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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
The Saga Continues...
Friday. 8.16.13 9:33 am
So... I ordered a new drivers license online. With the help of Tyler, I found all the right information to get it done without having to drive down to the DMV. I went with renewing my drivers license instead of having it reprinted. It was $50 but, I would have had to pay that amount in 6 months anyway when it expires. Wanna know the irony in all of this? I renewed my license yesterday morning. Then, I suddenly found my original license yesterday evening. Hooray for being me... x.x

Now onto losing more things... When I was done with the online transaction, I set my debit card on the kitchen counter. At one point my father walking in the room and picked up my card and said "Brittney, you're going to lose this along with everything else if you don't put it away!" I ensured him it was staying right there on the counter next to my keys and I would grab it in a few minutes. A small amount of time passes and walked over to the counter to grab my belongings. Long behold, MY FUCKING DEBIT CARD ISN'T THERE... My keys are but, not my card... I'm not sure if someone swiped it and hid it to try and teach me a lesson or what... Even my mom stated how incredibly odd it was because she saw it sitting on the counter as well. So, I called the back and cancelled that card and have a new one on the way.

This is all getting old... very quickly.

In other news. #2 (from previous entries) is confusing the hell outta me. Through texting and over the phone he makes it seem like he truly does like me and wants something more. On the other hand, in real life he acts like there's nothing there and never will be. I don't understand him at all.... These little games are another thing that's getting old very quickly. VERY quickly.

I don't wanna play anymore.

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The day after one of those days.
Wednesday. 8.14.13 8:04 am
Alright... down the list.

Found my car keys.
Found my Disney Cast Member I.D.
Cancelled my credit card and have a new one coming in the mail.
Found my spare name tags.
That leaves my drivers license...

I have everything I need to go down to the DMV except for one thing. My birth certificate has suddenly gone missing. I have specific files in a very specific place that does not move. However, I still manage to loose important things. I am such a mess x.x

Oh, one more thing. Boys are stupid... Yeah.

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One of those days
Saturday. 8.10.13 8:32 am
THAT particular day happened a couple days ago. It started with my son losing my keys. So, I grabbed the spare car key from my dad and set off. I arrived in Disney World and I headed down to the Magic Kingdom entrance. As I approach, I reached into my wallet to grab my Cast Member I.D.. Long behold MY I.D. ISN'T IN MY WALLET..... Luckily, I had my maingate. It allowed me to slip through the gate guards without paying $15 to go to work. Next obstacle is parking. To enter the employee parking lot you need you I.D. So, I went through guest parking to see if I could slip in there. The guard at the gate said he would let me through but, needed to see my license. "No, problem!" I said as I reached into my wallet. MY FUCKING LICENSE ISN'T IN MY WALLET...... In addition, my credit card is missing too. The guy cuts me a break and lets me in. I raced through the parking lots to get to work on time. I couldn't clock in because I didn't have my I.D. Ugh....

The one thing that set me off after all of the events was my name tag. As I was putting my name tag on my costume it broke... had to tape my name tag to my shirt... That's classy!

By the end of the night, everyone was laughing and having a good time. I know it's not the end of the world. I have extra name tags. I can cancel my credit card and order a new one. I found my Cast Member I.D.. I'll have to get another license printed at the DMV. My keys... those are still missing in action... However, I have that spare key! Life goes on.

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Every Days a Bad Hair Day
Saturday. 7.20.13 10:19 am
If you are unaware of the Florida weather in the summer time, it's the same almost every day. The sun rises, it looks like a beautiful day. The sky is blue. There are beautiful, white puffy clouds as far as the eye can see. Some seem to stretch up into the atmosphere endlessly. However, it is hot and humid. As the morning turns to noon, it seems as though nothing could ruin such a perfect day. As the afternoon continues, the clouds suddenly become dark and block out the sun. Before you know it, RAIN. No light sprinkles to warn you of what's to come. It literally just downpours. This usually goes on and off for hours. What happens next varies between two outcomes. It will either continue to sprinkle through the night or, it will stop completely. Although the rain brings a lovely breeze and cools everything down, it gets even more humid...

What's the point of all of this? My hair, of course. I can't style my hair and keep it looking good for more than 15 minutes after walking out the front door. Hooray summer!

I picked up a shift tonight at my old location. This should be interesting. Not to mention I need the money x.x

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Get the new girl fired
Monday. 6.17.13 2:04 pm
So, I haven't even finished training and there is already some girl that is trying to get me fired. LOL! She is crazy and everyone hates her, though. When I was absent from work on Saturday she told all of the seaters they needed to watch my every move and write down what I do because apparently I think I can get away with anything. It makes no sense what so ever. There is going to be a show down with her because everyone is ready to freak out on her. I don't know if she see's me as a threat or what. I've barely said a word to her since I started working there. Fun stuff. I work with a bunch of people that love drama and like being in everyone else's business. Fun stuff.

The kids are out of town for a few days. I miss them but, I am looking forward to some much needed mommy time :)

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Dancing in the Rain
Monday. 6.10.13 5:55 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Awesomeness and weirdness...
Saturday. 6.1.13 12:38 pm
I LOVE MY NEW JOB! Thus far... I know most of the staff. the food is to die for. it rocks :)

I had a crazy weird dream... It started with my good friend wanting to hang out. He brought me to a trailor house in a place I did not recognize. While hanging out things got a little heated in an intamate way but, long behold my ex showed up. Anyway, something happened to the moon and it was struck by a meteor or something... and a chunk of the moon broke off. It turned black and started burning with little red lines running across the surface (much like what you would see in a movie.). It began to spiral out of control and out of orbit around the earth, working it's way closer untill impact and BOOM. As the dream goes on, I could see the moon fly aross the sky every few minutes in a firey rage, inching it's way closer. Meanwhile, my friend and I were trying to get away from my ex to get some privacy. It seemed like I was the only one on earth aware of the impending doom upon us. My dream ended before I knew the outcome. I remember the feeling of hopelessness knowing we were all going to die from the horrific collision. I was the only one that saw it coming. I pointed to the sky and tried to warn people. Even my friend would just roll his eyes and keep walking. The tragedy was right above us but, they wouldn't look up.


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Wednesday. 5.29.13 5:27 pm
I picked up a shift at Casey's tomorrow and then I'M GONE! I had orientation yesterday for my new job. I am ESTATIC!!! The costume is casual and comfortable. Just a button up hawaiian shirt and shorts. Unlike Casey's costume that had like 8 pieces to it x.x. I have 11 days of training. One of them being culinary. I have to wear a chef uniform with a cute little chef hat. It's gonna rock!

I saw a good friend today for a few minutes. Not much was said... but, it was nice to see him none the less. It's been a while since we've hung out. I miss him.

Someome I haven't talked to in about 12 plus years has randomly popped up out of no where. He wants to catch up and possibly gain a friendship. He's going through a rough time right now and needs someone to talk to. So, he's gonna swing by tonight and hang out for a bit. Maybe get a redbox movie and relax. It'll be interesting... I'm kind of excited. It's always fun to catch up with old friends.

I can't wait till the end of next month. My parents are going out of town for 2 weeks. In addition, Tyler's mom is going to take the kids out of town during the same time. So... NO KIDS OR PARENTS!!! My mind is going wild on all of the things I can do. I know as soon as the kids are gone I am going to be depressed and miss them like crazy. But, why not take advantage of the time and have some me time? I'm single, I have great friends, and I will have plenty of time to hang out with friends and be young.

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