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*~ Be happy, think positive, SMILE!
*~ Love simply
*~ Live the day like there is no tomorrow
*~ Live without regrets
*~ Dispose of your rubbish carefully
*~ Reduce your usage of plastic shopping bags
*~ Love the world, be charitable
*~ Respect Cross-cultural relationships
*~ Respect same-sex relationships
*~ Be kind to your family, respect ur parents
*~ Enjoy song & dance
*~ Swear till your hearts' content
*~ Love who you are and be satisfied
*~ Eat when u r hungry
*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
*~ Respect all religions
*~ Don't take life so seriously
*~ Give hugs
*~ Have manners! Be polite
*~ Cherish ur group of friends
*~ Don't talk shit, get to the pt
*~ Be passionate about your job
*~ Invest in a good eye cream
*~ Don't waste food
*~ Respect elders
*~ Don't be afraid to have a say!
*~ Love animals

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Karen Cheng - This lady must love perth
as much as I do!! Great read, web designer

Ayu - Another nutang bud, luv her
site designs! Sweet person..

Bitch- a "bitch" NOT! Cool Nutang girl!

KOban - NUtang boy who likes ff like me!, from sg too.

ShaShaBoo - she mah home girl..hehe
nutanger too!!

Vera - Frm Atlanta, US, alwiz has
something interesting to say!

JulAngel - Friend from 1st yr uni at Murdoch, Honkie at heart but living in Perth.

- another nutanger...very cool blog, she knows how to write!

Aussie Poida - A work friend, also from Perth. A live journal junkie/nintendo person
Count me in
Asians all look the same?
Monday. 1.23.06 8:30pm
I went to this site yesterday to test out my ability to tell the difference between asian faces being one myself and living in a multicultural society..such as Australia. But out of 18 faces I could only get 7 right!! that is less than 50%!!!!!!!!!!And I am so shocked at myself!

You guys should give it a go..it's tough! Then post your numbers in the comments section . Thanx! I just wanna get an idea who is asian and who is not, and how many #s they get correct


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Girlfriends holding hands
Sunday. 1.22.06 8:35
I had a really nice day today with my friends...and I mean my old friends. But do not get fixated on the old, but "friends" :) I think since we all do not have much time together, because time has to be split amongst family, work, boyfriends and other stuff... we really enjoy and take the time to catch up together. I wish I didn't have to work so I could spend more time with them..especially since I will not see my best friend for 3 years. She will be moving up north to Pt Hedland!!! It saddens me even when we have fun together now...because I know I will only hae memories of that when Michelle is away. I guess it has brought us closer, cuz in the back of our mind we know the distance that will separate us, and we know time is limited.

Heehee I dunno why but holding her hand today felt right, even though we did that through the city it felt nice to have her by my side. Others would have thought it to be lesbian. But we have been called that since we were 7! What is so wrong with 2 girls holding hands? And they are bestfriends? Some people are just jealous they cannot have that kinda bond with someone without being self conscious... I hate that. I dunno...how does everyone feel when they see 2 women holding hands?

I like to show my affection in public but I guess it makes others feel uncomfortable. Funny how human contact can make strangers feel uncomfortable when it is an emotion we as a species...all feel. There is nothing wrong with open affection and should be displayed... :) As long as it is not overboard!!! Like for example, playing tonsil hockey as if it was a sport. hehehehe.

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My bro is finally back!
Saturday. 1.14.06 8:30am
Last night my family and I went to pick up my older bro, Jason from the domestic airport. But instead out of excitement we had went to the wrong airport - the international! Hehe. Then we reached domestic airport we went to Virgin Blue to receive him...but in actual fact he was flying Qantas. It was a great night for the Lee family lol! But when my bro came we gave him hugs...it is nice to have him back and our family to feel whole again. It has been 2 years already. And the last time we saw him was 6 mths ago.

