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Age. 46
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Scots-Irish-German mix
Location Newmarket, Canada
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I think I am going to take a stab at designing..
Saturday. 12.6.08 1:41 pm
I'm going to get the basic design and then make it mine. =) This will happen probably tomorrow.

I'll tell you later about the party. =p

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Thursday. 12.4.08 10:18 am
I saw Twilight last night and I can say that despite it being (in Alyson's words) a "chick flick" which I absolutely hate, I must say. I nearly came in my pants when I saw Edward Cullen.. lol

Anyways, I think I might see Dr. Smith today or tomorrow.

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A rant about Christine.
Wednesday. 12.3.08 3:38 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Hey there... seeing Twilight tonight.
Wednesday. 12.3.08 12:50 pm
I hope it's not corny. I hope it's like Queen of the Damned, that my friend, was superb. It's funny I like the horror genre but I haven't the thought to read Anne Rice. I like Stephen King, I like Richard Laymon, and I like Bentley Little... but I don't like Anne or even Dean Koontz. Anne is too complicated and Dean is too mechanical... I love Clive Barker.. god that guy is a genius. lol

Lasangna and garlic toast for lunch... mmm.... good for my tums but bad for social interactions. Haaaa....

More later ... be cool. =)

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Hey there....
Tuesday. 12.2.08 4:40 pm
How are my fellow nutangers? I am ok. I saved Colleen from a rotting tooth today! She is going to have a root canal. I suggested to her to have it pulled out.. because maybe it could come back... Me? I have... er.. crooked but good teeth. My teeth are one in ... well idk. I only have one front tooth. Is that odd? I hope not lol... actually I think it is part of my personality.. I'll take a picture of my teeth for you. I used to smoke so they are nothing pretty but...

On another note... aren't those bouncy things from the Sitefights?? Or what? Or do the SF even exist anymore?


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Well, this is just PERFECT!
Monday. 11.24.08 3:47 pm
It seems as if Lindsay is PREGNANT! Grr.... I hate Lindsay Monroe. They should off her right now and let Dan be single!!! I can't take it!!! Oh, and if you post a reply about me badmouthing "Le Dantana" expect to see repercussions hon! I hate that CSI coupling. Shitfuck!!!!


PS: Here is the URL.

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