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This Week on NuTang
Friday. 1.23.09 8:36 pm
This week on Nutang, none of the new sign-ups (of which there have been maybe one or two) have posted yet.

The Faviconest is still open. YOU could be the winner of 400pps if you enter!

There is not much else to report at the moment, but randomjunk is still looking for Nutangers to be interviewed. For now, you may read her own interview. (This was previously posted on her blog.)

How long have you been a Nutanger?

Since almost Christmas, 2005. I was too impatient to wait until it was actually the twenty fifth. (And this was when I still had dial-up, so I couldn't stay on the extra hour anyway)

What kind of blogger would you consider yourself?

An average one? Maybe a slightly overactive one. I think I've changed from hyper-random to more serious since I started on Nutang. (You can tell by the way my "stories" change from weird and random to um... "serious.")

Have you ever been attacked by bears? What about other animals dressed up as bears?

I haven't personally been assaulted by any live bears, or animals dressed as bears (in my memory), but I'm pretty sure I've had my fair share of teddy bears thrown at me.

1. Are you Asian in any way?

Indeed I am. 100% Chinese, though I'd rather not be. I got rejected by the asian crowd in elementary school, so I've kind of been anti-Chinese since. (And you didn't think I had a reason!) You'd never be able to tell if you hadn't seen me. I don't speak Chinese, I don't like Chinese food, I barely even look Chinese, according to some people. (They think I'm Hawaiian...) My family doesn't celebrate Chinese holidays, either. We don't even have a really asian-sounding last name, though of course I shan't tell you what it is.

2.You dislike anything popular along anime/manga. You dislike anime/manga because it is popular or because it is Asian, or both?

The styles of art used in anime and manga are unoriginal and boring. You can always tell when something is anime/manga. It's not like that with other cartoon styles. I don't really have anything against the Japanese. I don't like anime/manga for the same reason I don't care for stick figure animations; everyone does it and it's gotten tedious. (And yeah, I know people say they love anime for the storylines, which are SO deep and stuff. But couldn't the writers find any other medium to express themselves?)

3. What is The International Club of Sex Muffin Extraordinaires?

The club I started. We don't do anything. It's great! We have a mascot named Fred. I think.

4. What is your ideal job?

Over the years, my ideal job has changed. I used to know what I wanted. Now I wonder if being a hobo is so bad. (And I put that in my college essay, by the way.) My ideal job also changes according to how I'm feeling. Sometimes I think it would be great to be a comic book author, or just a normal writer. Other times I feel like I could design stuff, but when I actually think about it, I don't seem to have the skills or motivation to really do any of the jobs I'd like. [Look at me, I'm dodging the question! Sophia says I'd make a good politician.]

5. Given the chance, would you turn back time? If yes, why?

Oh hell yes. I've made lots of mistakes over the years, and I say I've learned from them (well, technically I have), but that doesn't mean I wouldn't go back to fix them. I think my main issue has been not having enough self control. So I could go back and not laugh uncontrollably whenever I was embarrassed... Ah, that'd be great.

6. If you had an extremely large aquarium, what would you put in it?

Gee, y'know, I've never been one for fish. Could I put some genetically modified parakeets in it? I had this dream about parakeets swimming around in an aquarium before. They were like frogs, or turtles or something. Every now and then they'd come up for air. It was interesting.

7. Do you use the Nutang toolbar?

Nah. The not-crappy computer I use is the family one, so I don't download toolbars. I hear good things about it though.

8. If someone came up to you on the street with a knife and demanded your wallet, what would you do?

Probably try and explain to them that I don't usually carry my wallet. If I did have it with me though, I guess I'd ask them if they were really interested in Barnes & Noble giftcards and three bucks. (Y'never know, really.) I figure that if they had to rob people, they probably need the money, so I'd try and help them out a little. (I don't really value my life a whole lot, so if they rejected any help I could provide and decided to kill me for the giftcards, eh, whatever.)

9. If you had to choose to be any inanimate object in the entire world, what would it be?

Well, I know what I wouldn't be. (Vibrator... my brother's lotions for his eczema... money) Oh, I know! I'd be a secret base underground. Then if people discovered me they'd be all like "whoa, it's a secret base underground! This is cool!" Yeah... (That counts, right?)

10. If you knew you were going to be locked away in solitary confinement and had one final request, assuming it could be anything at all, what would you request?

I guess I'd ask them to lock me away in a gigantic mansion with everything I've ever wanted in it, and many, many windows. Oh, and it should be equipped with a large rock climbing gym with auto-belaying. If that doesn't count as one thing, I guess I'd just ask for a moderately comfortable cell with a window low enough for me to see out of. (I'm kind of short)

Please feel free to nominate people to be interviewed or suggest yourself. Contact randomjunk via note or comment with the username of the person you would like to see an interview of.

Always remember: It never rains on Nutang. Except for when it rains Skittles. Nobody is ever around when that happens though.

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This Week on NuTang
Friday. 1.16.09 8:53 pm
This week on Nutang we had 4 new sign-ups. ikimashokie and HP are not getting along. The Most Active list is still on the fritz. randomjunk completes her interview with Praetorian:

How long have you been a Nutanger?

According to my blog, I've been a member since 6/23/06, though I personally cannot remember. (I'm terrible with dates).

What kind of blogger would you consider yourself?

I consider myself an eclectic blogger. I post infrequently, and always about different topics.

Have you ever been attacked by bears? What about other animals dressed up as bears?

I've never been attacked by bears, or any animals dressed up as bears. And I'm insulted by the question. It reflects a clearly racist attitude towards all bear-kind, who are a peaceful people who mean mankind no harm.

