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Wednesday. 5.29.13

...the force be with you.

(I actually watched Star Wars just last week.
At least, until my mom, dad and myself all fell asleep. We were dog tired, but didn't really realize it until we put the movie on. And turned out the lights. As we each reclined on the comfy couches.)

Two days left to spare, and here I am with my month's entry. Ta-da!

It was announced in March of this year that My Chemical Romance were finished as a group. It wasn't until this month I really started dwelling on it at all. I suppose I hadn't slowed down enough to really process it much before now.

When my sister told me MCR had broken up, I hadn't thought of it much aside from, "Man, haven't listened to them in forever." I've been listening to them a ton the last couple of weeks, including watching videos on youtube and searching the internet for that one shirt I always wanted but now is nowhere to be found.

I couldn't really pick just one picture. But this was the first one that seemed to suit so I stopped looking and saved you some loading time.

Before their split if you had asked me how much I liked MCR, my answer would have been much different than it is at this point. I liked them a lot, though I wouldn't say they were my absolute favorite. (That varied a lot depending on who I had heard that year, and whatnot. Most of the time it was The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand or something.) These last couple of weeks I've done lots of reminiscing over my teenage years. "They were really great, weren't they? Forgot how much I loved those guys..." and that kind of thing. I now know more about the guys in My Chemical Romance than I ever did while they were together.

Going through old interviews, music videos and "backstage pass" kind of films it's been neat to see how much they positively affected thousands of kids in a scene that was otherwise dark, violent and hopeless more often than not. The guys in the band had struggled with their own demons, and especially after the lead singer got clean & sober, they made it a point to get the word out to fans to get help if they need it, that they're not alone; they can get through their stuff and live.

My Chemical Romance encouraged respecting others (this is apparently not "rock 'n' roll" and made them stick out in the scene), didn't take bullshit from anyone, promoted using art as a positive method of self-expression. An inspiring group of young men.

But enough of those guys...
Summer is here! And with it has come extra hours at the library! yay! I also now work at a local artsy movie theater on the weekends. Well, Sundays so far. Yay, concessions. (But it's easy. Nothing much to complain about, except maybe the "golden-flavored popcorn topping" that spits at me every time.)

The lease on my current apartment is coming up at the end of July. I think I may move to a studio apartment near here. I hate this building. One day I will take pictures of its falling-apart-ness and show you the awful building I live in. It's almost disgusting how bad it is. (Granted, there's worse, but this is just... blegch.)

June is almost here. I have a feeling my monthly post will be closer to the middle than the end this next time around. I already want to tell you about it, but it hasn't happened yet, and I may just as well wait until it's here to talk about it. And whatnot.

[What a great word, "whatnot." Like "methinks", it looks like a wrong kind of mash-up, a word a kid would make after he learned about compound words. But it's a legitimate word! Really!.]

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Monday. 4.8.13

Last week was my birthday.

'Twas a Tuesday evening. I had donned a new dress I hadn't worn yet, heels of a teal-colored sheen with earrings and painted nails to match. I went out with a couple of friends to dinner at an irish pub (salmon boxty and bread pudding FTW). Afterwards we went to a bar where a friend's band was playing. The bar was small, has a space/pinball machine theme (with lots of blacklighting); and it was weird drinking a beer out of a glass that was actually plastic. o_O

When I saw this dress at Target some weeks ago and tried it on, I knew I had to buy it, even though it wasn't on sale. I had no idea when I was going to wear it, but I knew it was going to be mine.

But that was it, as far as my birthday goes.

Aaaannd that's all I have right now.
(How come I never can call to mind all those things I thought about blogging before that moment I come to the "New Entry" screen?...)

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Tuesday. 3.5.13
This is my real-life goal: make a NuTang entry every month this year. (Besides January because that's in the past.)
I'm almost surprised how soon it's been between this NT visit and my last entry.

I just finished reading Katherine Paterson's Jacob Have I Loved and really enjoyed it. But now I'm not sure what to read next. Considering re-reading The Hobbit, or maybe starting Steinbeck's East of Eden? Not sure yet.

Here in Kansas City, March began with feet of snow all over the place, and in some areas of the metro was even more snowfall on top of the accumulation from the two big snowstorms that passed through here in the last week and a half. Guys, we had thundersnows. THUNDERSNOW. (Like a thunderstorm, but with snow instead of rain.) This is now the name of my band on Guitar Hero.

While being stuck in the snow (and getting two paid days off, thank GOD) I filed my federal income tax return. My refund is due to be paid to my bank account this week (I checked.) I haven't begun to tackle my state return yet because it looks hard. I'm used to the simple, straightforward Kansas return, but now that I live in Missouri I not only have that form to fill out (which looks more confusing than the usual KS return) but because I have income from Kansas, it gets complicated on BOTH ends. :/
Maybe I'll tackle it over spring break.

(Not looking forward to that.)

In other news, the sun is out more often, the temperature is supposed to be in the 50's for the rest of the week, and I'm happy and ready for winter to just leave already. :D

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Je suis ici!
Friday. 2.22.13
Look, a blog entry!

I have not been on here in MONTHS. I'm not on the internet much in the first place. And to be honest, email and bill paying take up most of my internet usage nowadays.
Yay bills.

In other news, Kansas/othermidwestareas has had a crazy snow-full "winter storm". It snowed ALL DAY Thursday. The library was closed yesterday, but we're back to business today. Luckily I was staying with my parents and didn't have to ride the bus in all this mess. And a mess it is! Yesterday, when I thought it'd stopped snowing, I went out to shovel my parents' driveway. I stopped halfway and let my brother finish it off (and dig his own car out). Today my back is so sore from all that snow. The entire driveway was at least 8" deep all over. Then it started snowing again halfway through my shoveling adventure. So there was another quarter inch of snow by the time all was said and done last night.

At least the main roads aren't too bad, and my parents' street is busy enough to be clear enough to not be an issue.

Meanwhile I've read many books! Including finally finishing the Chronicles of Narnia! And On The Road (apparently there's a movie, now?) Lois Lowry's bestseller The Giver has sequels! The fourth book of that series (called Son) just came out a few months ago, and I got to read that. But it'd been so long since I'd read the first three, I'm going to read them again. Or, at least, The Giver.

After that, I have no idea what I'm going to start reading.


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