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The Return Of the Cleaning Ladies
Wednesday. 8.11.04 12:58 pm
Approximately five hours ahead of scheduel they came. We had no choice, we had to hide. Niether of us was prepared at 9:00AM in the morning. I was in my boxers and my mom was in the her room on the computer. Why... Why five hours early?

When they doorbell rang my heart skipped a beat. I knew who was there... I just couldn't bring myself to look. I had firgured my mom would open the door anyways; she did not however. In fact, she looked quite pissed when I looked down the hallway to see if she was going to open the door for them.

I ran into my room and through on the cloths I had been wearing the day before... there was no time to be picky. The door bell rang again... and again... and again. It was insanity... They simply would not give up.

One of them signaled the other to go around to the back door. The one at the front began knocking on the door, while the one now at the back rang the doorbell... Why wouldn't they just leave? Can't they tell time?

A minute or two later, they gave up on ringing and knocking. I saw the one in the front neal down... It suddenly hit me... They were looking under potted plants for any house keys we might have hid there... I couldn't believe it, What kind of cleaning ladies do that?

I mean seriously, would they actually come into the house without permision? Would they take the key and come in when no one is here? There has got to be some sort of law against that.

They soon realised there is no key hidden anywhere at my house... So they gave up and left... I let out a deep sigh of reliefe. I couldn't believe their persistance. Luckily they had not seen us... I really don't know why my mom won't hire new cleaning ladies...

I mean seriously... they seem to come at whatever time they feel like it... plus they take all of our towels, rags, garbage bags, paper towls, and soap. I don't mean they just use that stuff for cleaning either. They actually take all of it with them, everytime. These cleaning ladies are bad news.

In fact, It is my theory that they belong to a secret cult that practices the rituals of sacrificing cleaning supplies to please their leader. I'm just lucky that I was not home when they came back the second time... Yeah... they actually came back at the right time.

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Thursday. 8.5.04 1:14 pm
I don't know how long I've lived in this darkness. It's almost as though I never learned to see. I've went so long in the dark, that the light seems so wierd. It's very different, now that I have the light to show me the way; it's as though I feel it's useless. There is nothing the light can show me that I didn't learn how to find in the dark.

Being in the darkness for so long has perhaps benifitted me in many ways. Perhaps it has given me a 6th sense to aid me. I'm really not sure what it is... maybe I can see better in the dark than other people... or maybe I just know what I am doing so well, that I could do it with my eyes shut. Either way you put it, I have overcome the darkness and am far more skilled for it.

So it was only yesterday that I aquired the light. The light is good, it shows me the way, it makes life easy. Then again, I keep thinking to myself... was it ever hard? I mean, I don't ever remember it being hard... infact, I don't think I need the light at all... perhaps using it is just making me weaker...

So anyways... I just got backup lights for my car... Apparently I never had backuplights that worked... wierd. I don't know how my car ever passed inspection. So yeah, it was completely different backing up last night... everything was illuminated. However, I'm a little concerned that by inlisting the help of backup lights, that I am sacrificing a skill that I have aquired.

Perhaps if I don't use the backup lights... I could develop super powers. I mean how cool would that be? It would be a shame to just give that up for this so called convenience known as backup lights. I don't even need them... and they could be hindering me from developing super powers... and damn it I want super powers... perhaps lazer eyes... who knows... maybe I should go disconnect them right now.

"sharks don't look back. They can never look back, they don't have necks" -Futurama

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Monday. 8.2.04 3:14 pm
Sometimes, you can feel it, feel it in your bones. As if there is some negative force running through each limb of your body. Like you are possessed, or consumed by some greater force. Something is taking over, something is bending your will unto it's own. What could it be? Why? Questions that are impossible to answere. The only thing that you can understand, is that you don't understand... That's just the way it goes.

Whatever it is that changes you, it does so reguardless of your will. It refocuses your creativity and your mind. Things that were once dull and out of focus are now so much clearer; and things that were once clear to you have been faded out. It makes you look at what you've been doing and question its integrity. It makes you turn around and realise there is another way... It makes you reconsider and wonder if you have been going the wrong direction this whole time.

So what? you think to yourself, there is no turning back now. However, it won't let you blind yourslef to the truth. It will make you realise, it's never to late to start walking in the right direction. It's never to late to make a change. It gives you all the confidence you need to pick yourself back up and start doing things different.

but do you really want to?

Indecisiveness... this is the outcome... and it will rule your life.

So wtf was all this about right? I'm sure that's what everyone is thinking right about now... That is to be expected I suppose. Well, this is what it's like whenever I go to the store. That's right, anything from picking out some cereal to picking out a new video game. They all lead to the same outcome. As soon as I find what I want... something tries to change my mind... it causes chaos... a confusion that cannot be cured.

I've come to realise that my indecisiveness will rule my life more or less. I don't think I will ever be able to choose what I want. It's never a clear cut decision. It teeters back and forth, and never seems to stop. One minute one choice seems better, the next minute another seems better... There is never an end to it... it's madness

Sometimes it's just impossible to make a decision

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Toilet Bowl Bandit
Thursday. 7.29.04 1:45 pm
Ok, so I was walking into my room the other day, and I heard the wierdest noise. It was almost like someone was splashing around in a small bucket of water in a very confined space so it echoed. So yeah... I didn't no what it was... The closer i got to the other door in my room, the louder it got. By the time I approached the half open door, the noise was pritty loud.

