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Age. 28
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location San Jose, CA
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Random Stuff
Weekends and Pearl Milk Tea
Friday. 11.17.06 11:02 pm
watching: Death Note ep.7
listening to: Lost my pieces-TommyHeavenly6
mood: tired

Today was Friday! *cheers* I love the weekends! And I already planned out a shopping trip with friends tomorrow. It's gonna be so awesome~

So what happened today? Well, not much. Except for one major thing. I drank two cups of pearl milk tea. I looooooove this drink. Even more than I love iced tea. I like Thai tea too, but that's besides the point. So I drank two cups during lunch, and then I went to class. No biggie, right? Well...

Half an hour later, I needed to pee. Bad. So I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, and he agreed. Cool. But by the end of class, I needed to go again. And unfortunately, the bathroom was on the opposite side of my school from my last class of the day. Baaaaaad.

I probably set a world record sprinting to my classroom from the bathroom. When I arrived, panting and out of breath, my friends looked at me like I was crazy, and one of my guy friends patted me on the head and said, "Wow, I didn't know a shortie like you could run so fast! Good job!" I proceeded to whack him with my binder. ^______^

After school, I needed to go AGAIN, but my mom was waiting for me, so I didn't stop. And I got shipped straight to violin lessons. Fun. Thankfully, my teacher understood, and let me use her bathroom. But it was still hecka embarrassing.

And that's my little escapade of the day. I'm kinda not happy, because my favorite mp3 rotation site is down right now. Oh well.

As you did NOT notice, friday is usually the day I switch layouts. But since my new layout was upped early the week (on Wednesday), I don't have a new one. *hears sighs of relief* XP

But I do have a banner to share *hears groans*. XD

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New Layout again! ;)
Wednesday. 11.15.06 9:03 pm
watching: Code Geass ep.5
listening to: Pray-E.L.T.
mood: happy

After around a week of inactivity, I pop up with a new layout. =P I actually went through three banners before I settled on this one. The image is Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite. I made it in response to a pseudo-challenge from my dear old friend Jewangel, who wanted to see what kind of layout I could make with an Arina Tanemura image. Therefore, I dedicate this layout to Jewangel, webmistress of Mangahider. Ganbatte on your layouts, J-chan! XD

Today was a pretty fun day. I finished all my homework yesterday, so I went over to my friend's house after school, and we hung out. Then, we went over to the tennis courts and played tennis for an hour. It was awesome~ After that, I went to the library to check out something to read. Unfortunately, I had too many fine. But luckily for me, I had just enough change in my pocket to pay my fines. And while I was at the library, I ran into a couple of friends, and we spent awhile chatting. Pretty cool.

Not a lot of stunning graphics to display today. I tried to experiment with avys, so I made this:

PNG and brushes accredited to Aethereality.net; I'd be too lazy to extract an image like that. =P

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Three Day Weekend and a NEW LAYOUT! <3
Thursday. 11.9.06 11:28 pm
watching: Shounen Onmyouji ep.2
listening to: Truth-Yuna Ito
mood: Happy! <3
Yay! It's the weekend! *cheers*

I changed the layout. Yay~ *does happy dance* and I have some more graphics to display. I think I'm getting pretty addicted to making graphics. *o* Oh wait, scratch that, I always was. XD

As always, if you visited during the time I was changing my layout, you probably saw all sort of weird things. Eh...forget you ever saw that. XD

My second animation ever:

My new forum bset:

And of course, my new layout. Feedback is welcome everyone! <3

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Too much iced tea
Wednesday. 11.8.06 7:14 pm
Today, I drank too much iced tea. Iced green tea to be exact. Lipton Iced Green Tea with Citrus to be precise. =P

My stomach hurts now...;_; I had to run the mile at school. My time was 8:05. Five seconds off from an A. Grr, I was POed.

Yeah, overall not a very fun day. But I feel so much better after a shower. I have to hop off to my friend's house now, so I'll leave two little things for you guys to pick to pieces.

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Invasion of SnS
Tuesday. 11.7.06 9:03 pm
As most of you all probably noticed, Nutang is having a large influx of new members from a mysterious place known as 'SnS'. Yeah.

As most of you also know, SnS is a 'forum', and recently, there's been a large number of people getting invited onto Nutang. The chief instigators are the two known as Kuri and Katrina. They're responsible for recruiting most of these new members over. Their purpose is unknown, but it is clear that these new additions to the Nutang community may have hidden agendas.

What's next? Will these mysterious 'SnS-ians' take over Nutang? We can only wait and find out...

Disclaimer: This is mostly just due to me having absolutely nothing to blog about, so I came up with this little random blurb. No offense at all meant to Kuri, Katrina, or any other SnS member. I love you guys all! <3

Hm, I'm thinking I might start posting all my graphics on here. That might be fun...XD

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Sunday. 11.5.06 6:33 pm
watching: Densha Otoko ep.4
listening to: Colors-Flow
mood: relieved

I've officially decided: I hate chemistry. ;_;

After spending most of yesterday re-drawing my data table for our molecular strucuter lab, I spend all of this morning working on the analysis. And I was still stuck. *cries*

I asked Kuri for help, but she didn't know, so I started panicking. =_=;; But then, lol and behold, my chem buddy got home from her dance lessons and called! Happiness...we spent like, half an hour on the phone, working out all the analysis problems. I have everything now! *cheers*

And so, I'm watching Densha Otoko now. It's a really, super good drama! Love it! And yesterday, I got hooked on Code Geass too. So much to watch, so little time... ;_;

Also, I plan on switching to my Wish layout sometime soon. Maybe next week. So please look forward to that. ;)

And in case you didn't see my Wish layout in my last post (I realized that the link was split in half), here it is again. Just click on the thumbnail. =]
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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