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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

SC Outing
Saturday. 10.6.07 11:14 am

i clocked more than 24hrs w/o sleep. =//

stupid icebreaker games make me run when i had no sleep. Travel round amk to bishan to tpy. zzz


Luckily got dr and jin xuan there. If not all year1! sadcase la..

yg and xiaoxuan couple greeen eh. lol. only their green is different from the rest of the greens.



On the way home, i met ian. =D lol. I asked him what he doing at upp. bukit timah (the prata place), then he told me his triangle relationship. nono maybe its square or pentagon! Involves 5 people. Then just nice he going to town to meet his other friends cuz he cant go dinner with his gf, he took bus with me to my house area then i waited with him for Bus 700. ian is dating his senior. oooO. Guess he likes older women. ian and i are like one of the best buddy in school last time. Same class for 2 years, stay so close to each other, play same sport, he suck at chinese and i always let him copy my answers. Everytime he would side with me and i would side with him. LOL. It's like like like though we did not meetup often but still very good friends.. I wonder why but lol it just stays that way. Which is GOOD! :D

kk thats all.


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For Friends.
Friday. 10.5.07 6:44 pm
I think, im sucha noble friend.

Today joshua asked me for Sony Ericsson Charger, i couldn't find a spare one. My dad is using it and the spare i got was spoilt. I called the whole world for him ( not really the whole world but a few like 6-7) just to find it for him, but to no avail. Walked to Suntec to find him just to go Funan, LOL. zzzZ.

Then later on suppose to meet Marc.

Mr. Marc Ang says 5 plus to 6. He would be done in school. i called him at 545. Then i reached his business block at 6pm THEN i waited half hour. THEN i walked to Economics block to meet him. He called me at it was like near to 645. zzz Just because he needs a disc from me and i waited there for nearly 45mins to see him for 2min! maybe 4mins. i dont know!

Hmm tomorrow got SC Outing. LOL everyone pangseh Yuguang. He must be like a sadface. LOL tons of us year 2 not going EXCEPT ME! just cause i dont want his event to look damn cui, i go. I told him " if you ask me to do stupid forfeit, i will burn him." lol. Then he told me, Light punishment if you kenna. zzZ so much for helping him make his event look more Grand that its suppose to be.

Oh btw, today at BREAD TALK i bought the donuts again. LOL i asked for MUCH MUCH SUGAR ADDED. Then i bought TWO! i was eating and eating then i told joshua, "You know, this is the best donut you ever get in the world" and i let him taste ONE BITE only.
His reaction was "woah, woah, its really, fluffy and nice. Woah, now i know why its a dollar, WOAH"

Damn! the donuts never fail me when i ask someone to taste it. =DD

Many people <3 it after i asked them to eat it. Seriously the donuts are awesome, to the max!

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I've got mentioned !
Thursday. 10.4.07 2:09 am

I didn't know i played a part again.
El Oh El.

Hope Yuhui ever realises her goal in life which is to buy her 20inch mac com for future designing purposes.. That's her goal in life. She should thank me like 1million times for asking her to go apple with me to find a bag and out of no where she got her goal in life. Heh.

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Long Queue
Monday. 10.1.07 4:21 pm
Made a trip to Ikea on sunday to pick up some stuffs.

I decided to queue first as there is a long stupid jam and in the meantime my dad can go to the pickup point in the store to pick up uh, forgot what he was buying. There was like a family of 5 in front of me.

1 Dad
1 Mom ( kinda obvious, lol)
3 Daughters

They were chatting and i was just standing, looking around trying not to be bored. Somehow i started listening to their conversation. NOT EAVESDROPPING but since they spoke and there is nothing i can do. The youngest child was like so excited over buying so much stuffs and kept talking to the mum how to put the stuffs into the car and still have enough space to sit. She threw out rocket-science theory long sentences to explain to her mother and she is so dramatic. I was thinking to myself, i bet she doesn't even know it was apple that made Issac Newton discovered. The best part was, when the mum said, "after bringing home, who is going to fix it, you?" The little girl just ponder to herself and then she turned back to her dad and then told her mum, daddy fix lor. The mum looked at the other 2 sisters and they all agree ! I almost burst out into laughter... LOLOLOL i just turn back and smile. Cannot tolerate... The dad was like uh.. No choice XD.

Later on my dad joined me in the Queue and then we kept commenting about other people's tattoo and stuffs and how ugly it would look like when the person grow old and imagine a butterfly, 20yrs later its a crumpled butterfly. D:

Next to Ikea there is a D.I.Y. Home Fix shop. I was rather fascinated by the shop. Maybe one day i shall DIY more things at home other than just fixing that spoilt bulb in my room.


