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Welcome!! I am trying a new layout and I don't know how this is gonna work out exactly... or even if it will... but what the heck.... right?? You can't make an omelette without first breaking some eggs!! This is gonna take me a while to fix so please be patient with me!

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About Me

I am a 41 year old mother of two. Anthony (age 9) and Aeryn (age 14). I have two dogs and two cats and a WONDERFUL significant other!! I am an environmental activist and an advocate of volunteering your time to do things to make our planet a better place for the future!! Although I live in Spokane, Washington now... I will forever consider Seattle to be home and I do go back several times a year for actions and other events.


I have many hobbies and things I do for fun. I belong to a medieval recreation group and have (finally) achieved my knighthood in archery. If my body holds out... I hope to get my second one in combat... though that will still be a ways off because i get really nervous about whacking my FRIENDS with kendo shinai.
I am also an artist. I do A LOT of art builds for various activist groups I follow because they know I'm good at making the signs they need. I've done signs for political causes, social justice causes, and mostly... environmental causes. My main medium is paint and recycled cardboard.

Environmental Activism

Besides my family... i have one true love in life. Environmental Activism. I was locked up as a teenager... and while I was there... we were told to find something we are passionate about... and find a club or group to sign up with. I was SOOOOO pissed when they wouldn't let me join Greenpeace...
Nowadays... I belong to a group called Spokane Rising Tidewhich is a part of Rising Tide North America. We have done environmental actions from protesting Megaloads in Sandpoint, Idaho to planning a MASSIVE action (Coming In May) Portland, Oregon. BreakFree will be held in Anacortes, Washington and you can Click Here for more information on that!!
A Few Actions I've Been A Part Of
Megaload Protesting In Sandpoint, Idaho
sHellNo's Luminary Flotilla in Elliott Bay, Seattle, Washington
Not Another Haiyan March and Blockade in Seattle WA
and coming up in may I will be a part of Break Free PNW in Anacortes, Washington

What's Next??

In June... I am going to a really awesome summer camp for activist on Vashon island. I've been to Action Camp before but it is REALLY REALLY fun and you can never learn too much as an activist. After that though... my calendar is still pretty open for the moment. There are bomb train hearings in Spokane but I never know for sure what I'm going to do till right before the event!!!

Journal Entries

My proudest moment as an activist was at the People's Climate March. My son, who was 7 at the time stood up with a chant sheet and got the ENTIRE crowd to follow his lead in the chants. I have never been more inspired as a parent as I was to hear my baby yelling. BOMB TRAINS?!?! and a hundred people responding to him. INSANE!!!!
Why Do I Do What I Do?
As an activist, i get that question... A LOT! Over time my answer has gotten shorter and simpler... but no less true. I fight for my planet at the risk of my life and freedom because someone has to. Nothing changes if no one stands up for Mother Earth. We may be different colors, we may have different spiritual paths and lifestyles... but one thing we ALL need to remember is that we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS and without Mother Earth... we do not exist.

  • I believe that what I do will have an effect
  • I am stubborn
  • I have many useful skills
  • I am dedicated to my cause
Are Elementary Schools For Real These Days???
Wednesday. 3.2.16 10:41 pm
mood: irked to the max....

Another thrilling day....

I went to my son's school today to talk to the principal about opting him out of the Common Core SBAC tests today.. and boy did I get the guilt trip of a lifetime. It does NOT change my mind in the least. Standardized testing is bullshit.... especially for 3rd grade students. A student doesn't need that kind of pressure until high school. I was asked to schedule a meeting with the principal and the counselor to further discuss this matter and I intend to go into this meeting fully armed with my knowledge and blow this guys theories out of the water. It's not practice for later and since (according to the principal himself) it's not the only way of assessing students progress... What precisely IS the point?? They can sacrifice my student if they'd like to.. but I'm more interested in him getting a decent education than making sure he meets an excessively ridiculous standard.

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Feeling better.... kinda
Tuesday. 3.1.16 3:13 pm
mood: stuffed up but glad it's better!!

watching: Supernatural (my newest TV addiction)

After a few hellish days of feeling like death did a tapdance on my forehead and evil has its fingers up my nose but I feel a little better and it's better than hurting every where!! I slept ~ALL~ day yesterday and a good chunk of this morning. i needed it though.

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Gotta Love Feeling Crappy...
Saturday. 2.27.16 10:37 pm

So... i did lay down to sleep for a little while. (My son covered me up with BOTH his sacred Star Wars blankets... so sweet of him!!) I was starving when i woke up so i ate an apple cinnamon muffin and the bowl of leftovers from last night. Well... to sum it up.. BAD idea!! Now, on top of my headache, I'm freezing cold, still tired and now? Nauseated. I truly feel like trash. I think I'm gonna take one of my leftover hydrocodones and a Zofran...and go to bed.

