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Big Day 1.8
Thursday. 8.15.13 2:17 pm
The emcee finally announced our much awaited performance.

The line-ups from the ministry were on the floor.

I put my high heels under the table to prevent others stomping it in the middle of the rush of changing clothes…

I know I must not screw up because I’m the first one to get on the stage leading everyone!!

So this is it.

Tidbits: I love how the choreographer arranged this performance. Since I was the one who translated the emcee script, I understand his intention. And I thought it was beautiful.

The storyboard is a sultan bringing his multi-racial crew from his mainland exploring new lands and as we explore we introduce our culture to others…

What is my role? I’m supposed to be the ship beak and the anchor. =)

Salty bits: I thought I’m not gonna perform for ever since 2000… life is full of surprises because here I am… performing for the public and that didn’t change the history that I still have stage fright.

I hope I have smiled from my heart throughout my performance. =)

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Big Day 1.7
Thursday. 8.15.13 2:13 pm
I am behind the stage with the rest. I could hear the emcee – one male one female – delivering their opening and explanation of the performance.

The first cue is the Malaysia flag handover from the 37th batch to the 38th.

My batch appeared in front of the seniors who were on the floor. They formed two lines and the representative handed us the flag after we recited our vows to uphold our responsibilities as a youth delegate.

And later… our jaw dropped when we watched the fierce performance of cheers displayed by the seniors. They were strong and spirited and extremely entertaining.

We replied meekly with our weak cheers and the seniors continued their cheers aggressively and we just went silent! We don’t know what else to reply them…
We were truly awed with their unprecedented cheers. Theirs were the best we have ever seen…

Although we felt beaten by their show, it renewed our spirit to improve and strengthen our cheers and flag cheers. We won’t give up and we will also be the best like them in our own way.

Tidbits: YL and I were just stunned. And I kept whispering OMG, OMG, OMG in his ear. I think our cheers leader was the most affected because he forgot to give out orders!!!

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Big day 1.6
Thursday. 8.15.13 2:09 pm
I enter the hall with my high heels with a senior and another member. I’m feeling very awkward with my shoes because I rarely wore heel, not to mention I’m super sensitive about my minor disability - my legs are not equal in length. Heels in fact create more negative health impacts to my backbone.

However, that evening, I walk with pride, putting aside all those little whispers about my left leg.

It’s almost 7 pm. I look around in the hall and found mother and my friend who introduced me to SSEAYP sitting together. I greet them with a smile and return to my posting at the exhibition booth.

In some depth of my heart, I feel my inner self happy as it is very rare for my family members to support my cause. The sight of my mother there gives me pure joy. Somehow, I realized people cannot be real loner. No matter what, we all want to be with someone or having our existence being acknowledged by friends especially family regardless how poor the relationship is between members.

I’m very grateful for my friend giving mother a lift to the centre. This gives me a peace of mind the whole evening knowing mother is in good hand.

Tidbits: Another reason feeling awkward is I’m wearing skirt. You know… I have not been wearing skirt for 5 years? And my costume is a Chinese Samfu with skirt?!

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Big 1.5
Sunday. 4.7.13 9:48 am
On 23 October 2011...

I reached the entrance of the hall.

And my team members were calling out to me...

They need me to explain the local indigenous music instruments!

Tidbits: We reminded each other several times not to play the rainmaker again although we were itching...

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Pop - pop - pop
Sunday. 4.7.13 9:19 am
On 19 October 2011 ...

We were in a circle. Hands at the back of the head.

Here comes the tens of the squats we need to do.

I hate this moment very much.

Here we go.







My youngest team member looked at me with eyes filled with horror.

"AYL, please... please stop squatting!!! Your knees.. knees... just pop!!!"

"Oh it's alright. Everyone's doing it. I will just do it too."


Tidbits: Actually, everyone was very uncomfortable with my creaky knees sound.

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Big Day 1.4
Saturday, March 16, 2013
On 23 October 2011 ...

The show is going to start... and I'm without my stage make-up.

I ran in circles like ant losing its antenna looking for someone to help me make-up. My senior sat me down and started applying the foundation and the rest.

My heart is thumping very hard and loud.

My fellow team member run as fast as the wind to the door to inform us we are late.

A few minutes later, I walk out to the stage with my senior and another team member...

Well, this is it.


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