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Winning the lottery
Sunday. 2.10.13 2:17 pm

Screw it, I'm shifting to an interdisciplinary minor and a more rewarding major. I might not have an easy path, after undergrad, but it's better than having an unfulfilled lotto list.

Plus, it gets me out of uni faster--except, I'm low on credits other than my major and minor, which means that I might have to stay behind to take electives. Which kind of sucks, but is also kind of really awesome, considering my lotto list--it's full of things I would like to learn for no particular reason.

I keep carrying around this bolder of disappointment that my parents decided to give me during my freshman year, when really I guess I should have just set it down somewhere where it wouldn't roll over anyone. It scares me off of doing anything I want to do, and forces me to think of the most viable source of income. Man, not everyone is going to make buttloads of money. If we didn't have the electricians, and the high school teachers, and the sewage workers, this place would fall apart. Someone has to do the low-paying jobs.

And I'm not saying that's gonna be me, but I'm also not guaranteeing that it won't be. Just...we'll see! At least this way, it'll be interesting.

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Saturday. 2.9.13 2:23 pm

This is somewhat political/controversial, so don't read it if you can't handle it, okay?


Hardly the worst thing to be done this month, considering the amount of people I see asking why we don't have "White History Month" (see reaction photo below for more feelings), but COME ON. Don't minimalize a serious, worthy movement, just because you feel like you've had your fair share of struggles.




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There's pragmatism, and then there's
Friday. 2.8.13 12:17 am
Every once in a while, as I'm laying in bed, waiting for sleep to consume all the conscious thought, I list out things I would do, if I were to win the lottery.

Total pipe dream, totally aware of this. I've never purchased a lottery ticket in my life, and don't intend to. So why?

It's nice. It's a pleasant thought.

I've started noticing, though, that my lists are achievable in the present moment--just, it wouldn't be an easy path. I know people MY AGE who have done all the things I would like to do.

...I'm just a wimp!


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habitual sleepy brain
Thursday. 2.7.13 4:39 pm

I woke up and looked at my phone, and it said 1345, so I went "AAAAAAHHHHH. AHHHHHH," and threw my comforter off of myself, because I thought I'd missed class/my big first test...

And then I remembered that I'd woken up, gone to class, taken the test, and gotten myself back home before promptly passing out.

This happens to me roughly once a week.

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