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[The Artist]
18/09/06 11:50
mood: good
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

Well, well, I must admit I am feeling SO much better now that I'm on NuTang XD I'm actually at school at the moment, and I have 3 free periods this morning... Sheesh I was practically bored to death! I mean, I did all my homework, and then some! x_x;

Yes, I almost died of boredom and I hadn't realised I could just come online in the Library and mess around instead of doing work! Well, better late than never, I say! Brilliant! I'll be here every Monday morning now XD

Righty-ho, for those who are wondering who the artist was in the previous picture... It was me. ^_^;; And that picture is probably one of the only paintings I've ever done, and ever will do, because I've discovered a severe hatred to painting quite a while ago.

And that picture was drawn when I was 10 years old ^^;;

Yeah, I did say ignore the name cos in Yr 7-8 (when I was about 11-12ish), I "changed my name" to Crystina... You're probs reaaaally confused right now, so I may as well explain a shortened version...

You see, none of those names are on my birth certificate, they're just my "chosen name" to be called when I came to England, but you see, "Vicky" was never a "chosen name" for me. I've wanted to be called Crystina since I was about 7-8ish, but since my parents said 'Hey, we give you the name Vicky since you need an English name', I went along with it.

It wasn't until I'd moved to Southampton that people started calling me by my "chosen name". Before they just called me by my Chinese name, so after a little while I decided I wanted that to change.

That picture was painted before I realised I could change my chosen name. I had an art teacher for about a month since I began to be really into drawing, and then I realised I couldn't be arsed with art so quit, but that was drawn with her. =3

Not bad for a 10-yr-old's painting, right? ^_^

Ooooh! I must say that if you are actually *reading* this blog from BlogMad or something like that, I feel terribly honoured that you have bothered to even look at it, let alone comment and say you love my blog! Thank you so much!!! =DDDDD

And I also apologise for the inconvenience caused to BlogMad users for my blog breaking frames... I didn't realise it did that, but by the time it did, BlogMad had deactivated my account anyways =3 It's active again now cos the script is fixed =]

Plugs to the beautiful: little-b, laziewong, The-Muffin-Man, frostbitten


@little-b, yeah... I noticed a little while ago that instead of just the top 5 being green, the top 10 is actually green on the world map thingy... =3 I mean, I checked yesterday, and I was 9th on the top ten, and I was green too, I'm not sure exactly when it happened though ^^; And not that I'm complaining! XD
@frostbitten, I rarely use smilies though o_O;; I will try to in future though! XD Yay! I'm glad your PC's okay now!!! XDDDD



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[La La La]
17/09/06 10:16
mood: happy
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

I just realised I didn't post yesterday!!! O_O;; Nioooooooooooo! >_< Bother. -_-;;

Oh well, I'm posting today at least!!! XDDDDD And yes, "La La La", for a lack of a better title =3 myeh.

Oooooh!!! Yesterday, I realised my sister had these uber cute "tattoo" thingys which you stick on items... they're not stickers, per se, and they look and act like tattoos... just for your stuff! =D

So of course, I got some, and stuck them on my chopstick case of my bento set XDDDDD I wanted to stick some on my bento box but it had just been washed and I was waiting for it to dry =3 I will post a pic later probably =D

Onto other news: I wonder when Dave changed the "green" people to the top ten? =D Not that I'm complaining, since I rarely, if not, never get into the top 5, but I have a chance of staying green if it's top 10 ^_^ Yay Dave! =D

Also, we got a sofa-bed yesterday! =D It's big and white and has got cushions! <3333333 =DDDDD I wanted to lie on it allllll night, but even a big comfy sofa-bed isn't enough to drag me away from the lappy XDDDDD

Speaking of which, WE'RE GETTING A NEW COMPUTER!!! =DDDDDD It's gonna be a flat-screen, with 3.00GHz speed <33333 -droool- I can't wait *_* I wanted it in my room, but Daddy was like 'blah blah no, no, blah" by the end of the day cos it'd be a hassle for everyone to go into my room and it'd be a hassle for me too =/

;_; I want a computer all to myself ;_; My laptop stinks... and IE is still bugging up. And it's majorly slow. ;_;

