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Friday. 2.10.06 5:21 pm
I was wiped out yesterday. My day started at 7 A.M. (as usual) but something just didn't feel right. Maybe it was because I went to sleep with my UCLA hoodie on or whatever, but it just didn't feel like it was going to be a pleasant day. I made my way to work with my mom, and I was already feeling light-headed while sitting at my desk. When I finally left around 10, I felt a little better, but when I got to school, man, the headache came back hardcore.

I was doing my best to pay attention in guitar class, then when the instructor told the students it was time, I speed-walked (guitar, backpack and all) to the cafeteria for a quick energy fix from a Naked protein juice. I was late to my math class by like a minute, did what I could with the worksheet, got a minus 1 from a error, then, when that class finished, I walked back to the cafeteria for a whole vegetarian sandwich on wheat bread.

I took the sandwich back to my car and seriously pondered whether or not I should go home and just doze off for the hour I had before my biology class. But because I was already running on fumes as it was, I decided to just turn on the music in the x-runner and roll the windows down while I ate the sandwich in the overflow parking lot. The hour went by pretty fast, and before I knew it I was walking to my biology class.

I was standing outside waiting for the class to start when I see Rain coming out from the class adjacent to mine. We caught up somewhat, and then I was off to my biology lecture at 1:30. Rain, it was good to see you again. And you know I think out of the box. I always have been. If you need a dissenting opinion, you got my number. [:

Usually I can get by in biology because the instructor (Ms. Pennington) is so lively and interesting, but today just wasn't my day. I couldn't wait for the class to end, and I constantly looked up at the clock to make sure that time wasn't going backwards or anything. One of the highlights of the class that I do remember was the cow/cell analogy. I wouldn't be want to corraled with a bunch of heffers myself if given the opportunity.

And then yeah. I made it out of my biology class, walked back to the truck, got gas, drove home, got home by around 3:30, jumped into bed, woke up at 4:20, called my mom, changed, picked up my mom at 4:50, went to commissary, went back home, changed, went to bed, woke up at 9:45 P.M., called Michael, went back to bed, yada yada yada.

All in all, yesterday was a very VERY long day. I didn't go to work this morning at 7 because I was still light-headed from the day before. I did manage to go to school, and now I am at work. Hey, that's 4 hours more towards my paycheck. As long as my mind and body are constant and in unison, then a day like yesterday shouldn't happen again.

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Untimely, unfortunate
Monday. 2.6.06 10:46 am
I'm currently at work and I just had to write about what I was just talking to my co-worker about. The Whole Wowowee stampede was very thought provoking. It makes me wonder, "just how disadvantaged are Filipinos in the Philippines that they are willing to wait in line for days only to be trampled and die in the process?"
What hurts me even more is not how but WHO was killed. From the reports I've read and the specials I've seen on TFC and GMA, it seems that an overwhelming majority of those slain were elderly women. That just breaks my heart. I'm assuming they were there to maybe get a chance at winning some goods or money not just for themselves, but for their families as well. I don't know what caused the mad rush, but whatever the reason was, I feel it could have been prevented.

Maybe it was disorganization on the part of the organizers (ABS-CBN or whoever it may be) or maybe it was just by chance, but seriously. This just comes to show how desperate some people are in the Philippines to get a little something for themselves. How unfortunate are the majority of the population really?

From the looks of this, pretty damn desperate.

Unity is what needed, not more disparity. But until the Philippines realizes this as a whole, and I'm talking about the people, then there will always be tribulations upon tribulations that will continue to hinder the otherwise thriving Philippine archipelago.

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