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ďIn wilderness is the preservation of the world.Ē - Henry David Thoreau

"The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war." - Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

"We can learn a lot from trees: they're always grounded but never stop reaching
heavenward." - Everett MŠmor

"Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself than of other people, nor does it mean having a low opinion of your own gifts. It means freedom from thinking about yourself at all" - William Temple

"Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life." - Sophia Loren

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The NuTangian Challenge (Part 1)
Monday. 7.16.12 1:18 pm
Started 7/16/12 - 1:18 PM - Finished 7/17/2:01

I've decided to finally join The NuTangian Challenge, I believe I said I was going to do it a year or two ago so why not start out with it now right? I don't generally have a lot of time to spare and I have a horrible time with trying to do things like this so I'm going to do it i 4 parts, maybe 1 a week or something. Plus then it's a little less monotonous for us all. So without further ado - 25 facts about me:

1. I drink about an average of a pot to a pot and a half of coffee everyday. It's tasty and warm plus it smells great and makes me bouncy. Win/Win/WIN/WIN!

2. I really enjoy drawing with charcoal but I am only actually decent with it if I color my whole surface in charcoal first and then "draw" with erasers.

3. Sometimes the world overwhelms me. I have PTSD and because of that I have some pretty ugly anxiety issues and I allow myself to get stressed about odd things. It generally ends badly but quickly and those who love me reassure me that yeah, maybe I AM a little crazy but they just see it as me and love me regardless.

4. One time a friend really rudely/loudly/publicly corrected me for say irregardless instead of regardless and now I always catch myself and do this awkward self correction when I try to say irregardless. I hope one day I can just somehow train myself to use proper grammar at least 96% of the time.

5. People think I talk a lot but I don't really. I babble when I'm nervous and other people are quiet but I don't ever truly SAY much. It saddens me to know how many thoughts I've thought that nobody will ever know about. Thinking is just almost always a better option than speaking though.

6. I am in the process of opening an vintage thrift shop on ETSY. I have been learning vintage fashion labels, how to date clothing, and how to date practically everything else for the past few months. I have a vintage one-piece swimsuit in my inventory that I actually nerd out about to anyone who'll listen because it's such an interesting piece (to me at least lol). I've got a decent inventory built up, just haven't had the motivation/time/resources to get it all listed yet. I hope to have it all listed by mid-september.

7. I am OBSESSED with things smelling good. I just tried typing out the extent to which and it was making me lazy, so just trust me. OBSESSED.

8. I love iCarly.

9. My lemonade cream pie made it into the finals in a really big pie contest I was in recently. There I was still in when they had it down to 5, but didn't make it into the top 3. I'm still super proud though. +1 for getting that far and +10 for a roundhouse kick to my social anxiety.

10. I have a horrible phobia of cicadas. A few years ago when it was the 17th year, when they come out in the masses, we had just moved to a historical neighborhood with giant trees everywhere and the cicadas were EVERYWHERE. There were so many that even walking out to your car at least 4 or 5 would fly into your head. It was like a real life horror movie to me and I still fear 13 years from now when I am older and less capable of running like a lunatic.

11. I have a major love and wonderment for homesteading. I wish I could have a sod roof and turn my tiny bit of yard into a vegetable garden. Self sustainability is both economical and ecological brilliance and I strive to one day attain it.

12. My favorite music is music that moves the soul. For me that is blues, jazz, rhythm, big band, funk, soul. I wish that true music was still mainstream, the really mainstream stuff makes my brain sad. I try not to be a judgey, pretentious, little heifer about it but it's a struggle.

13. I have mad cooking skills. I'm generally leary to brag on myself about much but hot damn will I when it comes to anything in the kitchen. I do it all and it's all delicious (and generally fresh and healthy to boot).

14. My upper front tooth is fake. Apparently I have issues with my blood sugar, confirmed after getting second place in a twinkie eating contest and subsequently passing out while busting out some sweet roller blade moves.

15. I often have brief day dream sequences, think something like JD from scrubs. I love getting lost in my imagination.

16. I was adopted when I was 6.

17. The Cat From Outer Space is one of my all time favorite movies.

18. This song breaks me down. It resonates so deeply with me it's actually kind of painful to listen to. It's odd because it's not like it's the greatest work of musical art ever by any means but it really just captures the very emotion I have in regards to my marriage at the moment. And hell, that is a little heartbreaking when you can just feel a song describing something you cant.