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Saturday. 2.27.16 8:32 pm
mood: Stressed Out!!!!

watching: Star Wars Rebels

This kid is driving me nuts!!!!!! I know his life at home sucks and his parents are apparently not as cool to hang out with as I am... but seriously.... He's Been Here ALL DAY!!!... Weekends are supposed to be my kid-free time because my son goes with his dad but he stayed home this weekend and I'm about to lose my mother-loving MIND!!!! This is the same kid that tried to bully my son for the longest time... Until my boy rearranged his nose... Now they're friends... go figure!!) My son has been pretty good... but his friend is the leading cause of female pattern baldness in my house!!! I don't want the poor kid to think i don't like him... but really?? 10am to 530pm is MORE than enough. And if all that wasn't crazy enough... I got three and a half hours of sleep and a nasty sinus headache. WHY AM I SO NICE?!!?!!?!!
5 minutes later...
Annnnnd holy crap.... he just came back.... again. I told him I'm taking a nap..
30 seconds later
WHAT THE EVER LOVING !!!! I am SOOOO gonna freak out on this kid.... I already sent him home TWICE... and he comes back AGAIN?? It's only been 15 minutes since i sent him home the first time. I swear... it's like I've got a stalker or something....

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Thursday. 2.25.16 5:14 pm
mood: Worried!!

I just found out that my NASCAR watching buddy had a serious heart attack yesterday and is facing a quadruple bypass surgery in the next couple of days. I'm not worried about him dying.. He's too stubborn for that... but still.... it's a big deal. He's gonna let me know when they schedule it so i can be there when he gets out. I'm worried more about his quality of life. He's already got diabetes and arthritis.... Let's all put good healing energies out there for him. He's gonna need it!!

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A Beautiful Pagan Prayer
Thursday. 2.25.16 10:18 am
mood: spiritually contemplative

It is no secret in the offline world that I am Pagan and that the Goddess who has revealed herself to me is The Morrigan. (For a simpler explanation of her than I could give you Click Here.) While working on my website this morning I stumbled upon this beautiful prayer that touched me right down in the core of my soul.

I pray to the Morrigan, in honor of all innocents of all tragedies, may the way of healing and remembrance be known. May the light of compassion, goodwill and love light the way in this dark time. May it banish our fears and provide holy silence to reflect upon our outrage and our place within it. May compassion open our hearts, minds, ears and eyes to hear all sides. May Truth be illuminated and the healthiest, most best outcome be achieved. May we contemplate Death today, and remember that it will all be taken away in an instant not of our choosing. And may light be borne of the darkness again, and again, and again.

I will burn a candle tonight, not for warmth, or to do work at night, but for Light.

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Yes... A Cupcake Catapult!!
Wednesday. 2.24.16 1:02 am
watching: Forged In Fire
mood: Content
What A Day!!! Holy Crap... It has been a crazy ass day... but I did it... i got everything but the catapult done. However... that's on my agenda for tomorrow. Dad has graciously allowed me to come up and use his woodshop to build the body of the catapult. Why am I building a catapult at all?? Well.. in April.. I'm responsible for planning an entire Adria event and since my birthday is two days before the event... the theme I've decided on is.. Let Them Eat Cake.... our combat and archery events are gonna be known as "The Cupcake War" and what says cupcake war like a cupcake catapult?? Our target(s) are cupcakes... our ammo? (other than arrows??) You got it!! Cupcakes!!! I'm looking forward to this....

In Other News

When I'm not particularly happy... or I'm in a bad mood... I usually watch funny cat videos from YouTube on my tablet while curled up on my bed... but i have found something that'll work on my desktop too.... 9GAG.com I can't stop laughing.

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So Busy For A Tuesday Schedule....
Tuesday. 2.23.16 12:41 am
Wow.... I can't believe my Tuesday is looking so busy.....
My To Do List:
Laundry - 6 loads
Help Shane fill out paperwork
Reorganize my art studio
Work on the rat-a-pult (AKA the cupcake catapult)
Put boxes in the storage room

On top of that... Anthony might be staying home from school tomorrow if he still has the fever he had tonight. What makes this even more wobbly is that i have NO idea how much sleep I'm gonna get tonight. ( Thank You EVER so much, insomnia) If i have to let a couple of things slide till Wednesday.. I'll just have to deal with that.
Thankfully my Wednesday appointment has been put off because my therapist went on vacation....but... i may have to work a doctor appointment in for Anthony if he's still sick....

The heroin junkies down the way are in full on party mode. I swear... some people are alive just cause it's illegal to kill them. Hopefully the bitchy old lady down the way will call the cops on them again and send their little fiendy asses to rehab this time..... Holy sheep shit... They're fistfighting. How fun.....

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