I've decided to change my attitude towards my bros girlfriends. I mean I will take the chance to get to know them...and not feel distant from them, cuz my bros would have to love them for a reason yeh? Hehehe... I wonder if other sisters ever felt that way? Or I must be one of those family members from hell that make their getting to know me hell. hehehe. I'm so evil. But yeh this time I will be more welcoming. :)

I'm so looking forward to my bro working with me at DIMIA on Monday morning. It'll be so cool...haha everyone at work knows he is coming. It will be a blast when he arrives. :p The Lee family must be taking over DIMIA haha. Well...work has been shit lately so maybe his arrival will make things better. :)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Keep having fun :)

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Someone I run to
Sunday. 1.8.06 10pm
I find that every time I feel unsafe and in need of care I always run to my boy. I never used to be like that...I was independent and no need of a man to complete my life. Now strangely enough I can't see myself without Fernando...and the idea even freaks me out! I guess when you become a couple with someone, they play such a big part of your life that you wonder how you were like before you met them :)

We are almost hitting the 2 year mark and still have so much to discover together. Im glad that I could do stuff together with him. :) I guess it is nicer to share experiences with someone, to see how each individual develops on their own and together!

My friend at work last week had a big dilemma when she bought a house with her bf of 5 years, and they had a big fight becuz they werent too sure what were their common goals and what each other wanted. She said that she didn't even know him? It is really a test of the relationship... I hope they work it out. But it seems they could break up over that. That he is not willing to change or develop with her...Good luck to them...and hope they work things out.

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Happy new years!
Saturday. 31.12.05, 9:45pm
It's gonna be a quiet one at home this year, me at home alone. :( Parents at dinner, bro at nightclub. I'm kinda glad with all the parties I have been to in the past few weeks. Not to mention the food! Hehe. Last night it was my friend, Gail's 22nd bday. Her bday is usually the one to mark the next year of parties :) It was great fun, we had a "kids" party by playing pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and hitting the pinyata. Plus we got lolly bags, had fairy bread, hundreds and thousand cookies, cupcakes, party pies, and sausage rolls and even better a Freddo ice-cream, cake! You can imagine us bouncing off the walls last night with the sugar pumped through our veins. hehe.

I am just relaxing and watching tv on NEW YEARS EVE! Sooo weird, cuz everyone is out and have fun. Not to mention excessive drinking, getting rowdy, road rage, traffic jams, rude drunks, drugged up fucks, fights, etc. It just feels like a normal day. End of the year does not mean any different I guess... Does kinda scare me though becuz of what 2006 may bring. I will be in a new job, new enviroment, a level up...and honestly I did not believe I would be promoted. Im not really prepared mentally, guess I still wanna be stuck in 'kid' mode. But I always say that..

I dont know whether I will have any resolutions this yr.. I mean why make em so you can break them?? I guess I have done well for last yr, I did manage to keep up some of the resolutions. I really hope to graduate this yr, it should be time. Even though I love uni and would like to stay a student. You get so many benefits ;p

Almost 2 more hrs till 2006, my boo will be here soon. YAY! I would like to wish everyone happiness, good luck, good health and lots of love and fun times!!! Hope you all have a great time tonight :) Stay safe...have a lovely new years! Lotsa love von xo

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Christmas sucks
Friday. 12.23.05 9:55 pm

Christimas sucks, and I dont think I am the only one who thinks so. Usually around this time of year I really feel the spirit of giving, love and joy. But now I am just sick and tired of people all together. It must sound very pessimistic of me, but I don't like people at Christmas. Everyone is just soooo caught up in their own lives and problems that they have no time for anyone else. And they say it is the season of giving!! Around this time I see the selfish side of people, the insensitive and everyone is locked up in their own world.

I guess it doesn't feel very Chrismassy this year cuz my older bro isn't back, plus my best friend has gone on a cruise with her bf. Not all of the people I love are around to share this holiday with. :( I have been buying gifts for my loved ones too because I feel they truely deserve the presents they receive, they have endured this tough year. A gift is something special that should make them feel love and warmth inside..because someone is thinking about them.

I'm sorry if I have put a downer on anyone who may be reading this about my Christmas thoughts... I truely hope this is not happening everywhere and that strangers have enough time to care and acknowledge others. Instead of thinking of others as a nuisance in their way of busy Christmas shopping and eating! Should be a damn good time to think about the countries who are poverty-strickened and homeless people who have no families...these are the ones who truely need our care and acknowledgement.

Wishing a thoughtful Christmas to everyone who reads this entry...and may you keep safe and if you can be Merry...

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