What else is there these recent days.

SMU exam week started.

Weiyi, Jeri, Marc is busy studying.

Winson everyday whines how bitchy his Officer is.
Desmond whines the same thing as Winson.

They both have 2 CPS (Complain per Second) about the nasty officer. Maybe the officer is having her period. EVERYDAY EVERYWEEK =DD. Thats why there is so much mood swings.



Today went with GooLameGuang to Causeway Point.

I totally dreaded to go that place. BLARDY FARRRRRRRR for me. Not for him. All in the name of finding a eartip for my ear piece. When i tested everything and Yuguang and i both decided which is better, the salesman went to check and say NO STOCK!

I was like uh.. i smile and say "Oh okay lor, I will come back 3 days later to get it"

The only other place is a City Hall area which is super near my house but i am too tired to go there and yu guang die also refuse to go there so i gave him the money to ask him help me buy then pass me another day. *He was telling me how he is plotting to run away with my 25 dollars, ar-tard*

Went to eat KFC cuz we both dint eat anything at all. He told me he is on a budget, and i told him hmm for today im not. In the end my food is cheaper than his zzZ

After eating, we crossed the road to go to the library to pay my fines. Yu guang says going to the library is equivilant to draining his life away and he would rather wait across the road for me to come back rather than to go to the library. but duh! i forced him. like only 1min away. OMG its $6.50 when i paid the fines! It's MORE THAN stated on the letter sent to me............. zzzzzz.

Oh ya about Singapore National Library. They are chasing people up to 6 yrs of delayed payment. They sent letter all the way just to ask an old uncle to pay 30cents (stated in papers, the whole country is reading it). Mine was a fine from 2 yrs ago. Others was like I DONT KNOW. NLB IS A TARD! Freaking retard. Charge me extra 2 dollars for later and late payment.. I mean library is so not on teh way D:

Hmm this is a rather long entry... The more i type, the nicer and the more in-love i am with my keyboard . =D

Nothing much .. This week is a break week for all Revanche people =D. Everyone has been raiding hard since we started Gruul's Lair. For the past 3-4 months we have been pushing ourselves so hard that we are now 3rd on Server. From an unknown to 3rd. Very remarkable. Everyone is now wanting to join us. Go go all settle your real life issues. Girlfriend angry, studies, exams, for some even sleep. I don't know. Just don't get burnt out.

Oh my. 4:47am now. bb!

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Sucks to be Indespensible.
Friday. 9.28.07 4:02 pm
2 Activites stacked up in a day.

1) Go out with Victor, Wen and other sec sch friends
2) Go RAID so that the other 24 people will not waste their time this week.

In the past, winson and i was like, wah Weiyi is like so important.

They will say, "Ok Weiyi die, WIPE. Re-Do the boss" or "Weiyi not online today, we cannot do this this and that"

Both of us sometimes was asking " When will it be, Heinous has died, Re-do. or Kaimelar has died, Re-do"

Till today. zzzZ

Five phone calls saying, "eh if you today dont raid, the other 24 people cannot raid and have to wait for 2 weeks later because next week is SMU exam week."

I am the only Freaking Shaman available and on the other hand i was stuck with going out with old friends.

Think they forgot bout me D: I told them at 12 or so i would meet them but when i called at 1130, they told me they bought movie tickets at 1145 AND forgot to buy mine, so i told them nvm i go home... zzz. Its like EH call me la. WTH. I already prepared to FLY DOWN to meet them or like do anything to make it up for being able to meet them only so late, EVEN IF THEY SAY stay awake till 5am i will still do it. Never mind la. Partly also my fault, so much commitments. Then went to eat supper with wilson wy and yh lor. No Choice. Missed the meetup with sec sch friends.

It sucks to have to much activites stacked up on a day and shits happens.

IF i have a girlfriend i sure tell them go screw yourself. I'm not playing today.


Think i am going to tell Winson, being Indispensible is the shittiest thing on earth.


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Playstation 2 GIVEAWAY!
Wednesday. 9.26.07 1:34 pm

"If you want to buy a PS3, give/donate your PS2 away first before you go and buy."

OH MY. I thought my dad would reject in my face BUT NO! He allows me to use my pay and get that PS3 =D. OMGOMGOMGOMG!


I am dead serious about giving it away as soon as i got my PS3.

Good Condition.
Best of all comes with Winning Eleven 6,7,8,9,10,11
Other famous games also.


*waiting anxiously for my pay now* ^.^

Damn i knew this week is an awesome week, except for one person who pissed me off so badly today. D:

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