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I need your support.....(please)
Tuesday. 5.8.07 8:54 am
Hey guys... you all know that I have been so unhappy at my current job right? Well, I am hoping I will be working at a new place soon. I have my interview today and I am so nervous.

Can I please ask all of my friends here at Nutang to think positive thoughts about me getting this job today? I really need a job change and I really, really, want this job.

Thank you (in advance) for your positive thoughts and support.

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To all the Mommy's on NUTANG!!
Friday. 5.11.07 7:22 pm

Behold the Mother with Her Newborn Child
By: Nicholas Gordon

Behold the mother with her newborn child!

An icon of a hope that never dies.

Death may label all we cherish lies,

Yet this love lies too deep to be defiled.

We clear an inner field where fate has smiled,

Letting play the pleasures of surmise,

Holding back all contrary replies,

As though our thoughts might turn the winters mild.

Despite the well-known travesties of time,

Each time a child is born we dream anew,

For only thus our losses are regained.

Though we must share the destiny of slime,

No passion in our palette is more true

Than that which cradles innocence unstained.

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So Sleepy
Monday. 5.14.07 6:39 pm
I am sooo sleepy. I had a really full day yesterday. It was a nice mothers day. I went to lunch with my two aunts and dinner with my kids and ex. My oldest son bought me a digital picture frame. It is GREAT!! I always wanted one.

I have not heard about the job interview yet. I think I should start applying at other places too as a back up.

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AllRespect.com *HOT*
Tuesday. 5.15.07 7:24 pm
AllRespect.com is the newest social network for music lovers! People that want to network with others of similar music tastes can do so in this social community. AllRespect makes it very easy with user friendly options. There is no trying to figure out how to format your page or how to choose fancy layouts! After all, this is all about MUSIC!!!

In addition to socializing and making friends you can get the latest scoop on your favorite bands. All news is member submitted..

What are you waiting for!!?? Let's ROCK ON!

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I have not heard
Friday. 5.18.07 2:11 am
I have not heard anything yet about the job I interviewed for. I did hear from a friend that they are interviewing a pool of applicants this week. I guess that is a good thing. At least that way, they will know for sure what they are getting and will not have any doubts if there were someone else out there that were better.

I strongly feel this job is mine! I really want it and I also put it out there in the universe and hoping for positive news to come back to me.

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My sacrifice for school
Saturday. 5.19.07 1:02 pm
I wanted soooo badly to enter this karate tournament today but I had a school project to do. I HATE HATE HATE it that I cant go. I had people depending on me and I could not explain that to my group to get their mercy to let me go. I was the designated driver for all the competitors and now they cant go. They are trying to find their own way there but everyones transportation is falling through the cracks and they are not able to compete either. I feel so responsible that I hate myself for getting everyone to go and now i CANT.

We better do good on this project or I will be really pissed!

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I am going to Hawaii
Sunday. 5.20.07 11:11 pm
So, my brother is getting married and I was not planning on going home for the wedding. But when I spoke to my mom on mother's day she told me that she wants me and my kids to fly home for the wedding. I was like huh? How am I going to afford that?? Well, her solution was for me to book the flight and she would pay for it!

I could stay with my parents but my sister and I thought we should share a condo rental together. Hawaii luxury vacations has this condo vacation website. I found this awesome looking 2 bedroom condo right in the waikiki area!! My sister can have one side and I can have the other. This place is a fully furnished two bedrooms/2.5 baths penthouse located accross the street from largest shopping mall on the island!

I found Hawaii luxury vacations website to be helpful and awesome. I was able to check out condos, extended stays, and airfare all on one site! The extended stays might end up being cheaper for me and there is a location right near my parents place.

If any of you plan on going to any of the hawaiian islands this is the one site to visit. I will be booking my vacation with them! It is called Hawaii luxury vacations. Click here to read their AWESOME reviews!

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Hoorah! Hoorah!
Tuesday. 5.22.07 11:37 am
There I was.... waiting and waiting... anticipation building. I was so nervous that my stomach started turning. I was waiting to take my 2nd degree black belt test. Before me were students that were taking their brown belt and 1st degree black belt tests. I was taking my test with two men.

As time drew near we stood up and began to stretch. Unfortunately my stomach was turning and causing me to build up with gas. In my mind I was more concerned about avoiding the possible most embarassing moment of my life. If I were to punch or kick and do it with speed and power, the gas just might decide to give its own speed and power.

Just before our names were called I paused for a moment in the corner to meditate and push the gas out. Ahh... much better. I took my test, free of embarassment, kicking and punching and shouting like an awesome karate person.

I PASSED!! I PASSED!!! Unfortunately the two men who testing with me did not do so well. But I am now a 2nd degree black belt. I cant even begin to tell you how much this means to me!!!

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