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midbreak update
Tuesday. 8.7.07 7:04 pm
Well, I just got word that I'm not eligible for the loyalty bonus until I get off of my final written warning. I had to miss a lot of work because I had no gas. My boss told me about a service that will pick you up at your house and drive you to work if you are low income. She said it's a free service, but even if it's just a discount taxi service, that will help more than anything we could do right now. Other than that I found out that last paycheck I was shortpayed by 4 dollars, so I'll get that next paycheck.

Wow, I just found out from my boss that there is a chance that I can get that loyalty bonus, as long as I don't miss anymore days to being sick or absent. It's an extra 125.00 to help with the new cars down payment. The next item on the agenda: Learn how to drive so I can go get a drivers license.

Well, I can't really think of anything else to write about here today. I guess after I get done typing this entry I'll go feed Waka and browse nuTangland for a while. See ya around!!


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Tuesday. 8.7.07 4:06 pm
Whoa. I've got a pretty busy work-week coming up. Today I'm working eleven and a half hours, tomorrow I'll work a normal shift [thank god!!], but Wednesday, Thurdsay, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I'll be working eleven hour shifts. I'll end up with just enough hours to make up what I missed, and enough overtime to make the downpayment on the new car.

Wow. For the entire 12 hours I was at work yesterday, that is all I was able to write. I took 96 calls yesterday. Mostly between 10 A.M. and 8 P.M. That was no fun at all because all of the calls were back to back. I took abt a second to breath and write a letter on my paper and I got another call. To put it in perspective, on a day that I see as busy, I take about 50-60 calls/day, even when I work the extra hours. Today will be better though, so far I'm having anywhere from one to two minutes between calls in which I can write and breath. I've gotten twice as much done in one hour today than I did in 12 yesterday. I think I like writing during the time between breaks, everything just goes on a notepad, and I type it down on my breaks. Speaking of which, this one is over. I'll be back on around 6:00 or 7:00 P.M. See ya then!

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Meet Waka
Monday. 8.6.07 9:12 pm
You may notice a new tenant on the page that is my journal. It's name is Waka. You can feed him some bamboo whenever you feel like it. The bamboo is located in the lower right of his pen in the box that says more. Waka is very fond of his bamboo. Feed him often. That is all. ;)

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Sunday. 8.5.07 6:21 pm
I like the icecreams. they're pretty good. I wish I had some right now. I would eat some with coffee in it. better yet I would eat icecream with coffee on it. like an Ice coffee, heavy cream. Okay, now that I'm finished with my icecream dreams I guess I'll open the door to my weekly life to you. I just spent about 4 hours trying to copy down the rules to a game. As I was copying the rules, I thought to myself "wow this game really has a lot of rules, it's probably no fun," so I read ahead in the rules, lo and behold, yes the game wouldn't have been any fun, mostly because it just includes two wizards making handsigns at eachother to do spells... I got my Japanese lessons from the library the other day. They're pretty good I guess, it's 12 cds total, 4 cds for level one, 4 cds for level two, and 4 cds for vocabulary. Only thing is, I don't have the time to listen to it. I'm awake while at home maybe 4 hours a day on work days, on my days off though I can do it I guess, but I like to sleep then ^_^ Cool, my sister just came by and gave me some popcorn, that's pretty nice. The other year I ate a jellybean that was supposed to taste like popcorn. Needless to say i spat it out before I could get the beans jelly stuck in my molars. It tasted horrible. It looked like it might've been a caramel type of jellybean, but I guess not. Other than that, I'm still working to get a computer. If I end up working a bunch extra over the next few months, I can get a pretty decent computer. My main problem is with system memory, all of my previous computers have less than a gigabyte of ram. With the computer I'm hoping to get, I'll have 1 gigabyte of ram that I can upgrade without voiding the warranty. That should be pretty useful. Also I'll have a better graphics card also. I just have to work a lot over the next few months to get it. Well, I'm about to have to go. bye!!


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I'll think of a title later
Saturday. 8.4.07 3:26 pm
Yeah, I'm not quite sure what to write about. I'm just standing here writing about whatever comes to mind. I had my infected ingrown toenail removed the other day. I'm glad thats all over, it really hurt. I'm about to go eat some food I think. I finally got my Japanese lessons from the library the other day. I'll have to get some time to listen to them though. I'm still planning on going back to Japan, so I've gotta learn to speak sometime. Well, I've only got like 10 more minutes on break, so I'm going to go. Whoa, I just went back a page on accident, I'm so happy I didn't lose everything I typed.


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Tuesday. 7.17.07 4:08 pm
Wow, I pulled a 14 hour shift yesterday. I am so tired...
on the bright side I got 45 dollars in gift cards. That was pretty cool. I'll spend most of it tonight @ walmart, getting ramen noodles. I got accepted to amarillo college a few days ago, that makes me pretty happy also, now the scholarship applications start hardcore... I'm wanting to do general education at ac then transfer to west texas to get a bachelors in computer programming, then go to japan for abt 1-2 years as a JET. Cool, I've got the next 6 years of life planned out already. Study, study, study, study, teach, teach. That should be cool Well, I've gotta get back to work, I hope my 6 year plan to contentment works out. :)\


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Monday. 7.16.07 9:15 pm
axl never writes on here (this is ambyrjayde) haha he left hisself logged in


hehe sorry


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free college textbooks online
Tuesday. 4.3.07 2:30 am
You can find them at
here. :D I love that site now!!

edit: The site has gone down after legal threats ;( I'll miss you...


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