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Age. 34
Gender. Male
Location Essex, United Kingdom
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Monday. 6.25.07 6:18 pm

A few months ago I decided on an idea... and that idea was to design prints which would ultimately be transfered onto t-shirts for retail. After I attempted to market these ideas with my severe lack of advertising knowledge, I decided to postpone this idea until a later date.

And today is that later date!

I've decided to retry advertising these ideas, with new designs from my original Kadtoon characters, printing via Vistaprint.

The apparel will be sold with a promotional discount of 10% via this blog, my deviantART journal and a few items on eBay, while I re-configure the Kadtoons Online website for purchases.

I will post my designs on deviantART for their international copyright protection, and also for your votes for "great!" or "crap!".

I have five intial ideas, but these must be re-worked before I can publish them, as I drew them about 6 months ago, and since then my Macromedia Flash MX "skillz" have improved somewhat.

Let me know what you think, and don't forget to check out the official Kadtoons comics on deviantART!

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A Kadtoons Project
Wednesday. 6.20.07 10:47 am

I'm starting up a project and am looking for you guys to send me any ideas of the original Kadtoons gang (Kadrean, Some Guy, Some Girl) and their neighbours (Squall, Rinoa, Tidus, Yuna) as well as any other original characters you may offer.

Please refer to my deviantART page for referance as to "what the hell Kadtoons is/are"

Firstly, I would like to point out that if anyone's interested, please send me a note, or leave a comment with your idea(s). This can be anything from a location to a piece of comic material. You could even put your own ideas for a comic through, and I'll take it into account.

Now, the process will be as follows.

- Leave a comment showing your interest, and your idea(s). (Please be detailed about this bit)

- If you've submitted something on deviantART in relation to this project, make sure you tell me in a comment/link!

- Anything submitted that is thereafter used in the final piece will be credited for appropriately.

So, if this takes your fancy, please give it a go.

-- Presenting A Character

If you would like to submit a characer, please try and submit a deviation of it (a sketch will do) on deviantART and I will Kadtoonify it and submit it for your approval.

- Please note that I will only accept up to two new characters. These slots are shown below and will be updated with each journal, submitted weekly, while being displayed at the bottom of the journal, at the footer.

-- New Character Development

Slot 1 - Empty
Slot 2 - Empty

I will be presenting this journal on my two blogs -

- Adamus' NuTANG Blog
- Kadrean's Blogspot Blog

As well as submitting it as both a bulletin and blog entry on MySpace, although you will need to add me as a friend before you can see this.

This is my big "just before summer" project. The starting date for entries is from now, and will be open for a total of three weeks, after which one day will be "Judement Day" where I select the best ideas for all criteria below;

-- Submission Criteria

Your ideas must be able to fit into one of the below subjects, oherwise it'd be a bit difficult organising it;

- Comical Idea | This can be anything from a pie in the face or a strange, imaginative weapon the characters use to an entire 30 minute sketch
- Storyline Location | This will be displayed as a background for the appropriate frames. A basic stroyline/reason for being there is a bonus to be submitted, but not required
- Original Character | To be submitted as either a full-blown drawing or a detailed doodle/scribbley sketch. Personality/traits which are submitted for said character is a bonus but not required.

Thanks for reading, I hope you come up with some great ideas!

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