Oh well~ New computer~~~ Yay!!! =DDDDDDD Although I'd probably be more interested in using our old PC since it's got Adobe Photoshop on it. =3

Anyways, onto some updates: I might be updating my personal site with more doodles, so look forward to that! =D Well, I'm not sure if the doodles will be any good... I tried to do them for Katrina-nee's fanart contest... half of them turned out utter crud, so I've been experimenting with the style mainly =3

On the note of art, I will show you all a piece of art, guess how old the artist was when she drew it =] (Ignore the name at the bottom--seriously, ignore it):

If you want to see the full size click here =]

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[Bento 008]
15/09/06 18:20
mood: surprised
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

First of all, I have a surprise for you all... now, this information may shock you greatly, but don't worry, it's not that bad...


I cut my hair.

XDDDDDDDDDDD Yes!!! Kuri, hair-down-to-waist-and-beyond-length-Kuri cut her hair!!!! Well, more like got my mummy to cut my hair, but yeah XD I finally decided it was beginning to be *too* much of a hassle to wash. I mean, it takes me 15-20 mins to wash my hair *alone*, then if you add on time for just enjoying my shower and washing the rest of me, my showers take up to 40 mins... and I decided that now I'm on AS Levels, I just don't have that kind of time to spare every day x_x;

Today's shower took 15 mins =] Much better.

Anyways, woah... has anyone else seen the new person who just joined yesterday? He kinda like... posted 2 pages worth of blogs in a day, and now has 56,000+ popularity points *and* over $7 o_O;; and he just joined yesterday. I think that's mightily impressive.

There was another person like that, but I dunno what happened to his/her account. It was kinda just... there, and then she/he posted *once* saying "hi this is my new blog" and got 50,000+ popularity points o_O; surprising. But yeah, I visited this persons blog, and I notice how my money usually goes up by 0.001 when I visit if I'm lucky, but this person's... woah! I went from their blog page, read a few, clicked on their profile and suddenly they had made 30 cents. In a few seconds. o_O;

How they do it, I have no clue, but it'd be mighty handy! Lol.

Anyways, I have also noticed that... I HAVE MADE $2!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3333333333333333!!!!! You guys are the best!!!!!!!! =Glomps you all=

So, without anymore further ado and waffle from me, I present to you the lunch I had today... (Photos are kinda bad though...):

Yeah, the photo is taken rather crappily, but my camera was running out of battery, so I had to take it really quickly... bleh. Anyways, a close-up:

Top tier (left in photo): Chicken with vegetables in black bean sauce (stir-fried) courtesy of mummy, rice
Bottom tier (right in photo): you tiao... uhm... not sure how to say that in english, but it's yummy, with home-made "chicken nuggets", courtesy of my mummy again, with a small satchet of tomato ketchup, then a couple of strawberries, a few raspberries and a couple of grapes (in, or outside the cookie cutter) =D

Oh yes! And the rolly-red-ish thing in the top left-hand corner of the top photo is a roll of fruit winders =]

Yes, not too impressive-looking today, but it tasted yummy! XDDDD

Omw, thank you ALL who commented/tagged me saying you liked my bentos and my site!!! =DDDDD It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside~~~ <333

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Oooh, a few people have asked me this, I think... yes, I do make the bentos myself unless I say so otherwise ^_^ (sometimes I just decide to use some leftovers from last night =3... like so in this case heh XD)



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[Bento 007]
12/09/06 19:18
mood: tired
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

Ah...It's been a while since I posted a bento =3 Anyone miss them? ^_^ =P

Anyways, I realise I should have posted this yesterday, but I really didn't have much time x_x;; ahhhh I love all of you who left me such nice comments, be it as a comment or in the tagboard though!!! <3333333333

Anyways, I'm so tired today... School and all... Seriously, 3 hr lessons followed by a 2 hr one... =dies of boredom= I guess all teachers *must* start with the basic introductories, but... ah. Bleh. Hehe I will blab more about that after I finish presenting to you all... My lunch yesterday in, of course, my kawaii new bento set:

And here is a close-up of the food:

