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I'm a Megalomaniac, dude.

Age. 18
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Black
Location Somewhere, VA
School. Other
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"Hate Humanity? Yep, sure do. There's such a lack of responsibilty for one's actions in the world, a selfishness, and a great destruction in the way people live their lives. It's all instant gratification,and who cares how my instant gratification affects those around me, or on a small personal level or a global level. The way people treat eachother is truly disgusting, and we've created an environment through advances in science and technology that allows for a very septic society to thrive. And we breed and breed, and all the wrong people breed while all the right people don't wanna have children because they don't wanna place them in this world"
Lyrics of the day
Totalimmortal by AFI

Hope unknown. Sometimes just waking is surreal.
I walk right through the nameless ones.
I know that hope's unknown.
Sometimes the water feels so real.
As I walk through it fills my lungs, my god, I'm drowning.
This day never seems to end.
This pain, never.
This rage I will not let go.

I hear them calling.
I feel them gnawing out holes through flawless souls.

So alone. Sometimes I swear that I can hear the taunting of the voiceless ones.
I fear that I alone fear those who ceased to feel that they're alone inside this place.
I am the misplaced.
Now ever face, it looks familiar...
then every face would melt away until..
now everyone, do you know, I know your deception?


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- All That's Left
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- Total Immortal
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Tsunami Bomb
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Damn, Wally World was packed today. lol.
Thursday. 9.18.03 12:59 am
Yes, i went to walmart today with quincy cuz of course he went shoppin for his "hurricane supplies" at the LAST minute. lol! i hate shoppin last minute cuz that store was fuckin packed and i hate bein around THAT many ppl at once. geeeeeez. saw so many mofos i knew from the pharmacy it won't even funny. lol! and quincy came across one of his friends there of course. i've met her before, she's pretty cool. and omg! i found out who *someone's* mother isssssss. harhar! cuz she comes in the pharmacy sometimes to pick up junk. mmmhm! and i thought she was a weird lady too. hmmm.

I had the day off today, thank god. i hope tommy closes on friday so i won't have to work then either. :) but i doubt he will. Laura came by my house today before she went to work cuz she wanted to borrow a shirt so she could look cute for this new guy that works there. lol! cuz i guess i'm the fashion chick out of the group. but in the long run she wore to work wht she wore to my house cuz she thought the shirt i picked out was cute, but was too short for her liking, but its all good. it was nice having her over though. had brit on the phone screamin at me cuz she thought i didn't love her anymore. lol!!! i burned the good charlotte cd The Young and the Hopeless for laura too. and we were lookin at shirts and stuff on their website, i hope i can get one, gotta see how my money looks before the concert.

Omg brit met this great guy at school. i am SO happy for her. because he's so respectful to her, honest, and sweet. she said his parents raised him right so he's polite and all that stuff. and he's been likin her for a year and finally got enough nerve to ask her out. she's goin to the prom with him, i'm so glad. i can tell he makes her happy cuz she's finally being treated the way she deserves to be treated instead of that asshole of a boyfriend she used to have.

And that guy laura was trying to impress didn't show up to work today. awww, i know she was heartbroken. lol!!! but i know they were too damn busy tonight for her to even talk to him if he WAS there. and shak has been up her ass and around the corner lately, especially since laura started talkin to that guy at work. i think its funny she's gettin jealous and stuff... bout time she got a taste of her own damn medicine.

After me and quincy came from walmart and went to pizza hut and things of that nature, we just sat outside and talked for hours and just goofed off. it was nice to do that. i think we're gonna schedule another trip together too, like how we went to the beach for a weekend for his birthday (i paid for it), we're prolly gonna go during spring break or something since its starting to get cold again. when i sit back and think about it, i love how my parents receive him. its like they're already treating him like a son. mom makes dinner for him and dad converses with him and mom asks how hes doin and what not. mom also asked me about me and him gettin married and havin kids n junk. i was like damn ma, u thinkin further ahead than i am aren't ya? lol. but that's mom for you. i wish she knew which day she's goin to that other new mall, cuz i wanna go. mom took pictures of shortpump on opening day when she went and i didn't know the mall was basically outside, i didn't like that setup really. hopefully stonypoint mall will be better... i think that's what it's called.

