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Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Northglenn, CO
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a shorter one than this morning...
Wednesday. 11.8.06 2:21 pm
haha...my mini-novel I guess was a mouthful this morning.

Lunch was so-so. I went to Safeway because I really REALLY wanted apples (they come already packaged and all that jazz), but for some reason, they didn't have them (I wonder if they weren't selling...I was buying them). I ended up grabbing a can of peaches, a jar of sliced pink grapefruit, and 6 liters of Evian...lol...I prefer the Fiji Water, but whatever...Evian was on sale. It's just water (but Fiji does taste better)...

Came back to work...ate my peaches, ate some of my grapefruit...went back to work. Uh oh...the grapefruit, I have a feeling, is going to give me some MASSIVE heartburn...probably because it's so acidic :(

That is my day (thus far)

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Last night (and all its joys)...
Wednesday. 11.8.06 9:16 am
Well, Brian did eventually show up last night and then on our way we went. Almost forgot to grab the blanket and pillows on the way out...but then, off we went.

Got on I-25 because Brian said there wasn't any traffic...well, there was a little bit, but it was mostly okay. I decided, well, the hospital's cross town, I'll just got on I-76 and merge to I-70 and get off over on Wadsworth. Retard me got on I-76 EASTBOUND and started heading in the opposite direction of the hospital (I was trying to go to Nebraska and Kansas like a dumbass)...SO, here I am worried about Brian making us late and I'm driving on fucking I-76 going the opposite direction of the mountains! I managed to get off on I-270 and head southbound for a little bit (past all the icky oil refineries that smell and all that) and then eventually when they hit Quebec Street, I got off and took I-70 WESTBOUND toward the hospital. This being said, it was 6:10 when I finally got to doing this...the class started at 6:30. I'm all freaking out because I thought we'd be late, but we were good to go. We got there early (and two couples showed up after us).

All in all, the class was very informative...we talked about what changes in the body during this whole pregnancy things, what things stretch out to epic proportions (well, to some guys it seemed like OH WOW when they were showing all the muscles of the pelvic floor and how they change...haha...I thought this one guy was gonna pass out). We talked about pain threshholds and stuff like that. Of course, Brian and I were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. They had all the partners go out in the hall...and all the preggo ladies stay in the room. I picked between a +5 (as soon as medication becomes available, I want it) and a +7 (I'll duke it out for the contractions up to 4cm, but after that...I want the narcotics)...Brian, on the other hand, thought we should do -5 (will try not to use medication at all...and the partner would be very supportive and let me know that the drugs are bad and that I could do this without drugs)...haha...he obviously doesn't know me very well. I told him in the hallway later that I would try and compromise. I would try to go as long as possible without getting any medication just to see if I could do it, but I don't see that happening. I can already see me caving in...but maybe with all the support around me, it'll be all I need.

At the end of the class, we practiced relaxation techniques (i.e. I got a sweet ass 10 minute massage...lol) and then we layed on the floor and "meditated" sort of...it was calming.

Next week, we come back and do it again. I think next week she said that the labor stations would be set up or something and we'd practice different stations of labor and yadda yadda. The 4th week, we're doing a mock labor thing...that should be interesting. She said hopefully we can laugh about it and it'll all be good.

BUT YES...after that, we drove back to Brian's house because his RAM died in his computer. He has to return his RAM and they'll send him completely new RAM (as his had a lifetime warranty or something...they were pricy RAM sticks...LED's on the side to let you know when it was working and all that jazz). In the meantime, he took the extra GB of RAM out of my computer and is using it in his computer. That's all cool (as it is his RAM to begin with), so I'm with my one 512 stick now...Anyway, since I detoured in the middle there, we grabbed that...went back to my house so I could grab a change of clothes for today (by this time, it was 10:30) and we drove to FedEx/Kinko's over by my house...of course, they're not the ones open 24 hours. SO, we drove over to FedEx/Kinkos off of Sheridan and shipped his package off and by the time we left there, it was 11:00...and I still hadn't eaten anything (I'm sort of starving, sort of not). We went to King Soopers so I could get a box of Lucky Charms (I'd already eaten fast food twice yesterday...I didn't want it anymore) and then Brian wanted something to eat...so we went to Wendy's...then we finally got to drive back to his house.

