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Age. 36
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Anglo Saxon
Location Sydney, Australia
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Girls Lie too
Don't think you're the only ones
We bend it
break it
stretch it some...
we learned from you.

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So Cute!
Thursday. 8.11.05 4:27pm
we're looking after thil little 11 month old baby every Thursday afternoon and he's soo cute!
He's obssessed with Petey, our little maltese cross thing and Cleo and Sasha adore him. They keep trying to lick his face and Cleo was really submissive when they met, which is great, cos it means that she thinks of him as being above her in the "pack".
He can't talk or walk yet, but he's really got crawling on his tummy down pat, lol...he looks like a mini soldier, the arrmy really should look to baby's for technique when it comes to crawling, lol...they're the experts.
Ugh, what's with all theses typos? I've had to go back and correct like 6 already. My typing's really gone downhill lately.
To see a really blurry picture of my puppy, Cleo, go to my profile, I'm just about to put it as my profile pic.

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Monday. 8.8.05 11:47
I really can't deal with this
it's so difficult at night.
Just when I think i'm ok, I fall over again.
I need a white knight.

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Saturday. 8.6.05 12:49 pm
My 19th birthday is in under a month and I'm getting a pink mini ipod with my name and Sugar Bear engraved on it.

How exciting!! Sugar Bear is my puppy's reg. name btw
I can't wait! 2 weeks until I have my mini ipod!! *does a dance*

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Wish List
Friday. 8.5.05 11:29pm
I wish for:
Somebody to love me
Somebody to have time for me
Somebody to have me as their priority
Somebody tall and good-looking and preferrably under 26
Somebody who's not creepy or freaky or emo
Somebody I can bounce ideas off
Somebody I have an instant spark with
Somebody I can talk to at ANY time about ANYthing
Somebody playful
Somebody sweet
Somebody tender
Somebody passionate
Somebody adventurous
Somebody who can protect me
Are you out there?????
(Cole, don't respond with what I think you'll respond with)

In addition:
Somebody who lives in the same State as I, atleast.

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Be careful
Monday. 8.1.05 6:56 pm
Everyone, apparently now I'm a fucking stalker. Yeah, laugh all you like, Cole.

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Food for Thought
Saturday 7.30.05 10:39am
I was thinking, just a lil while ago, while lying in bed...
If food from the sea is called Seafood...then how come food from the land is not called Landfood?
Also, how would we then classify things like drinking water? During some stage of it's cycle it's been part of the sea and land...and air, or heavens. Heavenly water, the marketing executives would have a field day with that one. I can picture the ad line for it now. "Pure water from the heavens. How Heavenly".

On a personal note, the situation with Brad sucks.

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