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02/10/06 18:36
I am...

feeling: full ^_^
listening to: Sa Rang Hae Yo Zhi Dui Ni Shuo - Lin Jun Jie
eating: just finished eating fish and chips =3
drinking: craving water x_x;

Hehe well, I just managed to persuade my parents to let me go to the Chippy near us to get some fish and chips, so now that my craving for junk has been satisfied I am feeling very happy ^_^

Well, apart form that I'm getting on pretty well! ^_^ A few of you asked about this, so... The whole deal with my Japanese teacher is still not sorted out yet but so far I have:
-> Let my parents complain to their headteacher
-> Told my Head of VI Form and she's had a word with them
-> Been very proud of my mummy for having a massive go at their head of VI Form about how that teacher kicked me out simply cos she didn't like me, cos I'm
    a) a VERY well-behaved student--all my teachers loved me immediately and I was so desperate to learn the language I was even willing to do a GCSE in it, so to say something is wrong with my attitude is BS, and
    b) a top performer of my *school*--my headteacher was so proud of me she even gave my name to the local newspaper, and mine was the only one she gave, so to say I can't catch up with the class is also utter BS
-> Let my daddy write a letter in to their headteacher and deputy heads saying we require a valid and justified reason for having me taken out, and the procedures and disciplinary issues for the dismissal of a student, and had a copy of that sent to my headteacher so she knows what's happened, because not informing me *at all* beforehand, then having me arrive there and promptly being told to leave is... ¬_¬;

The final step, if they don't give me what I want, which is:
1) Japanese lessons of some form--obviously not with that teacher again, but they've been suggesting I take private lessons with one of their Japanese teachers--sure, if they pay for it!
2) Apologies. And lots of them. All from her, obviously. I want one written, formal apology for my family and myself cos it caused us lots of distress, one written, formal apology to my school cos it's utter disrespect to just have me, who has been stated in the local newspaper as one of the top performers of the school, kicked out cos 'My language isn't good enough for the class', which is basically calling me *stupid* cos Japanese was derived from Chinese so should be easy for me since Chinese was my first language, so what's she trying to say about the others in my school?! And a final apology--I want that teacher to come up to me and personally apologise cos it's bloody unfair to have me kicked out for no reason and so suddenly too!

So yes, if I don't get that, we're going to the council to complain about her. Actually, my mother wanted to go to the council about her as soon as I got kicked out, but I decided to be nice and hear her out.

She only gave me the impression of a stuck-up cow with what she said (stated in 'Japanese Teacher' entry--ask for the password)

A few of my friends (online and off) have suggested I go to the local newspaper about it, I mean, they should already know me cos I've been in their twice already haha (once for a prom photo, another for my achievements), but I decided not to make it *that* public, although I might change my mind if she's still a cow about it.

In fact, if she is, the council might find she's been racist. I mean, there are no other Chinese people in *any* of her Japanese classes that I've seen so far. And if that's the case, she'll be fired like =clicks fingers= that.

Okies~ Well, on other news, I've been reading a *brilliant* fanfic by blanchemalfoy (you can find her on ff.net if you search that) but I won't post it up here cos it's *strong* Boy Love, which might not be your cup of tea, but it's certainly mine! ;)

So yes, I spoke to her yesterday online, and omw omw!!! She gave me chapters 23-28 (cos I offered to be a beta) and I've finished beta-ing those already, so I've sent them back to her. She might be sending me chps 29-34 soon hehe! Woot!!! XDDD

Ah a couple of my friends are SO jealous cos of this muahahaha XD

~Oh! And I've finished translating Prime Minister chp 6... (Actually I finished translating it quite a while ago, I just needed to check some parts, and also severely procrastinated on translating the author notes at the end cos... well, it's long, and blobs of text in traditional Chinese that takes a lot of brain power x_x) Luckily I've managed to persuade Sylphie to translate the author notes for me! Yay! <33333 I can give the chapter in soon then! ^_^

Toto-chan probably wants to kill me cos I haven't sent it for so long =sigh= but on my defence, I got extremely busy for a period, and then got off reading manga completely... =/

Righty-ho! I have German homework to do now! Cya all~~~

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@Silver-dot, Cookie cutter =D It's still there ;)
@randomjunk, in all honesty, I've absolutely *no* idea what it is =3 it's orange, it tasted good, so makes no difference to me! XD
@thisdisease, nope ^^;; the original muffins were too big to fit inside my bento box, so I just grabbed a cookie cutter and put it through the centre of my muffin, and voila! Muffin-in-a-heart-shaped-cutter! XD

Thank you for all your comments~~~ <3



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[Bento 010]
28/09/06 21:01
mood: good =D
listening to: Breaking Free--Instrumental Version, High School Musical
watching: nothing

Heyaaaaaaaa!!! First, I know I'm a little late on saying this, but THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING ME!!! I'VE NOW MADE OVER $3!!!! <333333333

