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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 58
5.6.07 at 9:04 am
The latest thing that Aubree is constantly doing after watching Dora the Explorer is the “silly face.” Dora puts her hands on her face and moves them around to make silly faces so the troll will open the gate [in Dora’s World Adventure] and so the troll will let them cross the bridge [in Dora’s Silly Fiesta]. It’s funny to watch Aubree make her silly faces. What can I say, she’s just darn silly.

So if you’re ever in need of crossing a bridge or getting through a gate, but the grumpy troll won’t let you, make a silly face.

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Day 57
5.5.07 at 8:37 am
Last night was… eventful. I wasn’t really in all that of a good mood and I don’t know why. I just felt generally grumpy. So I hoped that going shopping would cheer me up. It did, a little. I wasn’t able to get a MP3 player, though. They were sold out, which I suspected they might be. The ad comes out on Wednesday, and they’re always “sold out” by Friday.

I did go out to eat though. Yummy foods always cheer me up. Yummy and totally unhealthy foods, anyway. I got a small steak and some shrimp noodle mixture. Yummm.

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Day 56
5.4.07 at 9:39 am
All my money was deposited into my bank account. I am excited. That means I get to go to the store tonight! Which means I get to get out of the house for a bit and buy stuff. I am truly a girl. It doesn’t really matter to me what I’m buying, it’s the fact that I get to buy stuff, lol.

I am getting Aubree some diapers and fruit. I’ve got a couple other grocery items on my list as well. Then, I’m going to go to big lots and see if they still have the $30 mp3 player.

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Day 55
5.3.07 at 10:31 pm
I do not have anything to say. A bunch of nothing. So I am going to write a 100 words of nothing today. Nothing this, and nothing that. A little more nothing. Oh we can not forget about that nothing. I also have a ton of nothing emails to read. 18 nothing emails to be exact. I hate nothing email forwards about exactly nothing. Especially since it is the only time I hear from this person that I don’t even remember who she is. Sad isn’t it? This is pretty nothing. And this is the finale of my nothing post.

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Day 54
5.2.07 at 9:51 am
Demandez L’Ange, my personal - yet random - blog, got accepted by Review Me to do website and/or product reviews through their site. This is an exciting moment for me because up until know I would only really made any money off of Ask Angel. By doing sponsored posts on Demandez L’Ange it will help up my income potential. An increase in my income means I will have more money that I can afford to save for important things. I could also afford more for Aubree and I.

My ultimate goal? Get a car and move out on my own!

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Day 53
5.1.07 at 4:34 pm
I got my new phone today! I’m very excited. Besides having a working phone again, it’s a new style of phone. I used to have the Oystr. This one is the Marbl. It’s no different from the Oystr in features, it’s just black and a different shape [not as fat]. Know what’d be cool? If Virgin Mobile ever made a camera phone only $20. I would buy that one in a heartbeat!

Because it’s a new phone, I had to redownload ringtones. I got different ones from what I had before. When my phone rings, I’ll want to dance now!

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