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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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Thursday. 9.25.03 6:12 pm
A few of my friends have told me that the best way to keep my bitch ass roomate from eating my food is to make something, like brownies, and put like... ex-lax in them. I mean, wouldn't eat be pretty obvious? I never bake, and then all of a sudden there are some delicious brownies and I haven't eaten a single one? And woah... wait a minute... I have explosive diarreah! I just don't know... Plus it would be super mean and I'm not really a mean person. I'm not going to do it or anything, but I've heard all these stories about how well it works and I was just wondering if anybody has any PROOF? Oh well, I'm not going to do it anyway.

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Oh yeah, uh huh.
Wednesday. 9.24.03 2:56 am
My room? Spotless. Okay, well not SPOTLESS, but cleaner than I thought possible. Let's see that rich bitch get mad at me now. Oh yeah, I'm in big trouble though, because I ran the cell phone bill way way waaaaay up. Like, $600 up. My mom called and she was highly upset. So now it's for emergencies only, wich makes me kinda nervous because I have that big drive coming, and I don't really know where I'm going, plus my parents don't know I'm going... Man oh man. I hope this weekend works out okay. I'm sure it will. I WISH THE STUPID BITCH IN MY LIVING ROOM WOULD SHUT UP THOUGH BECAUSE SHE'S TALKING REALLY LOUD AND IT'S 2 AM AND I'M ABOUT TO GO TO SLEEP AND HER YELLING INTO THE PHONE REALLY LOUD WITH THE TV ON JUST ISN'T GOING TO WORK FOR ME. Anyway, I'll post more tomorrow.

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Tuesday. 9.23.03 6:05 pm
Believe it or not, in the apartments I live in you have to keep your room clean. Today, that landlord or whoever the hell she is needed in my room because we have that mouse problem and I told her, "okay, but it's really really messy, and I'm sorry I've been busy." She says, "oh it's fine, we just need to find mouse holes." I guess it was messier than she expected though because she got all mad and told me that if it's not cleaned up by 1 tomorrow then she's going to hire somebody to clean it for me and then send me the bill. I was like, sure no problem, I'd be more than happy to clean it up if it'll get rid of those stupid mice. But I guess she didn't believe more or something because she just kept saying it over and over. "clean up your room or i will and then charge you!" like all mean and stuff. Then she threatened to call my mom, like I'm a kid, and my mom would actually care. You know, that's the second person who's told me they're going to call my mom because my room is dirty. First of all, my mom would be pissed because she doesn't like being bothered with stupid shit like that. And second of all, it's not even that bad. I could understand people getting upset if there was like food and gross stuff all over the place. But all it is is clothes and my school books. So boo fucking hoo to that stupid bitch who threatened to call my damn mom! I pay the rent, not her, and I'm not hurting anything so she can kiss my ass. My rooms going to look GREAT! And you know what else? It'll only take like 5 minutes. Oh, what a whore, she really pissed me off. Okay, that's all I had to say. whew, what a rant.

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on friday
Sunday. 9.21.03 8:20 pm
I get to drive for like, 6 or 7 hours I'm not really sure, to Charlotte, North Carolina to vist my man Matt. I'm soooo excited. Not about the drive though, because I have a horrible sense of direction and it's a long drive. I got a map though, so it should be good. I hope... Anyway, right now I have to go study for a psychology test so I guess I'll just write more later.

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Oooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh
Friday. 9.19.03 4:05 am
I finally got my internet crap all set up! i'm soooooooooooooooooooo happy! My roomate still sucks though. And whoever came up with the phrase "quiet as a mouse" is a COMPLETE moron because mice are NOT quiet. They're really loud, and I hate them! But it's okay, I just throw they're loud asses into the trash compactor. I'm a horrible person...

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Tuesday. 9.2.03 3:39 am
my roomate is an evil whore. she eats all of my food. i hate her.

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