No fear though, I had my guitar. Not my nice guitar mind you, but my cheap guitar. So if there was some wierd animal in there I would clobber it with my trusty axe. So anyways, I knew that whatever was in there, was no threat to me... No beast could match the shear might of Washburn axe.

I opened the door and it was dark in there... I recognized the tall slender shape hovering ever so gracefully around the toilet boll, all to well. It was hank, and he was drinking the toilet water! I should have figured it was him. He has some wierd toilet water fettish or something... Oh well, it was time to stop his sinful ways, and I knew just how to do it.

I called his name... and his big floppy eared head turned around... He looked very supprised. He walked up to me and started sniffing me. I had to act fast, before he could lick me with his gross toilet water tainted tongue. I quickly took the pick out of my mouth and started playing my guitar. Hank went crazy and darted around me towards the exit. Hank is very scared of guitar noises... So he was really moving fast.

On his way ouy, hank made a dash to the right and snatched upone of my socks that was on the ground. He then bolted through the door way and down the hall. He wasn't alone though, I was close behind him (guitar in hand mind you). I had to retrieve my sock from him; you can never leave a sock behind ya know.

Well anyways, as soon as he got to the stairs he realised I was behind him. He quickly dropped the sock and slid down the stairs. Yes, the dog slides down the stairs like an idiot and continues to slide into the table below... I never said he was that smart. I got my sock back though, so I was happy. The powers of justice had won over the villianous treachery of Hank.

---On another note, Hank is leaving this Friday. We finally found him a home with lots of land. We'll all miss him of course, he is one crazy dog. However, this is for the best, he needs to have room to run and... just plain be an idiot.

We'll miss you hank

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Cleaning Ladies Cult
Monday. 7.26.04 3:29 pm
Well I've just been informed of a new conspiracy, one that has shaken my very foundation of life it's self. This is not something I take lightly, for I know there are bigger things at work here than most people realize. Things that could very well kill me and cause overall catastrophe throughout the world. Things that I would be better off not knowing... Perhaps the darkest secrets in the universe will be revealed at long last.

So what is this conspiracy? A good question, since I have been avoiding telling you. Well, I figured I would give you all fare warning. Perhaps it is in your best interest not to read this entry... that is, if you still want to be able to sleep at night. I cannot guarantee your safety after you have read my entry, so be forewarned. This is not for the faint of heart.

It all begins with the first time we got these new cleaning ladies. They seemed nice enough; like cute little old mexican women. Nothing to be afraid of there, right? Of course not, who would be scared of old women? Ever since the beginning, it has been hard to communicate with them. The only English they know seems to be related to them getting their money. You can't tell them not to clean this, or to make sure to clean that... they feign ignorance. A very clever guise...

Eventually we started noticing... every time they came over, the towels and rags out of the cabinets would mysteriously disappear... Odd indeed. This seemed to happen every time they came over. Perhaps they were being used in some sort of ritual... or maybe they were sacrificing the rags and towels to their god... I'm really not sure. They're disappearances are shrouded in mystery... I am yet to catch them in the act... but soon... soon it will be revealed.

Well, it just gets even more strange from there... they then started coming off schedule... at weird times, or different days... You never knew when they would show up... Perhaps it had to do with the alignment of the sun and the moon; that is my best guess. I haven't been able to pin point an exact pattern in the times that they come, but there has to be some sort of reasoning to it...

One time, when they came four hours before schedule, I decided not to answer the door. This was a traumatizing experience to say the least. They hastily surrounded the house with their old Mexican women troops. They then began banging on the doors, ringing the doorbell, and yelling. It was maddening; I almost could not bear it. I hid myself in the hallway between the kitchen and the living room. I could not move elsewhere without being seen, so I cowered there the whole time. They were persistent though; they kept it up for almost thirty minutes. What evil force could have been driving them to do this? Perhaps they were fearful that if they did not perform their rituals and sacrifice our towels, their god would become vengeful, and smite them. To this day, I am still not sure, but I am glad that day is over with.

Recently it seems they are requiring more things to sacrifice to their god; such as paper towels and trash bags. This is a scary turn of events... What next will their evil god require them to sacrifice? Perhaps human lives is next on the list... It would not suprise me... There is no telling what they will need next... Until I know, I will just have to live in fear... I know this much, I won't get much sleep until I know their evil plot has come to an end...

I only hope that when they do come for me... I will be given a quick death.

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My Dear Missing Friend
Saturday. 7.24.04 4:05 am
I miss my lost friend... he won't come back... I really don't know what to do... things feel so incomplete now... I mean... one second he was here... now he is gone... I really need him back... he was something special... Something that just needed to be here...

He was more than just a friend... more than just some creative thinking or well placed words... He was an important step in a sequence of writings... He was a peace of my imagination, a peace of my soul even... He was something very special indeed... irreplaceable at that... Now there is nothing I can do... He is gone, and no matter how hard I try to recreate him... he is lost, never to return again.

Now my whole outlook on writing in my blog has been altered. The path on the ground in which I follow has been lightly wiped away by the wind. Where do I go now? I really don't know to be honest. There is no more path for me to follow. There is only the empty desolation of infinate nothingness. I feel like it's hopeless... like there is nothing I can ever do to regain what I have lost. In all honesty, I'm right too. I cannot rediscover my path and find my way once again... From now on, I am a lost soul... merely drifting through this pointless blog...

I am nothing now

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