Yay, Thrice is gonna be on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night! Gotta see it.

lata kids.

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Yeah man
Tuesday. 9.16.03 11:15 pm
Well today was an average day. woke up, felt like crap then listened to my music to give me some energy and got ready for work. work is slowly gettin better but its still a thorn in my ASS. tiffany wanted to me do certain crap for her and i looked at her like she was crazy and i was like "heh!... u can do it" and jesse was like "that's right! u got hands, u got fingers!" lmao!! i was like oh gawd, then right after that she had a bit of an attitude, but not towards me, towards jesse. harhar. and oh gawd, yesterday when laura dropped me off at work, tiffany had pulled up like a car down from us and the car inbetween us was empty so we could see right through to her car and once she got out laura was like "awww, the whiney lil bitch is out!" and all this other stuff and i was like OMG! lmao. and she was all like "booo hoooo!" cuz tiff was upset yesterday over some personal crap. i woulda felt more sympathy for her if she wasn't such a biznitch. but anyways, i was in the back in the pharmacy area unpacking bubblepacks and me and jesse was actually having good convo back there. he showed me the new clothes he bought from goodwill he was so excited. lol! and then he was talkin to me about ashely and i was like look, this is your life, don't judge her just because of what i say, just do your thing and figure out if this is a girl u really wanna be with. and he was like 'ok', cuz i guess he values my opinion. but i'm still supposed to be goin to his apartment on sunday and meet his roomies and see how the place looks and all that good junk.

Oh me garsh, me and the girls might see Good Charlotte when they come to VA. Laura seems so excited. lol. i'm excited too man, haven't really talked to brit about it yet, but i hope we can go. I also wanna see Thrice and Thursday, dude and the concert is only 15 freakin bucks. i so wanna go.

I may cut my hair soon too. it seriously needs to be evened up. lol. i want it cut in layers i think. or any way i can get it, as long as it's not shaved in the back. ugh, i'd be so mad if i got it shaved in the back. lol! maybe after i cut it i'll get braids and see how much it'd cost me.

Jesse said he's mad at me cuz i may quit soon. i was like man i dunno if i'd really quit but i've seriously thought about it cuz its just crazy at work and i know i talk about it all the time but if u were there u'd definitely understand. lol. that's why me and samika can go on for days about how screwie the peeps are.

Well my boy-boy quincy is on now so i guess its a wrap! lol. lata kids.


everybody watch out for the hurricane!

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Monday. 9.15.03 11:39 pm
I went with Laura to pick up brittany from school and i visited Mrs. Mahaffey! awww, she still looks the same, she looked beautiful! and she seemed so happy to see me. she said that she JUST pulled some of my old artwork that she saved cuz i did some of the best work in her class and she used it as an example, and i was like 'awwww!' :) and she remembered how we went to the art gallory and art festival and junk. :) it was great seein her again. then afterwards laura let me drive to brit's house. i did pretty good. lol! eventhough laura was flippin every once in a while but hey that's laura for ya. lol!!!! i love hangin out at brit's house. i dunno why, but i do. lol! laura looked so cute today, she had her hair crimped and she had on a cute outfit, and brit was doin it up in babyblue. lol. and i finally got to see quincy today. yay. its always nice to see him, but by the time i saw him i was so tired from work. omg, i'm so mad at Jesse because he got the phone number of a girl i went to high school with (a black girl) and i thought she was a total bitch, but jesse thought she was cute so he got her digits. lol. and he thought she had big boobies, and he likes that. ::rolls eyes:: lol! he told me today that he likes black girls and i was like whoa! i would have never guessed, jesse! LoL. but whatever. he's doin his thing. i'm tired so i'm gonna wrap this thing up. later kids.