=3 Yummy-looking? ^_^ Well, it was certainly yummy-tasting though!!! XDDDDD

Top tier (bottom of photo): cute onigiri stars with crabstick in them, one with nori on it, made with onigiri mould. <3 Salmon sushi thing, with salmon flowery decoration. part of star mould contains wasabi, and there is a mini-bottle of soysauce =D

Bottom tier (top of photo): Mr. Kipling's almond slice, and tomato and apple pieces =D

I must say, large tomatoes are *so* much easier to slice =3 Although omw... the boxes are *tiny*. It took so long for me to be able to fit the food in there x_x;;

Also! It was Jinaiah's birthday yesterday! =DDD I wasn't really online yesterday, so I didn't manage to comment her Happy Birthday yesterday, but let's all wish her a happy birthday today, ne? ^_^ It's not too late yet!!! =DDDD

Happy Birthday!!! =DDDDD

I also just realised something... I am only 18 cents away from $2!!!! Ahh!!! I'm so excited!!! Thank you all!!!! <33333333333

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[Bento Box Set!!!]
10/09/06 18:37
mood: happy ^_^
listening to: sukisyo ep 9
watching: sukisyo ep 9 of course! =D

Hehe now that I'm back from Church, as promised, I have taken a photo of my bento box set!!! =D Although I didn't take a photo of the moulds, but they're just cute little onigiri moulds anyways (set of 3--teddy, heart and star) so you'll probs see them in my future bentos! XD

I absolutely, absolutely have to thank Cam (thisdisease) though since she donated soooo many credits to me on BlogMad to increase my traffic and my money and chances of getting that bento box set I wanted! <3333333

Okies, so, this set wasn't the one I wanted, but it was cute, and it was the only one in store, and I was *desperate* to have one since I need... well, needed to bring my lunch to school tomoz as I was going to Woodlands school in the morning... (That, and I don't think my daddy wants me to pay him back cos it was so cheap! <3)

Now, since I've not got a clue if I have a lesson at Woodlands tomoz, and it's 4.7 miles away from where I live (checked up on google), I'm going to my normal school instead to check it out. =3

Why do I need to bring a bento to my consortium school? Bleh, their break only lasts 10 mins--no way enough time to eat anything, and during their lunchtime, I have to go back to BU (my school), and all the good food would have gone at 1st break =sigh=

So!!! On to my bento set!!! Here it is:

What do you guys think??? =DDDD Cute, no? ^_^

Okay the pixels have gone a little strange. If you want, view it in full size here!

Okay, darned it, I didn't manage to go grocery shopping today, but we still have some food left! So I'm gonna make my tomorrow's-bento now with my new moulds!!! XDDDDD

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09/09/06 21:57
mood: so happy!!!
listening to: Sukisyo ep 6
watching: Sukisyo ep 6 haha XD

Hello all!!! =DDDD Yes!!! CrystleKuri.Twilight-Melody.Org has now officially launched!!! XDDDD I'm so happy!!! Visit it if you like! =D

If you go there then you might notice the major similarities between this layout and my one over there ^_^ That is the original!

Anyways, I have some MEGA good news today!!!

So, I went down to London with my family to visit a family friend who we'd known since forever but also hadn't seen since forever, and we went to Oriental City!!! And you know what they had there... YES!!! I NOW HAVE A BENTO BOX!!! It's really cute, too!!! =D I will post up a pic of it tomorrow.

Ahhh I can't wait to use it!!! Now I'm DEFINATELY making Bento #07 on Monday! XDDDDD

And not only did I get the box, I also got a set of chopsticks, fork, elastic band, bag, and onigiri moulds to go with it! =D Ahh I'm so happy!

Not only that, but I also went and bought Wasabi (at laaast! I bought a family tube... I expect at least half of it'll be in my stomach before the end of the month though =3) and I also bought more pocky!!! XDDDD It's a shame there wasn't *that* much pocky left in the supermarket, but I still managed to get black sesame flavour (which is now my favourite), caramel flavour and melon flavour! =D

Ooooh, and did you guys notice a new avvy? ;) It is courtesy of Sylphie! Yay! <3333

Ah so that's my basic day... =yawn= I'm tired now... =3 And that's also the reason I didn't finish uploading my site until now ^^;;

But hey! I kept my promise! It was uploaded on 09/09/06 like I said it'd be XDDDD

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