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It is 12:13 AM
Monday. 9.19.11 12:09 am
I am awake and studying for an Economics exam tomorrow.
I'm seeing Matt&Kim, MCR, and Blink 182 on Tuesday, and then on Saturday seeing Black Keys and Coldplay (and Young the Giant and Cage the Elephant, but they aren't as important.)

I think it is physically impossible for me to express how much I love Coldplay. To put it in lamest terms, I am probably going to cry if they play Clocks or The Scientist.

I love them. That. Much.

This blog was really just a procrastination tactic, and it's working so far. Back to studying. Goodnight.

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I need a new layout*.
Thursday. 9.15.11 2:44 pm
My black layout on my page is all messed up. I want it too look somewhat decent...like...

UNICORNASAURUS. Her layout is freaking BALLLLLERRRRR and reminds me of Candy Land.

If you can help me find a new, simple module, it would be greatly appreciated. <3

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Saturday. 9.10.11 11:32 pm
I haven't been on in so long. My last blog was about getting either the iPhone 4 or Droid X. Which you probably don't care about. But that's okay, because I'm going to tell you anyway that I got the Droid X, and although it is a nice phone, I regret it.

Unfortunately, I have very short, stubby, wide thumbs, and they are far from easy to work with. That being said, a full touch screen phone lacking a physical keyboard is simply not my cup of tea. When I have an upgrade I will be switching to Blackberry, most likely.

I am freaking out because I am taking 18 hours at my university, and they are all boring business classes. Not even class where I can obtain interesting facts or information or keys to the world/universe. Nope. Just crunching numbers and studying the US economy cycles.

I hope your lives have been completely dandy during my time of absence and beyond.

PS. Unicornasaurus, I love this from your last blog:

"3) God. We're on weird terms, right now. No lecture is going to help, either--I know that much. Faith isn't faith unless you come and stay, on your own terms. Just like any other relationship."

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Opinions needed. Iphone or Droid?
Sunday. 1.16.11 12:06 am
I'm either going to get an iPhone 4 or Droid X within the next month, and I'd really like some honest opinions and feedback, especially if you own one of the two.


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Not telling someone a negative truth in fear that they won't believe you and it will blow up in your face.
Wednesday. 1.12.11 11:53 pm
SO there's this girl I know. And there's this guy I know. These two USED to date. Used to. But now to the general public they are both single. They both still hang out and do lovey dovey things in secret; this girl thinks they will get back together, when the guy has no intention of getting back together with her in fear of hurting her.

I am not close to the girl, and I am good friends with the guy. The girl hates me because I hang out with the guy. She thinks I want the guy for myself, when I don't. The guy is playing the girl, whether she (or even HE for that matter) realizes it or not.

This blog isn't even worth it. I just hate watching people get played and not being able to do anything about it, especially when the wrong-doer is one of my friends. If I told the girl, I'd lose the guy friend, and the girl probably wouldn't believe me because she would think it will be a secret maniacal scheming plot to steal her not boyfriend away from her.

I thought going away to college would make me forget about petty high school drama. But even watching it is difficult.

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I have an addiction to posting statuses for the sole reason of receiving "likes" and "comments."
Saturday. 10.16.10 6:46 pm
For example, this past weekend I went to Charleston to visit a few of my friends. We went into this awesome shop where I bought scented oil to keep in my car (having a container with scented oil lasts a lot longer than an air freshener, fyi). Well, little did I know, I got the wrong scent. And this was the status I posted:

Inhuman "thought she bought the 'China Rain' oil scent for her car, but apparently picked up the 'Lick Me All Over' scent by mistake."

Priceless. Luckily, "Lick Me All Over" just happened to smell pretty good. Too bad I left the oil in Charleston.

I also have an addiction to taking over a person's Facebook whenever they leave it up when I am visiting, and leaving status such as "such and such 'likes ponies and butterflies and unicorns" or "such and such feels like a giggly little Asian girl tehehehehehe~!~!~!~"

And I love every minute of it.

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