19. I have an odd fascination with buttons.

20. I don't consider myself a pop drinker, because I don't drink it all the time like a lot of society does, but I'm actually just a bit of a pop connoisseur and I'm really into local specialties and natural pops. Oh and cream sodas, I'm cream soda is my favorite in the sense that I will ALWAYS try a cream soda if I haven't had the type before. I'm a little hipster in the sense that I rarely ever like the "mainstream" pop lol.

21. I eat onions in/on practically everything. I love every kind, cooked every kind of way or not cooked at all.

22. I pulled pepper spray on a creepy man that I'm 99.99% sure was following my friend and I one night. I literally held it out, hand on the trigger, and pointed it his direction at least 3 times before I just started walking backwards with it aimed at him. He turned around and went back the way he came and I am convinced to this day that I may have at the very least prevented us from getting robbed. There's more to that but I don't feel like typing it out, but I had plenty of reasonable suspicion to pull pepper spray out and I don't just pull pepper spray on people who walk on the same sidewalk as me. ;-)

23. My favorite colors are yellow and green and certain shades of orange.

24. I'm hungry. Does that count? It's definitely a fact at this moment.

25. I use Google as spell check.

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An Excerpt on Grace
Monday. 7.9.12 2:15 pm
A little reading I came across in one of my textbooks awhile back. I came across this again recently and thought I should share it because it has affected me more so than most of the random required readings for school and I think it's something we could all use a reminder of now and again.

" Finally, an important principle to keep in mind during conflict is that grace is some-times appropriate. Although the idea of grace has not traditionally been discussed in communication texts, it is an important part of spiritual and philosophical thinking about ethical communication. You donít have to be religious or know philosophy to show grace. All thatís needed is a willingness to sometimes excuse someone who has no right to expect your compassion or forgiveness. Showing grace when appropriate is equally important in personal and professional relationships.

Grace is granting forgiveness, putting aside our needs, or helping another save face when no standard says we should or must do so. Rather than being prompted by rules or expectations, grace springs from a generosity of spirit. Grace isnít forgiving when we should do so ( for instance, excusing people who arenít responsible for their actions). Nor is grace allowing others to have their way when we have no choice ( deferring when our supervisor insists, for example). Instead, grace is kindness that is neither earned nor required. For instance, two roommates agree to split chores, and one doesnít do her share during a week when she has three tests. Her roommate might do all the chores even though there is no expectation of this generosity. Itís also an act of grace to defer to another personís preference when you could impose yours. Similarly, when someone hurts you and has no right to expect forgiveness, you may choose to forgive anyway. We do so not because we have to, but because we want to. Grace is a matter of choice.

Grace is given without strings. We show kindness, defer our needs, or forgive a wrong without any expectation of reward or reciprocity. Grace isnít doing something nice to make a co- worker feel grateful or indebted to us. Nor is it grace when we do something with the expectation of a payback. For an act to be one of grace, it must be done without conditions or expectation of return.

Grace is not always appropriate. Generosity of spirit can be exploited by people who take advantage of kindness. Some people repeatedly abuse and hurt others, confident that pardons will be granted. When grace is extended and then exploited, extending it again may be unwise. However, if you show grace in good faith and another takes advantage, you should not fault yourself. Kindness and a willingness to forgive are worthy moral precepts. Those who abuse grace, not those who offer it, are blameworthy.

Because Western culture emphasizes the assertion and protection of self- interest, grace is not widely practiced or esteemed. We are told to stand up for ourselves, to not let others walk on us, and to refuse to tolerate transgressions. It is important to honor and assert ourselves, as weíve emphasized throughout this book. Yet self- assertion can work in tandem with generosity toward others.

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes, hurt others with thoughtless acts, fail to meet responsibilities, and occasionally do things we know are wrong. Sometimes there is no reason others should forgive us when we wrong them; we have no right to expect exoneration. Yet human relations must have some room for redemption, for the extension of grace when it is not required or earned."

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Just the beginning
Sunday. 7.8.12 1:01 pm
I am starting this blog so that I can have a place to just be me. I have been a member under a different name for a pretty good while though not always, or even often, a very active one. I hope that by restarting and leaving behind a lot of what was on my other one that I will be able to feel more comfortable and be more candid and really use this blog as a canvas for expressing myself and as a way to work through things within myself. I am not considering this my true first post, I am just posting this so I can have something to use as a guidance while I work on the appearance of my site. Hope everyone is doing well, I'll be back to blogging in no time .

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