Ugh...after all was said and done, I think I got to bed around 12ish just because we were constantly on the go...and then I had to wake up at 6:30. At least Brian went to bed when I went to bed, so I wasn't waking up periodically throughout the night because all I can see is his computer screen and him doing stuff on it. I guess that was sort of nice...

But anyway...after that whole lengthy thing, we bring in Wednesday! I do have one shitty thing though...I had about $100.00 worth of Target gift cards I got for the baby that seem to have up and disappeared. I'm really upset about this because I basically just lost $100.00. I looked in Brian's room, I looked in my room, I looked in my purse...I looked in Brian's mom's car (from what I could tell, it wasn't out in the open...maybe they fell between the seat, I don't know)...either way, it's just upsetting. I am hoping they turn up at Brian's house or something. That's the last place I remember having them. If they don't and I dropped them on the street somewhere, someone just found themselves $100.00 of free Target stuff...FUCKIN-A!

Other than that, it's go home after work and start to sort the closet...or maybe it's just going to be me vegetating on my couch...I haven't decided which to do yet, but we'll find out.

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Tuesday. 11.7.06 7:31 pm
Ugh...I have this class tonight and Brian's not even at his house. I don't want to be late for this class and I can already see this turning into us being late for this class. Why does this always happen to me? I'm one of those people that shows up an hour before the party starts just because I don't want to be late...and I hook up with someone who's always late...lol


Well, I think I'm going to get off the computer though...he'll be here soon I guess...and then we're going to leave.

We're picking out wallpaper borders for the spare room at his house. They're going to transform it into a baby room (even though we're not going to live here)...the one we've picked is cute with a truck and safari animals truckin' it through the wilderness. I think it's cool :) I LIKE IT!!!

Then again, I'm all about the animal thing...hehe

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Election Day Tuesday...
Tuesday. 11.7.06 9:34 am
and I'm not voting. I have no desire to vote...and to be quite frank...I've really been turned off by the idea of voting after moving here to Colorado.

Don't get me wrong...I am registered to vote in the State of Colorado, Adams County, as a Democrat, but I'm just not voting. I was actually turned off to voting by Brian's family. They are very Republican and believe me, they rub it in my face every chance they get to. They don't even let me speak because whatever comes out of my mouth is wrong, so I don't even attempt to get into their conversations about politics (not that I'd want to)...when they start to talk about it, I leave the room...and if they bring it into the other room, I just leave. I can't stand it. To them, I automatically get dumped into their idea of the extreme liberal left just because I'm from Washington State...the LEFT coast. Hey, just because I'm from Washington doesn't mean that I think any different than I do now. I didn't vote back in Washington either...and I didn't have the desire to vote there either (my parents, very non-political...I think they're registered, but they hardly ever vote...my mom NEVER votes).

At one point, they have criticized me so much at one point, I cried for hours about it...is that right? I personally don't think so...but who cares right? I'm wrong...lol

Oh well...enough about my political crap. I just don't care anymore (sad, but ooh well).

Stopped at Burger King (per the information that invisibleinkling gave me) and got my yummy Cinniminis! We don't have Dunkin Donuts around here (and if we do, there isn't one near me), so BK was the next best thing. When I went through the drive through, I noticed they ALSO had French Toast (my all time favorite breakfast food)...so I had to get the French Toast meal, a side of Cinniminis, orange juice...and what the hell, I large sized to get the extra hashbrowns. Oh yummy...it was all so good. I think the baby was pleased!

