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Age. 27
Gender. Female
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Location lubbock, TX
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Friday. 3.11.05 7:12 pm
Ugh. Stupid raving teenage hormones. Everyone hates Dylan. Gawd. And, do you remember about camp last year? How completely obsessed I was with it? I can't go this year. Gawd!


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Saturday. 2.26.05 9:55 pm
Me likes the new background thing or w/e. =D

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Sunday. 2.13.05 9:13 pm
What's there problems? Am I shallow? I'm not shallow, am I?

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Saturday. 2.12.05 12:49 pm
I haven't written in here in a while. Oh well... just wanted to say hi!

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Saturday. 1.29.05 6:44 pm
This is the FUNNIEST thing ever! hahahaha!

notamexican12: man ,
notamexican12: i wanna c sum grsl rit now , lik i wanna watch a movie wit 1
notamexican12: u noi
iluvDRPEPPER101h: hmmmm give me da details nick
notamexican12: hav u eva just wanted 2 b wit da opposite sex
notamexican12: lik just 2 hug
notamexican12: u no
iluvDRPEPPER101h: ya
iluvDRPEPPER101h: i have and i no
notamexican12: i want 2 soo bad
notamexican12: i got a ?
iluvDRPEPPER101h: k
notamexican12: does ur dad let guys go 2 ur house
iluvDRPEPPER101h: yea
iluvDRPEPPER101h: y?
notamexican12: idk j
notamexican12: do u eba ask guys 2 go 2 ur house
notamexican12: lik eva 2 watch a movie ?
iluvDRPEPPER101h: no cuz i feel wierd if i do that cuz wat if there like uh no... or if they do come they didnt want 2 come really
notamexican12: wel , u no
notamexican12: if u eva want me 2 cum ova i wont say no , lol
iluvDRPEPPER101h: haha
iluvDRPEPPER101h: :-P
notamexican12: do u eva wanna go 2 guys house 2 watch a movie
notamexican12: wud ur dad let u ?
iluvDRPEPPER101h: idk my dad probly would but c he only lets guys come over if theres @ least one other chick here 2 and so i dont think hed let me go 2 a guys house unless there was another girl there but if there is another chick there he duznt care i have done that b4

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i love this song
Saturday. 1.29.05 1:12 pm
Why Can't I? by Liz Phare... I love it so much. I'm not sure why. And I love this movie. 13 going on 30. It's great. But it's really sad. But then it's happy at the end. But it's really really good. Even though the guys aren't that great looking. Oh well. I don't care. A good song for this movie for like the part where she's up in that room talking to him and he's getting ready for the wedding would be The Reason. But that would really really suck if like she couldn't go back because that's like 30-13 years gone down the drain. Like where she didn't even know what happened. It's wierd...



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