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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
the truth is weirder
Wednesday. 9.6.06 5:05 pm
Okei didn't bLog yesterday. Too tired. Too lazy. *shrug*

To the point: i hate suicidal people. Even though i passed that stage once. It's just soooo idiotic. Yes, i do admit i had been such an idiot for even thinking that. But that was my past, and i hated that part.

Anyways, yesterday, some guy wanted to jump off the bridge near Downtown Brampton terminal. And because of him, the bus routes were changed. Police cars and firetrucks were everywhere, blocking the way. I thought there was some kind of fire or soemthing worse. When i saw the guy, I'm like, Gawd, he wants to kill himself! Let him kill himself! A girl beside us told us that he was there for almost 3 hours already....and it's so friggin obvious he just wanted attention! If that scenario was in the Philippines, somebody would've just pushed him off the bridge. Or no one would notice and his body would be found the next day. End of story. No big deal.

I know about this whole human rights thing. But he WANTEDit! Sheesh. *shrug*


This morning, went to Church. Again another battle with my faith. I'm really finding this awkward...Attending a Christian church when i'm not even that kind of christian. Why are we in a christian church, you say? Because we (my family) don't know where the Catholic church is, being new and all...and it's kinda awkward not to come with the people we're living with... aarrghh....this awkward feeling is so hard to get out of!

I'm not saying the service sucks. It's so much better even, with the "personal feel"...but i'm just not ready to switch to their faith. No offense to the other Christians here in Nutang. I'm really not very loud with my faith. But i love with all my ♥ and i'm not ashamed to tell!

I'm just really confused and disturbed and feeling real real awkward. (This is not, btw, my first entry about this topic.)

So there. I'm just gbribgiarngjnwaehowehf...in the middle.


Middle-aged punk people aren't very nice to look at.

Middle-aged tomboys/ lesbians aren't very nice to look at, either.

Oh the things u learn in a bus...


I've decided to e-marry (possible accg to one Nutanger i forgot who...sorry. whoever u r, i'm still mentioning u :D) my Nutang crush, without him knowing it! Bwahahhahaha

Oh, ♥

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smiles from the underworld
Saturday. 9.9.06 10:56 am
Lol. I don't know. I just feel like blogging. This is what Nutang does to you. It makes your hands itch to bLog. Even when there's absolutely nothing to blog about.

edited a moduLe...thanX to randomjunk ...since i saw the stickam thing on her profile. :D & So i made one too! lol

*le_jes: lol he's not any of the everyday-Nutangers. And he's from singapore. I can tell by the "la". Lol
*randomjunk: :DDD i luv to stalk people! bwahaha

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hi nutang!
Friday. 9.8.06 7:05 pm
hi nutang!

that's it. i just wanna say hi.


i am so fukking insane.


+sank: cool eh? sooo how do u define cool, oh cool guru? :D
+crochetmama: the English class guy? i don't like him anymore. lol I don't like to like him anymore. lol (And it's just one day!lol)


i have a nutang crush! bwahahhahah ;p




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I Survived!!!!
Tuesday. 9.5.06 2:14 pm
Okei. I'm going straight to the point. I survived!

Soooo first...my sis and I were like, omg we're going to get lost! the hallways are real small compared to what we're used to back home. And there were soooo many people! Now i know how it feels being pushed by the crowd. (well if u exclude the concerts and the shopping sprees lol)

Okei. Art is my homeroom and my homeroom teacher is freaky. I cannot speak more as he might be in Nutang now reading this little snippet. LOL But i like to draw and even if he tells me that i only have skills and not talent, i won't drop this subject just because of some friggin emo, paranoid teach who doesn't even know how to make jokes. There. Lol.

Next.... English. TERROR SUBJECT!!!! The first day and we were analyzing Operation Macbeth (Duane Ackerson) already!!!!! Is that normal!?!??! Omg.!! And this poem had some analogies realted to Shakespeare's macbeth and we didn't take macbeth @ home..! And i was clueless! And good thing half the class was somehow having a hard time too (i mean, they must be having a hard time if they also asked for help and sighed w/ relief when the teach offered help, ryt?). And so...i kinda did something. Lol i dnt know if it's worth something. I hope it is. I was sooooo overjoyed when the bell rang. lol :DDD

Ran all the way up to Biology. The teach had something wrong with her hand like something called carpal syndrome whatever but she was still strong (She lifted the projector by herself, with one hand! And she's old!) Weird i felt kinda @ home with this subject. ???? Weird. Lol i must really be a geek. LOL

This was a shortened day/ till 11:30 only sooooooo we went directly to the last subject (Math University. Ugh.) We had a review. (Easy really. Just some algebra stuff...) Even if the teach had an accent, i kinda like the accent. Lol And then we were dismissed! Oh joy! :D

So far, my day was okei. As you've all read about.... MIssed something?? Can u sense the missing thing??? Did u see the missing thing??

Give up?

Alrighty. I didn't mention fellow classmates. I didn't have friends yet, and it's sad. I'm sad. About that. But i think i can get over it. In my Bio class I knew someone coz he was the son of the dentist of the people we're living with but i don't know if he knows me. So there. I hate being the new girl.

Oh yeah. Me and my sis were wearing dress shoes, when everybody else were wearing sneakers, rubber shoes, chucks, etc. I felt 75% geeky. Lol (Now i'm just laughing at it. I've had worse.) :I

Whew! There! My 1st day in Aquinas. ;p Thanks to all who prayed for me. ;p Luv lots!

P.s. Ima comment on ur bLogs now..! Or later. lol


Bought an mp3 player already!!! it's called mp4 if it plays vids ryt?? ok, mp4 then! lol

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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