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New Music. New News.
Saturday. 11.17.07 5:27 pm

Okay. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything, and for once I actually have things to say. First things first. This is Best Days by Graham Colton. Awesome song.

Best news first. The hotel finally sold. They signed the papers the day before yesterday, and escrow started yesterday. So we have a minimum of 45 days before we’re gone, but it could be up to three months. But to hell with it. At least we know for sure that we’re leaving, and we have a time frame. No more waiting around wondering “if” and “when”. I know Jenn will be relieved. The last few months have been a lot harder on her than on me. But then we both sort of go through phases. First I’m fed up with this place and she has to talk me down, then vice versa. I don’t think either one of us would have made it here as long as we have if we didn’t have each other. Which is an oddly comforting thought.

Second best news. I got a second job. An online one. I’ve been doing all these pay to click things, earning pennies here and pennies there. Well after complaining to the admin of one particular website, I was approached by them for some help. I started talking to the guy who ran it and it turns out he runs like 30+ websites and was looking for some help with random things. Code work, support emails.. Etc. So I help him out wherever I can, and right now I’m making an extra $300 a month, cash. The more I do for him, the more he’ll trust me and he says eventually he’ll make me a full partner, which is when things really start to pick up. If I apply myself, I may even be able to do this full time, from home. So wootness.

That’s about it for my news. I’ve got a bunch of new music though, so expect regular updates for the next few weeks as I decide which songs to put on. Enjoy.

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Latest Celebrity Stay
Friday. 11.2.07 6:44 am

Tonight makes the fourth time a celebrity has stayed at the hotel where I work. Which is a pretty good record for a hotel in the middle of nowhere. To date, I've personally checked in Donal Logue, Jerry O'connell, Ed Begley Jr., and not ten minutes ago I checked in Stephanie Paul. Okay, so semi-celebrities.

I have to say Ed Begley Jr. and Donal Logue were by far the two nicest people. Ed Begley has actually stayed three times and is very friendly and polite. And low key. Never would guess he was a celebrity if you didn't already know. Donal Logue is also friendly, though he was very tired when he stayed and was traveling with his sons. Jerry O'connell was friendly, I guess, but for someone famous was a lousy tipper.

Our latest stay, Stephanie Paul, I have to say was somewhat of a bitch. She was very stand-off-ish when she came in, wasn't polite at all, complained about the rate even though she probably makes more in a month than I do in 6, and referred to our hotel as a "shitty little hotel". Our rate, just FYI, is 78.21 for a double bed room that she could pull up to, that's actually pretty decently sized. Plus a free hot breakfast, if you want to be up early enough. She's from San Francisco, where my girlfriend and I stayed, with a AAA rate, for 135 a night in a cramped one bed room where the only window was in the bathroom and it faced a wall.

Take a lesson from people more famous than you Ms. Paul. Learn a little humility.

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