I have a class tonight at 6:30 for my childbirth preparation. I guess it's 2 and a half hours of lamaze (I HOPE NOT) but we're supposed to bring 2 pillows and a blanket or a mat for the floor. I really hope we talk about other stuff besides breathing for 2 and a half hours. If that's the case, I'm going to be bored out of my mind for the next 4 weeks! Everyone I've talked to that's had babies said that the first thing that leaves you when you're actually having the baby is the whole breathing thing...lol

I totally went crazy yesterday when I got home from work. I started cleaning...and I cleaned for at least 3 hours. I scrubbed the bathroom and cleaned up in there...and then I moved on out into my bedroom. I had laundry EVERYWHERE, so I started to do the laundry...and then I started to take care of the boxes that I had piled all around my bed. It felt SOOOOOO good to take care of some of that stuff. My next adventure, the closet...that is going to take the longest, but that needs to be done. I have boxes and bags piled up about waist high in the closet that need to be gone through. A lot of it is clothes that do not fit me anymore...a lot of it is paper that I just need to go through and throw away. I'm such a pack rat and it is definitely showing.

Once I get the closet cleared out, it's time to locate a dresser for the baby...and then get all his stuff washed and put away so it's all ready for him when he comes home. I have to enlist the help of Brian to come set the crib up...his mom and I are going to buy a matress this Sunday, so we actually get it COMPLETELY set up. I have enough money to buy his little crib set that I wanted, but it's also the same money that is going toward buying his bassinet, so I might just wait on the whole crib sheet set as he's not really going to be in the crib until March/April.

Ugh...but I'm so exhausted...I won't have time to clean the closet until Wednesday night as this class tonight goes until 9pm...and then I'm probably going to be out like a light when I get home. SO MUCH STUFF TO DO AND NO TIME TO DO IT!!!

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A new week...
Monday. 11.6.06 9:39 am
Haha...you know, it was funny reading the post about junk e-mail by etheracide and then I get to work and I have junk mail on my computer (my work computer). I found this one particularly amusing since it was from someone named Irena, and I correspond with someone named that for work related items...so I thought it was from her because the subject was "Still Waiting for your Reply." Hmm...I thought maybe I didn't respond to her or something, but then came the most amusing e-mail I've read (junk related) for a long time:


I am single and I don't wish to be...my ideal companion is someone who is active but also likes to relax and wind down when we want to be alone...I can sit and cuddle up with someone and watch a movie or simplly read a good book or get into deep conversation with the right person...

I enjoy going out with friends and like romantic dinners and evenings out wiht that special someone...finding that special someone is always more difficult than it seems.

I have some questions for you if you want to get to know me closer:

1/ Are you interetsed in serious relations with Russian woman?
2/ Are you planning to visit Russia?
3/ Would you like to correspond or to talk on the phone?
4/ Why are you interested in Russian lady?
5/ Have you ever been to Russia?
6/ WHat is important for you in relations and am I right for you?

I will be waiting for your reply to [e-mail address here].

I'm not sure what else to write here...I could be boring you with all this dribble...so I will cut it here for now...Maybe you will find it all just too much and wished I had not replied to you...

I hope to hear from you... Irena

Hot damn! They responded to my letter...I'm so excited...I always wanted a Russian BRIDE since I'm a woman...hmm...my dream could finally come true? haha...

But yeah...that was the extent of my morning so far. I've really been craving cinnamon rolls, but I can't think of anywhere to fulfill that craving. For some reason, I think that Burger King might make cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but I am not certain...but I am thinking that I might be getting it confused with Chik-Fil-A since they seem to have the really good food (just thinking about their fruit cup is making me drool)...NOT SURE!! I ended up getting nothing this morning and I suppose maple brown sugar oatmeal will have to suffice this morning.

OH...I don't know if this is the right place to be asking advice about this, but I think you guys are smart and could possible enlighten me to some extent.

