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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
I want U
Sunday. 8.3.14 11:40 am
Man. Do you guys remember Savage Garden? I used to love their songs...

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Offensive and Resistance - radiation
Friday. 7.25.14 9:56 pm
I posted an article from a green environmental website on the radiation in Japan that people are not safe in Tokyo any more due to the radiation in Fukushima.

I have been dying lately to go to Japan for a short break but received pounding of advice instead that I must not be in that country for a life time. There were Malaysians who went there and came back with symptoms and tested positive for radiation in hospital. It was not a hearsay. It was told by a friend whose colleague was the victim.

The sakura trees, the fresh air now become an illustration image for life.. but still I am dying to go there again...

Back to the article, one of my friends who is staying in Japan and just given birth was offended by the article. The article stated briefly about a medical doctor in Tokyo relocating himself to the West due to the radiation spread and his observation of symptoms - nose bleed, etc. that are similar to the Chernobyl victims.

I posted the article, not really in good faith since someone was offended already, to let everyone to ponder on the article. It doesn't need to ring the truth but to joggle our thinking. I thought it was a good exercise and I didn't expect my fellow Distinction degree mate came and posted 'this article doesn't have reliable resources, you should not post if I were you." My intention was stated as above. It's to make people think.

Radiation. The government stated it is safe and it's not spreading far outside of Fukushima. But we all know once the place is contaminated, nothing grows on it. Can radiation spread through air? Water? It was in the water... isn't it? Can the whole world be contaminated with radiation that is just coming from one country? How does the sea work?

Information. We know how government works. Are people knowing the truth? I remember when I was in Tokyo and was totally impressed with their garbage waste facility that I asked several intellectual questions that the staff was not ready to answer, but he answered in honesty. One of the answers made me shocked. My question was "The landfill that you are showing us is small and Tokyo has lots of people, definitely there's gonna be a deadline for your landfill to be fulled up. What do you guys do then?" He smiled and said they have never thought of what to do next yet. I have all the respect for Japanese but I wanted to convey here is it is time we look at the whole picture and think what's missing. We got brains and why are we allowing people to control us.

The same as the article. I deleted the post because I know this friend's character very well. I mentioned twice that the article needs more evidence to support its claim - which means I want people to think from the politics to the transparency on this or any particular issue. Not being shot down as being a scum posting such ridiculous story at 10 am.

I am no expert in radiation stuff, but I am just thinking, exercising my brain. I am not letting other people to influence my judgment.

I was not upset what my friend said, but I believe my friend should investigate on her own too for she is the top political student in my college... but didn't she agree for the US to go to war in Iraq? She would make a good political PR person. Try reading this article then...


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Thursday. 7.24.14 8:40 pm
This is absolutely weird.

I packed my smartphone cable into my bag but it was gone when I wanted to charge it. I got a lot of things running in my head that I just feel like getting a new smartphone instead. My current tab is outdated that it cannot support many new apps that require the latest OS. I am seriously contemplating.

And last night I was at the shop area where I usually buy cable... but decided to procrastinate because I wanted to see if I would buy a new tab instead in the same shopping mall.

In the end, I didn't get a new tab or the cable. I realise life is much quieter without the distraction from the tab. I think I will live like that for the next few days. I don't need any more distraction in life.

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No update 2
Monday. 7.21.14 10:14 am
Yes, again no update because I am still in love with the cat and myself in the picture. It's so bad... that I can feel the cat's fur on my face and imagining myself hugging the cat again surreal. I think I just did an astral travel on it. And I think the cat is pregnant because it's only heavy in the stomach area not the rest.

I told my mum how in love I am with the cat. And she said I should frame up the photo. Shocked to hear that reply but it sounds good, but I won't do that. I told mum that it stayed docile in my arms and she replied the cat might have like humans hug.. aww that makes sense...

Kitty, I am coming for you again...

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No update
Wednesday. 7.16.14 9:34 am
The reason I didn't update for so long is because I am in love with my own picture hugging the cat below... And I can't stop myself admiring the beauty of the cat and myself.

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Super B
Monday. 7.7.14 7:31 pm
I am super bored with life and work that I was thinking which location for a skydive will be more exciting. The window or from the tallest building in my country.

I am not intellectually stimulated and I haven't found anything to keep me interested in life.

When I told friends how bored I am... or in a suicidal state... they never replied and just continue with the group chat... one replied but was struggling and the only person who replied asked if I was ok and he could drive over for a chat. Very caring friends I have.

Actually, this is also shows if I am really suicidal... and seeing how my friends supported me, I am not surprised if the person in my shoe would have just dive down. Actually the truth is people are not comfortable to console on such issues. Really. It takes another person to have gone through all these emotions to be able to console someone in this state. Sometimes people who have gone through these emotions won't want to console others similarly. Why break the bubble of happiness? They only didn't realise the bubble can be burst anytime.

I am pretty tired to talking to such people. So much about themselves and not about others.

I long to leave my work for new challenges in exchange. Universe, please show and guide me to my next ultimate challenging job.

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