Okay, and I know I haven't posted a decent blog or a bento in quite some time, so since I'm not actually in the mood to blab a really long blog, the least I can do is present to you all...p> Bento #10!:

=DDD What do you guys think? Close up:

Top tier: pasta with spicy dolmio (or however it's spelt ^^;; ) sauce
Bottom tier: home-made (Kuri-made) chocolate chip muffin, which was too big for the box so cut with a heart-shaped mould ^^; orange slices, and on the right is frankfurters with bread =D

I quite like this one actually! Fully made by me, can't wait to eat~~~ ^_^

Plugs to the beautiful: frostbitten, Kirei, randomjunk


frostbitten, hehe it's alright, thanks for the offer though! XD I'll let the council deal with her ;)
Kirei, I'm not sure yet... we're waiting for the school to get back to us with a valid and justified reason for kicking me out still heh... we'll see what happens ^^;;
randomjunk, haha yup ^_^ although I could read those without taking Japanese lessons anyways XD (I self-learnt them ^^;;... probs won't understand what they mean though =P)



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27/09/06 20:38
mood: a little annoyed
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

Ah... My ex-Japanese teacher thing is still going on. Bleh she really had no reason to kick me out.

I'm really tired... I'll blog properly tomorrow ^_^ About the previous entry, I don't mind giving out the password if you'd like to read about what unfair treatment I've been given ^_^

Plugs to the beautiful: Chloefoxx




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[Japanese Teacher]
24/09/06 19:22
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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21/09/06 20:16 pm
I feel like shit.

I've had a crap afternoon.

I got kicked out of Japanese class for no decent reason cos my teacher doesn't like me.

I don't think she ever wanted to like me either.

I persuaded my mum not to complain to the headteacher about her.

I've changed my mind.

I'm going to complain in my school.

Then I'm gonna get my parents to complain about her.

My dad received a potential scandal phonecall half way through my explaination of her being a bitch.

Wasted a bucketload of fuckin' time.

And now I've got to do my German Homework.


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[Bento 009]
19/09/06 19:32
mood: good
listening to: whichever kiddie song my sister's playing on the piano
watching: nothing

Well, well, well!!! =DDD We went shopping again today ^_^ And I went and got my passport photos done for random cards I needed to sign up for... They didn't turn out *TOO* badly... I think the first one was the nicest, but I didn't get a choice at the end of all of the photos =sigh=

I personally think I look a little possessed in the picture o_O; But it's not half bad considering how it's a passport photo type thing, and those are abso-stinking-lutely awful =3

Anyways, I went to Tescos! That means more lovely groceries for yummier bentos!!! =DDD You can be expecting a new bento every Tuesday and Friday now, since I'm at my consortium school in the morning for those days, so I like to take my own lunch then =3

And this was my lunch today:

And a close up again:

Hehe ^_^ Twas quite yummy~

Top tier (left in photo): Lemon Chicken with rice, courtesy of my lovely mummy again~
Bottom tier (right in photo): Tomato slices, cucumber slices, and grapes, yummy! =D

Oooh! And a close-up of my cutely decorated chopsticks case:

Cute, no? =DDDD Decorated with little tattoo-ey thingys ^_^

Okay just so you guys know (this is posted at 20:45), it did *not* take me an hour to write up this entry ^^;; My dad came in half way through and used the lappy for about 50 mins, so yeah... ^^;

Ohhhh! In Tescos today... o_O; I actually saw some hott Chinese guys! XDDDDD Yes, I now have renewed faith in them ;) But there was this one guy, who was quite weird and not very good looking and he kept staring at me o_O;;

And I saw him smiling at me... O_O;; of course, I immediately looked away thinking 'uuuurrrrgggg x_x;;' ^^;;

Ah... another thing... I actually have renewed faith in finding my "the one" again... Today, in Wilkinsons (In Canon Park, there's a Tescos, Wilkinsons, Iceland and various other shops, it's quite large, I suppose), I looked up from when I was fishing through a pile of cushions, and saw a Chinese guy walk past...

Nothing special about that, right?

But you see... when he walked past, I immediately looked up, whereas normally I wouldn't give a hoot who walked past me... Also, my heart absolutely leapt for a second or two... And I guess... I just knew he was my "the one"...

I never got to see his face properly, but I saw a little... he kind of turned a bit to half-look at me...

I wanted to follow, thinking about it, I really should have followed, but for some reason I stood frozen on the spot, and went back to fishing for cushions... I guess the lord didn't want me to meet him yet... I will be very patient.

I wonder what kind of a person he is... if he's like the list of things I've made for my perfect guy... I will make a private entry for that list later probably, if you want the password, ask me for it =] but yeah, it's a reaaaaaaaaally, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long list ^^;;

For some reason, though, I'm... I dunno, I don't feel amazingly giddy and... I dunno, I feel strange... I wonder if he's really my "the one"...? He looked like he was in Uni (from what I saw of him)... Hopefully he's only 3 yrs older than me <3

Oh yes, on a final note, even though I've said this three times already...


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