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Barren Illusion
"If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal- that is your success. All nature is your congratulation, and you have cause momentarily to bless yourself. The greatest gains and values are farthest from being appreciated. We easily come to doubt if they exist. We soon forget them. They are the highest reality. Perhaps the facts most astounding and most real are never communicated by man to man. The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched." - Henry David Thoreau
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I wish I got this for Christmas
viernes, 26 de diciembre, 2008
Shotgun: mother, teacher, secret lover.

Edit: I bet Sarah Palin received one!

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Merry Christmas!
jueves, 25 de diciembre, 2008
I ate too much bread pudding.


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Like a jar of pickle brine festering in the malevolent sun
lunes, 8 de diciembre, 2008
Good lord, the three stinkiest people in New York City and I met them all. Today. In the subway. So, so smelly. You'd think the cold would disguise the rankness, though I suppose it actually preserves it.(?)

Edit: Actually, it was more like hot seafood garbage rotting inside a crusty hobo ass crack.

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Pray for Mojo
viernes, 7 de noviembre, 2008
Watching this, I just kept thinking of Bart's speech about island paradise with monkey butlers when they got stuck in that Lord of the Flies parody because they were going to some mock-U.N. thing.

Bart: And every night the monkey butlers will regale us with jungle stories.
Nelson: How many monkey butlers will there be?
Bart: One at first, but he'll train others.

Let’s just sit quietly and consider how ridiculous that statement was.

The description says the monkeys learned from watching, but what were the simian folk doing there in the first place?

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jueves, 31 de octubre, 2008
Wow, I finally had some time and the energy to fiddle around with the CSS a year and a half after I made this layout, so I tweaked things around. Notably, the black member nav is no longer black. It's getting closer to how I would like it; I'd always wanted the member nav to be like, right on top of the picture, but whatever, I'm good for like one and a half years. I don't even know if I can do that correctly, but whatever, I'm too lazy to check now.

Happy Halloween, but Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is hell of better.

Edit Oh yeah, and FF still sucks at showing Nutang layouts, :(((((((((((((

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Maybe she was trying out to be a snail for Halloween
jueves, 16 de octubre, 2008
It used to be that fortune tellers or "psychics" would give me a come-hither look through the glass window of their shop while curling their finger in a motion communicating that I should enter. I was but a young teenager when it first happened to me, and I shook my head so vigorously I nearly saw stars. Subsequent times, I just ignored their efforts.

But for the second time in as many weeks, a psychic outside of her (I've never seen males) domain accosted me on the street. My first experience was in Brooklyn and a woman lazily pushing a covered baby stroller on the sidewalk stopped my friend and I and offered us "ladies" a psychic reading. (Together? Apart? Who knows.) Safe to say, she was promptly denied.

Yesterday, I was walking north in the tourist trap SoHo Broadway has become, when suddenly, a woman lugging a large empty container bin singled me out and asked if I would like a reading, adding, "I'm a psychic," as if those were the best credentials ever. I stared blankly at her for half a second without stopping. I wasn't trying to be rude, but it's Manhattan. You keep moving and you don't stop till you reach your destination, unless you're a tourist. That's just how it is; if you slow down, you'll get in someone's way, guaranteed. It's probability! (BTW, go to the side if you must stop, kthx.) Anyway, I don't know if she took offense, but she remarked, "Excuse me!" as if I'd invaded her personal space and got all up in her business. I simply said, "No thanks," as I was still within earshot and I didn't even slow down, with a perfect dismount to boot.

Are high rent prices pushing "psychics" to the streets, or is the raging inflation forcing people to just take up any business to make whatever money they can? However, the most bizarre thing to me in all of this is that both women were toting large, unwieldy items. Okay, the baby carriage, I understand (though I'm not totally sure there was actually a baby inside), but the empty, lidless bin, on a crowded Manhattan street, was just so... huh?

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Hey Sarah Palin
sábado, 4 de octubre 2008

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Tainted milk...
domingo, 21 de septiembre, 2008
...is even in my beloved White Rabbit candy!

I've not had any in years, though, and now this story is making me crave for some.

I think it won't be long till another Chinese product is tainted or something or other. Their industrialization so far has been going unchecked, and they need some hardcore regulation. All the idustrialized nations went through it, I just think this is a much larger scale. And news today travels at light speed.

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