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uh huh
Monday. 9.15.03 2:12 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Aww, catchin up
Sunday. 9.14.03 10:24 pm
I just got off the phone with Termaine, Jessica, Gabe and Samika, it was nice catching up with them. :) samika sounded SOO happy to hear from me, she picked up the phone and i was like "hi, is samika there?" and she was like "::GASP:: HEEEY BOO!!!! omg! hold on!" and she clicked over, hung up with Michelle and we talked. lol. omg, it was just like old times, we were laughin the whoooole time man. it just felt good to talk to her again cuz its like in a way she understands where i come from on a lot of things. too bad i don't keep up with her more but.... i dunno. i'm weird about calling people on the phone. lol. then Gabe called me, and i asked him what was up with school and junk, then when i was talkin to Gabe, Laura called me. lol! and she was tellin me how a special someone called her "sweetie" lol! CHEEZER SMILE! haha. i know she was. lol! then i talked to jessic-er for a good while and we were catchin up on stuff and people that we've seen that has graduated with us, it was good to hear her sillyness again. i didn't talk to termaine long cuz his mom needed the phone. but yeah, eventhough i'm a antisocial bum, its nice to talk to them every once in a while. me and samika was talkin bout work, cuz she's probably the only one that really understands what i go through in there, and its a shame really. lol. when tiffany came into the pharmacy today, she was tellin me about how katrina told her about how someone pissed her off cuz someone told her that if she puts her mind to it, she can go slower (cuz she was in a hurry cuz we had a lotta customers)... ??? and i was like oh gawd, just cry me a river! lol!!! in a way i wish samika was still workin there instead of katrina, its just samika needs to learn how to be on time!!!! lol. and i think she's aware of that now. cuz she REALLY wants her job back cuz life isn't so pretty right now as far as money with her and her mom. :( but anyways... grrr, i didn't get to see quincy today! ::pouts:: i wonder what happened to him. lol. maybe he got caught up with cory. hmmmm.

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Sunday. 9.14.03 6:39 pm
Well i just helped brit set up her NuTang. yay! i didn't even know she wanted to start one. i had to help her cuz she was confoozed. lol. hell, this stuff confused the fuck outta me when i first started but i think i got the hang of it. i had setup the layout for her page, like her colors and helped her with her profile and junk. lol. but next time i'm over there i'll help her with it more. Today was boring, work was soooo boring. omg. but i was glad luke was workin cuz him, ryan and trevor always make me laugh man. i dunno what is is about em, but they do. i got to work with linda today, so there was no drama. but tomorrow i get to go back into the grind again and deal with the bitches for about an hour until they all leave. ::sighs:: don't it sound like so much fun? i was supposed to go see jesse's new apartment today but i decided not to and just to push it back to a another day. he gave me a ride home the other day and i let him come in for a couple minutes to see my computer, cuz he's like obsessed with computers and the internet. he loved my room, he was actin like a kid in a candy store, touchin all my crap, i was like 'good lord!' lol. but he only stayed for like 5 minutes (thank god. lol.) cuz that's a hyper boy. i hope i can see quincy today, i'm just sittin here waitin for him to show up. lol! i know he's watchin his cousin right now and then he's going out with cory then he's comin to see me. lol! which is cool cuz i hogged him all day yesterday, so it wouldn't be fair if i kept him from cory ALL the time.
Arg, i got so much stuff i needa do, i needa finish my financial aid crap for school, keep savin up for my car that i'll HOPEFULLY get sometime in october, sign up for driving school, then see if i can get a credit card. :) a check card isn't enough for me. lol!! eventhough i can't wait to use it to buy crap online (cuz i can also use it as a charge card as long as i have the money in my account), i just feel i need a credit card as well. ok, i'm rambling now, so i'm gonna go. lol! lata homies.

look at the fishies! harhar.

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