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Unabailable for a while
Monday. 11.17.08 9:45 pm
until I finished my exams (17th december), I won't be able to post anything, just this entry by the moment. I'm too busy painting -_-

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Death in a the ball
Thursday. 11.13.08 10:18 am
From S. XIX, Felicien Rops, Death at the ball.

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Photoshop CS2 stupid basics.
Monday. 11.10.08 6:44 pm
Ok, so today we are going to learn the basics from photoshop cs2, I know this stuff may sound dumb but you have to learn all the photoshop tools, just to make a pretty good macabre art.

We will start with the tool bar, I use it all the time. This ones are what I use the most:

- Selection tool
- Move tool
- Magnetic lasso
- Magic wand
- Brush tool
- Clone stamp tool
- Eraser tool
- Paint bucket tool
- Burn tool
- Horizontal type tool
- Eye dropper tool
- Hand tool
- Zoom tool

Here's the tool bar, stuff that I use are marked with red:

The other thing I use it's the layer list:

In the place where it says "normal", that's where you can add effects to the layers you are working on, I use that a lot, also I use opacity and fill.

The history is also very important, it lets you erase the errors that you've made before, don't press ctrl+ z for big mistakes, use the history.

COMING SOON: Texture manipulating, it's easy so don't worry.

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The master piece it's NOT FINISHED
Sunday. 11.9.08 12:09 am
Hello there, this is one of the zombies coming soon, I'm still working on it.

Real picture from yellow stock at deviant art :

My work, still not finished:

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