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Saturday. 12.5.09 9:22 am
i was eating a chocolate bar this morning, and on the front it said "world's finest chocolate."

so, naturally, i had higher expectations than normal chocolate. i took a bite, and it was awful.

so, outloud, i said "agree to disagree."

then i realized that i will probably end up using that phrase a lot with inanimate or nonliving objects. or animals. like, if my dog has an accident on the carpet, the dog may think that they are allowed to do that, so i will say "agree to disagree."

it's gonna be a thing.

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Wednesday. 12.2.09 2:44 pm
i suddenly got this really bad sinking feeling in me.

i've been thinking a lot about a lot of things. my job (or so called career), my colleagues, my friends, my girlfriend. i have a lot going on in every aspect.

do you ever get so much stress that you stuff it all into your pocket, and then when that pocket is full, you stuff it into another, until all of your pockets are overflowing, and you have no where else to put it? i've been very stressed out lately. and it's gotten to the point where i don't let it bother me. but, is that a good thing?

when i leave work, i don't let it bother me. i laugh it off, or vent it out, and then that's it. that doesn't help me not get paid more, or get more respect here. that's just an example.

i'm holding on to my life like the pin of a hand grenade.

so what do i do? do i continue doing what i'm doing, or do i take drastic changes that will effect everything i know?

i want to pull my own hair out.

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Tuesday. 12.1.09 9:35 am
i haven't been blogging as often as i'd like. not sure why. guess i just have actual things going on at work.

but nothing important. training, getting pissed at customers, giving people a lot of money, etc.

i'll update later, if i feel like it. sorry, 'tangers. i'll open up soon enough.

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Friday. 11.20.09 12:39 pm
i made a flash application that has this little robot that displays emotion based on what you click. maybe i'll upload it here at some point. the good news is that corporate at my job wants to use it in a presentation for some new program that all of the employees are gonna use. um, hell yeah? i'm writing this on my performance review next year as a sweet contribution to the company.

oh, and i want a raise. is that too much to ask?

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dear atlmusizfanzinc,
Tuesday. 11.17.09 11:05 am
dear atlmuzicfanzinc,

i don't hate anyone on nutang, but for years, your blog has been a pain in the ass.

your immediate removal from our website would be appreciated. kthx.

it's not even a blog, it's a collage of advertisements.

no one visits your blog, except to see if anyone ever visits your blog.

fix the scripts on your site. they don't always work.

also, delete your site.

much appreciated, and cheers.


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Friday. 11.13.09 2:32 pm
so i moved to a bigger office in the building where i work. it has a huge window. and a bookshelf. and a cabinet. all of those are things that i didn't have before.

now i have too much space. i have a plant, too. i don't know what type, but it's kind of red, and there are a few gnats.

this office is a manager's office. i have wallpaper, and no one else does. shame. shame i'm not a manager, too.

my eyes are hurting. like, the lids, or something. what is that?

i'm ready for bed.

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