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i wandered through the places i have come to know all these years but everything seems vaguely unfamiliar. my general fears have subsided, but his kiss still feels superfluous as though this moment has far exceeded both of our expectations. and while his hazel eyes appear as fierce as my own, they somehow remind me of the empty highway at four AM when i'm driving alone lost in my thoughts with no destination in mind.

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last goodbye.

This is our last goodbye
I hate to feel the love between us die
But it's over
Just hear this and then I'll go
You gave me more to live for
More than you'll ever know

Well, this is our last embrace
Must I dream and always see your face?
Why can't we overcome this wall?
Baby, maybe it's just because I didn't know you at all

Kiss me, please kiss me
But kiss me out of desire, babe, and not consolation
Oh, you know it makes me so angry 'cause I know that in time
I'll only make you cry, this is our last goodbye

Did you say, "No, this can't happen to me"
And did you rush to the phone to call?
Was there a voice unkind in the back of your mind saying,
Maybe, you didn't know him at all
you didn't know him at all
oh, you didn't know?

Well, the bells out in the church tower chime
Burning clues into this heart of mine
Thinking so hard on her soft eyes, and the memories
Offer signs that it's over, it's over

beautiful, beautiful words.

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third person.

during the latenight hours, the idyllic moonlight filtered through the enclosed blinds. sweeping across the hardwood floor the brown corduroy blanket draped over his shoulders. above the patterns in the sky, the evening commute of the industrialized metropolis sustained involuntary convictions that perhaps she loved him. imaginary fringes of a greater nothing could never state the obvious that he's beautiful as beautiful can be simply defined and 'perfect' in every imperfect way. falling into the arms of sleep on the long drive back, mechanized thoughts of him faded drifting onward to a better tomorrow.

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on a whim.

whisper it in his ear: you are being unfaithful.

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old words.

she has such a beautiful mouth for such a bitter girl. he thinks he loves that about her. but it's not a question of 'if' or 'why' because the possibilities could be endless. with a kiss so vulgar those abstained words fumble out of his mouth 'as if' there needed to be a reason behind this at all.

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random thought.

sometimes, i feel as though intrigue has me barely short of an obsessed stalker.

ya feel me?

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