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Wednesday. 8.1.12 12:02 am
Shout out to Nuttz, Thaitanic, and The-Muffin-Man!

This place is so special to me. It may slip out of mind every now and then, but I will always come back. Because I know you guys are there for me like I know I am for you. No matter what, let me know and I will lend a hand/ear/anything. =)

the Dot

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Tuesday. 6.12.12 12:41 am
I'm sorry I haven't been around. =(

What little social media activity I do are on G+ or Twitter these days. And most of those are re-shares or re-tweets.

I really should get into the habit of keeping a diary and actually writing an entry a day, if not more. There's so much going on and I feel like I might want to reminisce one day...which is kinda hard to do if you don't remember anything. A diary would be real helpful then. ;) And it would be good to see how much I've changed, hopefully grown and become a better person.

I bought a college-ruled Hello Kitty pink camouflage notebook a few days ago. Maybe I'll use that. =D I have a strip of photo booth pictures I took on the same night. Also a movie ticket stub from the night before. It can be the start of a record for this summer!

I'm planning to leave and go back overseas after the summer so the book will be a nice reminder of home. =)

I'll still have the 'Tang over there! ^-^

Tired but can't fall into REM sleep bc I need to be there for a friend who's having drama in her life,
Will probably have another bout of sympathy/ass-kicking/subtle manipulation (good kind! not evil!),
Good night!

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Oh, family relatives... & BGC T-Shirts!
Friday. 5.4.12 1:41 pm
[Re-posted from G+, exactly the same]

I just got some random call from a relative telling me to help her help a 23/24 year old cousin (several times removed, I don't know if she means mine or hers) find out how to come to the U.S. for college.

What he/she doesn't know how to use the internet? I highly doubt that.

Most likely, the kid probably doesn't know anything about his/her parents asking my relative or that my relative agreed to help without any hesitation. Why did she? It's all about face. After badgering me and her children to do all the hard work, she can say "I got all the information! Hehehe, now you will always remember how I helped you way back when and I'm such a nice person who elevated herself in the eyes of people who don't even matter by using the younger generation at my disposal."

I don't know. The good girl side of me still wants to help the kid. But man, her attitude annoyed me.


In other news...

I just found Busty Girl Comics! (<--Just add the dot com) And I really want her Overhanging Cliff BGC T-Shirt!

Who wants tah get one with meh? =D

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It's official! A new celeb couple!
Tuesday. 5.1.12 5:49 pm
Silver. <3 Nuttz

Now we need a nickname:
Siluttz sounds too much like...ya know.
I don't know...

No matter what we end up being called,
I DO know ONE thing,
we shall be on the front page
of all the gossip magazines!

Because we're born with it.
(it = stardom)

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Line up here! Lesbian Loverrr Wanted!
Sunday. 4.29.12 11:01 pm
I am done with males.

Who wants to be mah lesbian loverrrrrrr? ;)



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Back home!
Friday. 3.30.12 1:10 am
Honies, I'm home~

Spent a night at the airport for the first time
Slept a total of maybe five hours
on and off
sleep one hour, wake up, sleep again...etc.

Didn't sleep that much in the airplane, either.

Now I'm strangely tired yet awake...
jetlag shouldn't be too bad...
I'm going to finish my ramen+hotdog+tomatoes
(combination not my choice)

Gonna try to sleep now.
(after the nom, I mean)

p.s. I finished Downton Abbey on the plane!
They had the first few episodes on my flight there
so I hoped they'd have the rest on my flight back
and they did! Hurrah!
I already watched the Christmas special on YouTube
before I left on my trip
so I'm all caught up now.
Cousin Matthew is sooo cute!

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Countdown to the Waterworks!
Friday. 3.23.12 9:13 am
I am on the last stretch of my trip. 0.0


I have only four days left...
not counting tonight
(it's night time)
and the day I check-out
because my flight is at noon
so I'm heading straight to the airport.

what am I going to do???
I still want to hang out
with my (new) friends
but they have to work everyday
with different shifts
so I can't even have ONE get together
unless it's after 1-2am...

I bought a suitcase today:
orange and white/
Strange combo, I know.
Seems a little trendy
what with the obsession
in fashion and cosmetic worlds
over orange.
But they didn't have white or grey
and the other colors weren't so great
(dark purple--but not royal purple, or light faded pink).
It's pretty special and eye-catching.

I hoping they can write messages all over it.
Or at least I can paste pictures
or stamps
or ink stamps
or stickers
or picture stickers, aka purikuri.
Or maybe not.

I slept at around 1am last night
and woke up at 6am this morning.
As a result,
I was feeling very sleepy before 8pm.

By the way,
I think I sprained(?) my calf muscle
from all the walking
or something.
My right calf has been aching and sore for the past two-three days.
I've been massaging it every now and again
yesterday and today
so it feels much better now
but not back to normal.
Hope it's completely better by the time I get on the plane!

Really tired. No more talking/typing. See ya.

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The Random Effect.
Tuesday. 3.20.12 1:57 am
I will follow the words of the wise Random.

I shall have fun.

I shall worry about nothing.

I shall be happy.


Thanks, Randy.

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