mrs. As and Little Girl As' to plug their butt out of my face.

When I first got in to the Clinic Tan, with my mum, I thought it was scary. You know what? It's only a half room. There's no one in the clinic and only two lights near the front door were turned on. The only fan were not turned on, so I'd could hear every single sound when I approached that clinic. There'd got some oldie signboards hung up on a wall and there's also a piece of mirror on a wall below a signboard, I'd see some red-colored-names written on it. Imagine if you were me, walking into that clinic, it's just like a spooky haunted clinic. Lol! I've a good imagination.

So later I was called to the doctor. He saw my face and asked, 'What form are you in this year?' 'Form 5.' 'Since when have you got pimples?' 'About two or three years ago.' 'Your acne couldn't be treated if you came to see me two or three years ago.' I was thinking and laughing him in my heart secretly, 'Oh yes?' And then, he pulled my shirt up, back and front, to see if I'd got ance at my front and back. Fortunately, no. Next he touched about my arms, as soon as he did that, my mum said I couldn't grow fatter and I thought, 'Where're you touching? It's nothing to do my my arms, Mr. A's on my face!'. And then he said, 'It doesn't matter if you're thin or fat, your face is more important!'

So at the end he explained to me how his medicines worked, how many time I should take in a day, when, and some creams. He gave me two types of medicines which I need to take in this two weeks, looked like chocolates. And two types of creams, he named it cream A and cream B so that it's easier for me to remember. Also, he gave me a half-bottle liquid for the face-wash.

All the stuffs looked effective and now let me tell you how much they cost. RM 71 for the medicines (for ONLY two weeks), RM 10 for cream A, RM 15 for cream B and RM 10 for the face-wash, so RM 106 in total.


10:44 AM

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What? What?
Sunday. 5.31.09 8:44 am
Travis is coming out with a solo albumd?

I've just watched this video and I just can't wait to post it up!
Well, I noticed Travis was when I first heard of NLT last year. The band broke up and I felt really sad because I really love their songs. I've always thought the band will be reborned but when I watch this video, by Travis, I know NLT's gone for sure. Anyway, it's a real surprise and I'm so excited to listen his new songs. That's going to be awesome but when is it coming out? I just can't wait!

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Friday, May 29, 2009
Finally I got my last paper done today - it was Additional Maths and it was terrible, I must say! You'd never know how extremely boring I was in the examination hall because I didn't how to solve any of the solutions.

Looking at the dizzy questions really tore my head off, seriously. I'd no idea what I was doing and from the second I got the question paper I knew I was going to fail the subject. What could you do if you brought no brain to school and you'd to do an exam just when the assembly over in the morning? Honestly, I couldn't do anything at that moment, I'd only do as much as I knew although I knew nothing about that.

Anyway, I'd my butt stuck on that hard magenta chair for nearly three weeks and here are some of my thoughts:

Don't I afraid of the results? Honestly, no.
How do I think of the exam? Well, it's an ordinary one, like what I did in the last four years.
Any regrets? Why? It's a no. I get what I deserve.
How are you feeling? No nervous, no panic, no unhappy.
What adjectives will I say of the exam? Boring and tired.
Any extraordinary incidents happen when the exam is going well? Yes, people around me cheated in the exam.
Did I follow them? No. I would rather fail than cheat in the exam.
Do I like them? Well, it's very nomal that people cheated in the exam. It's OK with me as long as I'm not affected. But one thing I feel annoying is the person who sits behind me. My friends know about that.
What's your final words when you the exam is over? I feel really tired and I just want to finish it as fast as possible. Now, I'm glad it's all over! I don't mind if my grades go down, I'll be back with a whole new spirit.

It's a two weeks holidays from now, I love it...

6:07 PM

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
mood: Unmotivated
listening to: NLT's "Vanished"

it's. been quite a while since I never wrote about my life. Well, I'm sitting for an exam at the moment, it's been nearly three weeks and I feel really tired on what I'm doing right now.

an. ordinary exam ever, occupied 12 days, covers 13 subjects and over 20 copies of papers. Every morning I sit under a strong fan, feeling the cold wind. Everyday I sit on a hard, uncomfortable, magenta plastic chair, and do the exam paper one over one. This exam is the most tiring exam I've ever had so far. May be a lot of new stuffs are pushing me up, and I haven't had time to melt them down.

people. don't always say this exam is important but for those who're holding their books everyday, they probably would get into a panic and begin to worry about what contents are adding in the exam, how many chapters are included, who will be the teacher who writes the exam paper etc. You could see the sweat running down their cheeks from their forehead, skaking their legs and tap-tap sound are made. You could also see their cutie faces, appareatly they're very nervous, though they must needs show you a 'yippee!' teeth. Haha! You could see smoke flying out from their hair sometimes.