I think my mom is getting jealous of Brian's parents for being able to get to see the baby all the time after he's here. I had mentioned to my mom that they wanted to be a car seat for their own car and she says "not until I get mine first!" and then I was talking about Christmas next year and she's like "he's coming out here next Christmas." I feel bad that I don't live closer to my parents and I know why they feel they should be top on the list, but is there really anything I can do about it? Ugh...it's so stressful...

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Sunday SUNDAY Sunday!
Sunday. 11.5.06 11:09 am
Okay, I don't think I posted at all yesterday...lol

Oh well...it's not like I was doing anything spectacular. My friend threw me a baby shower at Olive Garden and it was nice. It was just nice to see everyone again :)

Then, I went home...and finished watching Marie Antoinette. I finally found a version that downloaded all the way. It was a pretty good movie...it didn't really end how I wanted it to...it didn't exactly cover her WHOLE life...but oh well. It was a nice watch nonetheless.

We were playing Guitar Hero II last night. I know it hasn't come out yet, but you know, it's nice to know someone that can get this stuff done. If I had modded my PS2, the thing would have been gone and destroyed by now. In fact, when we were doing the first mod of the PS2, he ruined it...lol...so we had to buy another one so he could do it right. If you're not good at soldering or you get too much solder on the stuff, you'll burn the motherboard...lol

ANYWAY, that game rocks! I think we'll buy it when it comes out next week for reals :) We were heavily addicted to the first one, so it only fits that we do the second one. They've got some better songs...and what game doesn't suck when it has Danzig on it?

Today, I've just been hanging out at Brian's house. They're having a big ham dinner tonight, so I figured I would stay around for that. I've been talking to Brian's mom all morning about the baby and she's really excited about it. I'm excited that she's excited...and we can all be excited together. She's going to redo the spare bedroom for the baby and all so he'll have somewhere to go when they babysit and stuff. It's just all working out finally...and it feels good. I am so relieved and happy that the baby is finally a blessing and not an embarassing mistake. YAY!

Next weekend we're going to go shopping with Brian's mom for baby stuff too...it'll be great! I'm looking forward to it...time to start stocking up on diapers!!

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Friday. 11.3.06 8:15 pm
Me being a pirate isn't working out so well...that whole thing with the 90.1%...is still at 90.1%...WHAT THE FUCK!

Oh well...I'm going to try a different file and see if that works...if not, I have no idea then. I guess I just messed it up...lol

Figured while I was doing that, I would get some Oasis and then call it a day. The way it's going, the movie is going to finish HOURS before the Oasis CD I'm downloading, so hehe...maybe I'll get to watch it eventually at some point this weekend.

Brian's going to come over here and we're going to go out to dinner. I don't know where, but we're going to go out to dinner...I'm thinking I want Mexican food, but I don't know. I'm having Olive Garden tomorrow, so I'm thinking pasta is out of the question. Chicken enchiladas sound like the bomb right now though...lol...whenever he gets here, I'm going to go pig out. I'm so freakin' hungry right now!

Anyway, while I wait for all that to go down...I'm gonna go through this bag of clothes that I got earlier and see what all is in there. From what I could see on the top, it was all really cute stuff...and it had the safari thing too, like I am going to do for my baby :) YAY!

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preggo brain...
Friday. 11.3.06 1:59 pm
You know, it really sucks...this preggo memory thing. I left work for lunch (I was craving Jamba Juice), so I drove off...well, I went up the back way to get back to the building and ended up parking behind the wrong building. Our office complex has a bundle of two buildings with a park-type thing in the middle of them. I parked behind the OTHER building...completely spaced...looked like a total retard to all the people smoking behind the other building...ugh...lol

I just take each day with a grain of salt, I swear...

I did have a little bit of good fortune this morning. There' s a gal at work...her sister had a baby here not too long ago...I guess her son grew out of the clothes so fast, she had a whole garbage bag full of never worn/barely worn clothes that she gave to me :) Yay! I'm so excited that I can get all of this stuff...I think my baby will be set for clothes. I've got so much it's not even funny...but I guess that's a good thing.

But yeah...only a few minutes left of lunch.

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