1 & 2.How did you find Nutang, and what's going on with the admin stuff?

Well, I first found nuTang through a Cbox ad. It was an unusual name, and when I found my way here the strangeness continued. It wasn't sleek and futuristic or lame like most of the other blog websites, and it wasn't Myspace, which was a big plus. The oddness of it all was what kept me around. I'm handling it pretty well, I think. So far I've only fixed a few minor things that no one will notice, but they should improve load times on the website. I'll just be glad when some of the updates start rolling out so I can see how people like them.

3. What other projects are you working on at the moment?

Besides NuTang, I've been continuing to work on my own website, an RPG website, and I'm also going to be setting up the forum for my non-religious website. Just have to find the time and money to get the hosting.

4. If you could build the world's largest something, what would it be?

...I can't think of a funny answer so...TV.

5. How much wood can Chuck chuck? (screw the woodchuck, he can't chuck wood at all)

Woodchucks.. so overrated. Chuck on the other hand.. I have it on good authority that he can chuck at least 3 times as much as a south-american tree-sloth can chuck.

6. Werewumpus or weregrue?

I have no idea what either of those things is, therefore I can't choose between them. My reasoning is thus self-explanatory.

I myself do not really have a clear idea of what they are. I merely know they are monsters in text-based adventure games. Or... something.

7. If you were to wake up female one day, what would be your first action?

That depends... is it permanent? Either way I think I'd strip, just to see if I was hot. If it was temporary, I'd take some pictures. If not.. well... I guess I'm a girl. I'd probably start looking for a good therapist. Not that girls all need therapy... Just that... you know.. I'd probably need some being that I suddenly changed mid-sleep. And probably a doctor too, for that matter. I'm sure I'd have to be some kind of medical freak.Or perhaps a medical miracle! Either way... doctors would be needed. And much therapy.

Hey, it could be fun being a woman. You could... do... woman stuff.

Which part would be fun? The periods? The mood swings? The menopause? Child birth?

Hey nobody's forcing you to give birth. Unless you get raped in a state that doesn't allow abortion.

I'd rather be a guy. All I have to worry about is an early death from prostate cancer.


8. What kind of secret other life would you lead if you had one?

Peeping tom.

Interesting choice...

9. Have you ever left your heart in San Francisco?

Actually... yes. The first time I "fell in love", if you could call it that at 15, was with a girl at church camp who happened to live in San Francisco.

Amazing! I didn't think you'd actually answer positively.

I'm full of surprised. Surprises..... Surprised surprises.

Those must be some confused surprises indeed.

Not really. They're just startled.

Must be all that peeping you don't actually do.

Yes... the peeping... that I don't do... Speaking of which... move a little closer to the window...

10. What would you say to Waldo if you found him? That is, if you said anything at all.

I'm honestly more interested in the dude going around taking photos of incongruously large crowds doing interesting things. Seems like he'd have much more interesting things to say than the idiot who happens to show up in all those pictures.

True. You never know if he's working with Waldo or if he's just some sort of creepy, insane stalker.

That's one hell of a camera he has though, I tell you what.

I couldn't agree more. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer these truly important questions.

Join me at some point in the hopefully near future when I will probably have another interview up!

randomjunk is looking for people to interview in the future! If you are interested please contact her via note.

Always remember: If you believe you can do it, it's possible on Nutang. But try it in a safe area first.

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This Week on NuTang
Friday. 1.9.09 4:59 pm
Posted by randomjunk

This week on NuTang, an old member returned as rabekriegerin. A new IM system rocks the site. It turns out the forums aren't really dead after all. ikimashokie's Favicontest is getting back on its feet. Nutangers search through the wilds of NuTang in the Scavenger Hunt. Traumer returns after a months-long absence. The Most Active list is slacking.

Always remember: In Soviet Russia, NuTang blogs on you!

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From The Desk of Dr. Praetorian
Wednesday, Dec. 10 2008, 5am
Posted by praetorian

I would like to welcome everyone to the first installment of Dr. Praetorian's Update Review! I've been hard at work, scaling mountains of code, trudging through fetid swamps of functions and includes. It's been hard, but productive.

I've sent the first set of updates to Dave for a sanity check, and as soon as he verifies that I'm not crazy, we'll have a (somewhat) new index.

Some notable changes:
- Fixed the pixel people (again)
- Re-arranged the quote boxes so they appear near the pixel person's mouth
- Removed the banner ad to the right side of the screen
- Added 'last post by' to the list of forum posts.

It's not a very visible update. Most of the changes are in the background, but there's more to come! I've included a screenshot (don't mind my crappy looking arrows). Enjoy!

NuTang Index Beta .01

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This week on NuTang
Monday. 11.27.06 1:49 am
Posted by dave

This week on NuTang, we had 15 new sign-ups. Congrats to the newly elected WoM(aN)s: JMC and monkeymeister. NuGallery has been re-launched! Baby animals pics appear on NuTang. Baby porcupines. Baby elephants. Who wants $20? InsaneFishy grows a cube.

Always remember: This is NuTang. We can do anything here.

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New NuGallery (Beta)
Saturday. 11.25.06 7:41 pm
After several weeks in the works, the new NuGallery (beta version) has been released. The baboons have been busy copying over the photos from Flickr to the Island. (However, some photos may have been lost in the ocean during the transport.)

In the coming weeks, more and more features will be rolled out for the NuGallery as we continue to fix the kinks in the system. Here are some things to look forward to:
* photo tagging
* photo plugging (NuStore)
* photo commenting
* flickr photos import tool

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