honestly., I think this exam is terrible. I don't feel any panic. I don't feel any nervous. I'm like coming to a crossroads and everything's covered in mist, like 'Where am I going to go? Where am I going to go?' Uncertain... I can say. I'm not sure.

spm.(the BIGexam) is coming nearer now, it left 175 days. Everyone's still slacking around and doesn't seem like a volcano's actually going to explode the village. I personally am terrified, wondering what if I haven't had my chapters done before the BIGexam. I'll probably close myself in my door and yell to the people outsite my room: 'THIS IS MY DOOR! THIS IS MY DOOR! GO AWAY AT ONCE OR YOU WILL SEE A SOUL UP THE CEILING!' It sounds horror, though it's not going to happen :)

new. stuffs are coming up to me right after the exam. I've to prepare many things and I'm not sure if I can deal with them. I need more confidence!

in. a word, I'm getting exhausting now. I need more rest!!!

9:37 PM

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Some Updates
Monday, May 25, 2009
Randomly browsed on Youtube these days and I found some comic videos.

Do You Speak English? - Big Train - BBC comedy

This video just reminds me that I was once acting a fake American. I was kind of laughing when I was watching the video, lol!

These are some of videos that I found amusing! They are so funny and I got cramp in my stomach when I was watching them. Enjoy it!

On Call Surgeon - Big Train - BBC comedy

Accidental Shooting Prank - JustForLaughs.TV

Well, American Idol #8 has just brought to a successful close, but still I can't pull myself off of the show. Honestly, I watched the show from this season and I thought it was so great to watch another American Idol was borned. It'd been some months and I thought it was like, 'Oh no... I don't want this show to be finished so fast!' Some people out there might not satisfied with the result because they said Adam was the best artiste in the show, but for me, both of them were really good and I'd be happy anyone of them who won the title.

It's too bad that Imeem could only supply 30 seconds for the song, definitely not enough for listening. Haha! Yes, internet's the fastest site in spreading stuffs and news to every corner of the world. You know what? Kris had just won the title last night and tomorrow, all of his songs, photos, news, videos in the show's increasingly uploaded on the website. From 2 pages of uploaded videos on Youtube increased to 20 pages and more just when the show fnished; No Boundaries was 3.31 minutes on Imeem last night, and it's 30 seconds now. All of the websites, blogs posted an entry claimed, 'Kris is the new American Idol! Kris is the winner of this season!' Extremely fast in spreading the news.

I miss the show so much and I've watched the final for 3 times. When I listened of the playlist, yes, the playlist that I made below, I think of the show naturally.

Kris Allen's "No Boundaries"

This is the full song. Oh my god! I can't take this far away from me! I like the lyrics!!! It's about encouraging a person himself not to give up his dreams easily because he has a good reason to fight and not walk away, and there're no boundaries. Give a big kiss to Kara she could write such a nice song! And this song gives a lot of confidence to those who's hardly chasing their dreams.

The lyrics:

[Verse 1:]
Seconds, hours, so many days
You know what you want but how long can you wait?
Every moment lasts forever
If you feel you’ve lost your way

What if your chances are already gone?
Started believing that I could be wrong
But you give me one good reason
to fight and never walk away

So here I am - still holding on

With every step, you climb another mountain
Every breath, it's harder to believe
You’ll make it through the pain;
Weather the hurricanes
To get to that one thing

Just when you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you almost gave up on your dreams
Then, take it by the hand and show you that you can

There are no boundaries
There are no boundaries

[Verse 2:]
I fought to the limit, stand on the edge
What if today is as good as it gets?
Don't know where the future's heading
But nothing's gonna bring me down

I've jumped every bridge and I've heard every lie
I risked being safe but I always knew why -
I always knew why

So here I am - still holding on

With every step, you climb another mountain
Every breath, it's harder to believe
You’ll make it through the pain;
Weather the hurricanes
To get to that one thing

Just when you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you almost gave up on your dreams
Then, take it by the hand and show you that you can

You can go higher;
You can go deeper
There are no boundaries above and beneath you
Break every rule `cause there's nothing between you and your dreams

With every step, you climb another mountain
Every breath, it's harder to believe


There are no boundaries
There are no boundaries

With every step you climb another mountain
Every breath, it's harder to believe
You'll make it through the pain
Weather the hurricanes

There are no boundaries
There are no boundaries
There are no boundaries

Song Information:

Genre: Pop rock
Writers: Kara DioGuardi, Cathy Dennis, Mitch Allan

Lyrics taken from http://www.metrolyrics.com/

5:28 PM

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