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Monday. 12.21.09 10:28 am
snow is the worst thing in the world. okay, that's an overstatement.

blizzards ARE awful though. we got at least two feet of snow yesterday, and i suppose we are expecting another winter storm on christmas eve. ugh.

if it wasn't for my shoulders, i wouldn't loathe it so much. in fact, i can enjoy shoveling snow, if i'm with the right company. but, i guess it's just not a thing that friends help shovel other friends driveways. unless they are stuck there, and need to leave.

my driveway is pretty long. luckily, my father has a snowblower, and was able to do most of it himself. i just had to uncover my car from the snow that he blew. it was practically buried.

...beats shoveling the entire driveway.

snow would be great if it cancelled work, or something like that... however, the FDIC looks down on closing a bank for three days in a row, in fact, they forbid it.

so, now i'm sitting at work, barely doing anything, because who the hell wants to be out in this weather?


headaches a'plenty. *pops several pills*

cheers. if i don't do another blog before christmas, then merry christmas! no one but muffy went for my nuCard idea, but it was an eCard. i still count it, though, however, it does not enable me to reciprocate.

enjoy the holidays, no matter what your faith. at least it's a friday off. woohoo!

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Friday. 12.18.09 11:33 am
i am just distracting myself from work.

wolf in sheep's clothing by this providence is stuck in my head. i don't know all of the words, so i keep saying the line "you're so good at stretching the truth into a sugar coated lie, everyone takes a bite."

and so i will probably continue to do this throughout the day.

i had two chocolate chunk cookies for breakfast.

...this is my day, pretty much.

i am expecting a snowstorm tomorrow. this means that i will take my day off, and spend it shoveling the drive, walk, and stairs. it also means that the dog will have tons of fun running through the snow. that oughtta be funny.

if you want to send me a holiday card, and if you'd like one from me, then i will PM my address to you, and you can PM yours back to me! this is a tradition i will start this year. nuCards. i doubt anyone will be interested though.

*in barbossa's voice* "what are ya lookin' at?! get back ta work!"

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Wednesday. 12.16.09 10:37 pm
...when did 10:37 PM become bedtime? geeze, (in the immortal words of danny glover) i'm too old for this shit.

just watched pearl harbor tonight. i've seen it before, but niki wanted to watch it, so we watched it. actually, it was better than i remembered.

it would've been better if ben affleck died. just because it's best when his characters die in a movie. like, in smokin' aces. that scene was hilarious. not only did he die, but the guy that killed him used him as a puppet. great stuff.

tomorrow, i get off work at 1 PM, so i may or may not keep the blogging to a minimum. we shall see.

goodnight, 'tang.

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Tuesday. 12.15.09 2:00 pm
i'm going to attempt to make monkey bread tonight with sporadic. we shall see how that goes...

...anyone ever had monkey bread? i really wonder why it's called that.

the dexter season finale was last night. it was the craziest one ever. i'm pretty sure i said "oh my fucking god" out loud at the television.

back to season 3 tonight. i need certain people to catch up with me!

i'm still at work right now. it's pretty crazy here. i had to do three wire transfers all at once, and i had to do that around making business referrals and ordering checks and resolving loan issues. what a crazy place.

...as always, i'm ready for bed.

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Monday. 12.14.09 1:53 pm
i'm in a pretty good mood right now. i just ate a chocolate truffle that some peepees from the construction company who remodeled our buildings gave us.

...that's right, i said peepees. it's gonna be a thing.

my eyes are fucking heavy. i wish i wasn't tired. i didn't even stay up late last night. i wonder is the big bang theory and/or how i met your mother are new tonight... i guess we'll see. what's on the menu for dinner? who knows. times are going by so slowly, and i don't know how to make time pass any quicker.

seems i have lots of unanswerable questions. ugh. all i know is i'm ready to go to bed.

it's only 2 pm. wtfmate?

i got some of my christmas shopping done. i'm going to put it in terms of the letters of the alphabet as to how many people i must shop for. here we go:


christ, i have to go all the way to q. lemme go back and see which ones i have gifts for.


the whole letter this is confusing me. but it looks like i've got a lot of work to do.

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Friday. 12.11.09 11:15 am
my mouth is watering... is it because i want a steak? mostly.

i get to leave work at 1:30 PM today, which is 5 hours ahead of schedule. i'm looking forward to it. i'm gonna see what kit is up to, i think, and go hang with him for a bit.

so the TSO was awesometacular. i am telling people at work about them, but no one seems to know who they are. it's a bit upsetting, as they are very talented, and super awesome.

the first half of the show was a christmas story, so there was narration intertwined with awesome epic christmas music.

(in teen girl squad voice) it's over!!!

...it's getting quite cold around here... where did the summer go?

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