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Nifty Box of Doom

Name: Sarah
Age: 23
Location: NC
Ethnicity: Irish German
Occupation: Mommy
Status: Singleish
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purple fuzzies
Sunday. 9.17.06 9:27 pm
If i didn't mention it before i meant to... me and mom went to target on saturday and made my registry in about an hour or so. And tried our best to keep it to stuff that was needed and not much extra. I have been looking for a baby book, like a traditional baby book with my family tree, my first this and my first that. the only one i've found at all in a store was a target and it was classic winnie the pooh. which i have nothing against i just wanted to look at what else might be out there (the pooh one is really cute but the only one they have has a huge ugly bent up first page :( so we would have to wait until they have another one anyways) So we went to the book store and hallmark in the mall... and guess what we found... nothing, absofreakinlutly NOTHING. All they had were photo albums and "scrapbooks" you know with this new craze thats started with the organized scrapbooking. which to me isn't really scrapbooking... scrapbooks are made up of actual literal scraps and pieces of life brought together, not colorfully patterned paper cut up and arranged just so with perfectly trimmed pictures and bright shiny stickers. I am not saying it's not pretty, alot of people like it... my mother, sister and just about every other woman i know, included. but it's not my style i don't care for it. So... my search for a baby book continues. I looked for a few on amazon but you just see whats in it there is one big pic and none are close up.

I was going through all my yarn to organize into a basket on the shelf i just brought in and it all worked out very nice with only a small bag of unfinished projects and the rest of the yarn fitting in the basket. So there was this one kind of yarn i have no recollection of why i bought it or what i bought it for because even though it is a thick yarn and fuzzy it's just not as delicatly soft as i like (which made me really curious why i have it), don't get me wrong it is soft, plushy and definatly gonna be warm, i just have expensive taste. so i decided to make a little blanket out of it. This is it, black and a pale yellow which i think is cute and 'bumble bee' like... but the problem is, this is all i have so far and it's only about half as big as it needs to be lol so i have to buy another skein of each to finish it... but thats fine, then i can sell it on Etsy

Tomorrow i am going to pull out the bag of my old baby clothes that my mom kept and wash them, as well as some old baby blankets that were mine. After i get the rest of my stuff together for my hospital bag i'll be pretty much set. I see the Dr on wed and i have a few questions so i can finish filling out my hospital papers and thats it really. At my last visit she said i was about 50% effaced, so if these braxton hicks are any indication, the fact that they are gradually coming on more often and gradually getting stronger, then i think i am probebly mostly on schedule and could go into labor in the next week or two which would be just a little early but my body has always been pretty scheduled. But we'll never know till it happens right?

mood: calm
watching: robot chicken
listening to: the tv...
drinking: iced tea

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Only Thursday
Thursday. 9.7.06 6:48 pm
It's the end of the day and i've not finished my to do list yet... but i will.
I did however finish the bag, well except for the lining. I really like the way it turned out and i can't wait to get the pink one finished.

So here is my question, should i line it with a dark brown or an off white? And should there be just a zipper pocket, just a few open pockets (for cell phone and what not) or both?

Uh oh looks like the steelers vs. dolphins game is about to start in a bit. GO STEELERS!

mood: hungry
watching: the game of course
listening to: nothing
drinking: dr.p (since i can't have beer... but if i could )

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Yarn and Bamboo
Thursday. 9.7.06 9:25 am
Today is a day to accomplish... i have officially decided. I have a list of things that must be done and i feel more compelled to complete them now than before. Partically because i have this sense of urgency that comes from the more constant and frequent braxton hicks contractions i have been feeling daily for the last few weeks. I am a few days short of being 36 weeks, my next Dr. appt is on the 13th and starting that week i will be going every week. So it's exciting yet terrifying, thus the root of my motivation to get things done Before.

Ok i have been working on a second bag that was made with the same cable stitching as the pink. But i used a fat wool yarn this time so it's a bigger piece, and i actually took the width of the pattern down... it's still big but i like it that way. Here is a pic of ONE side of it lol, i need to get another skein for the yarn to make the other side. I went ahead and attached the handle to this side to get a feel for the size. it's big. the handles are from a vintage bag i got from a thrift store a few years ago but i couldn't get the old grandma's attic smell out of the bag so i cut it off and kept the handles. They are about an 8" diameter.
I know it looks a little crazy right now but it will look better once it's put together :D Unless of course you just don't like big bags haha.
I am still going back and forth about lining it or not... i probebly will so i can add maybe a zipper pocket to the inside. I need to come up with some little sew in labels, but i am not sure how to go about it without breaking the bank lol.

mood: motivated
watching: nothing
listening to: aqualung
drinking: pumpkin spice coffee (not as good as the latte )

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For the Love of Etsy
Wednesday. 9.6.06 1:47 pm
I have an Etsy shop :) It's really small right now... i have so much stuff i could and need to post. It's just that it all seems to get lost in the other super long list of to do's. So here is my big banner, i need to get some smaller buttons but it's hard for me to get them the way i like since all i have to work with is crappy old "Paint"... oh well, check it out. Help me remeber to get some of the good stuff up before thanks giving so i can get the christmas crowd too :)

Yes! i made and have now a mini button :D snag it!

Let me know if you snag it, i am all for banner trades.

mood: sleeeeeeepy
watching: match point
listening to: leave the pieces - wreckers
drinking: pumpkin spice latte mmmm

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