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Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Northglenn, CO
School. Other
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Good Morning!
Monday. 11.13.06 9:37 am
It was damn nippy outside this morning and I did not enjoy scraping the frozen water droplets off my window mixed with the frost. I got through all that, and the windshield wipers were all wonky, so it wasn't even like they were doing anything. Oh well...thank you car for having defrost :)

I had an eventful day yesterday and I didn't even end up making it home last night at all because we got home semi-late.

The last we heard from me, I was finally leaving to go shopping...and that I did. Not that we did a lot of shopping, but we left nonetheless. When we left, the snow was coming down pretty hard...it wasn't sticking, but it was coming down. It got even worse driving through downtown Denver because then it turned into the rain/snow mix and it was just wet, slushy, everywhere all over. We thought about turning around, but we were going to meet Brian's aunt at her house down in Monument, so we kept going. His aunt was making us some big chicken dinner, so it would have been rude not to go down there. Brian's mom and I had a way different idea of where Monument was in relation to where we live. We thought it was right after Castle Rock (which is about 30 minutes south of town...right past the Tech Center)...NO...Monument was practically right before Colorado Springs.

We drove for what seemed like forever and a day and we finally get out there...and we get lost about 20 times and we finally find their house and OMG...when I say OMG, it doesn't even justify the thought I got when we saw this house. The thing was a mansion of epic proportions! When you walked in the front door, the whole front entryway (well, the whole upstairs) was marble floors and they had granite countertops in the kitchens...and then there was another kitchen downstairs and they had a theater that seat 10 people...and they had a wine cellar and chandaliers in every bedroom. The entry way/dining room area had an elaborate coffered ceiling and it was all faux painted and lit up like nothing I've seen. One of the bedrooms had a midnight blue ceiling that was painted up so well it looked like you were staring into the night sky...this was like an interior designer's wet dream! I was just amazed...I felt so white trash in this house it wasn't even funny. I'm wearing some green khaki pants and a t-shirt. I felt like a bum they picked up off the street and were being nice enough to let see their house for like 2 seconds...

But yeah, enough about the house...we ate dinner and by the time we were done with that, it was about 5:30 and the malls were going to close soon, so there went our shopping adventure. We ended up going down to Kohls and getting a few maternity clothes (and one outfit...like the baby doesn't have enough)...then we went to Walmart...and then we left. It was about 7:30ish by the time we started heading north again. We made one stop at Target in Castle Rock on the way back north...and then we were home. Phew...

Have any of you ever sat in a Hummer before? I'd never sat in one until yesterday and I don't know if it's because it was an H3 or what, but it was so cramped and small in the backseat of that thing...I don't think I much care for those cars. I'm content with smaller, much cheaper, Ford Explorers that appear to have way more room in the backseat...lol

Anyway, work time...not play time...

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Sunday. 11.12.06 3:31 pm
I get to go shopping now...

Not that I really want to go shopping, but eh...it's just nice to be able to go out and do something other than sitting here doing nothing. I did watch Miss Congeniality 2 (it was pretty good)...I liked the first one, so the second one was okay. It was on HBO and there really wasn't anything else on, so I watched it...lol

Then I was channel surfing and saw that the Eagles/Redskins game was on, so I figured I would watch some football. I don't think the Bronco game is on until later, but lol...it's football...lol

I so wish I had many channels on my TV versus the 2 channels that I get on my antenna. I like sitting at Brian's house watching TV that I don't get to watch at my own house...I really shouldn't be vegetating in front of the TV anyway (ugh...I'm getting in some bad habits again)...

I have still been unable to find my Target gift cards...I seriously wonder what the hell happened to them :( It's now more disturbing than anything else. I'm sure they'll turn up, eventually, but it's still not right!

Anyway...better get going...lol

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I'm at work this morning...
Sunday. 11.12.06 9:33 am
Well, it's Sunday and it is normally one of those days where I do not work, but here I am. It's okay though...I'll be here for a couple of hours and then it's back to Brian's house because his mom and is taking me down south (Park Meadows area...somewhat rich part of town) to meet up with her sister and then we're going to go shopping for baby stuff. I hope that while we're down there, we tend to migrated toward the outlet mall in Castle Rock as there is stuff down there that I would actually be able to afford as it is an outlet mall!

We'll see if that all gets to happen at all since on the way to work...it started snowing right as I pulled into the work parking lot. I doubt that we'll get an accumulation (and we do, it'll be minimal)...I don't think it's cold enough to really see a lot of snow (in my opinion).

Ugh...I feel as though I have slept on a bed of nails as my back is all crampy and all that. I wonder if this is from the bowling on Friday or just from me sleeping horribly. I was constantly up 5/6 times last night (and I don't know why)...it's like I couldn't find a comfortable position, and when I did find one, it's like Brian found it too...and was laying on top of me...lol...oh well

Anyway, gotta get to work now...chop chop!!

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Saturday. 11.11.06 11:59 am
I ended up being able to go bowling yesterday afternoon...granted, I had to leave work about 30 minutes after the rest of my department (as I had to finish something) but I still got to go. I even started late and beat everyone...I guess I'm better bowling pregnant than I was before...lol

I usually struggle at getting over 100, so both games getting 130 was a-ok for me...hehe...sure irked everyone else because at one point, someone thought they were going to win and I got 2 strikes in the last frame...lol

BUT...my back hurt like hell last night after I was done bowling and I went over to Brian's house and I basically crashed and burned on the bed. I would wake up periodically, but then I'd fall asleep again...and again...AND AGAIN. I don't know why I was so tired last night, but I was.

Today...I'm not doing much of anything. I'm just waiting for Brian to get up so we can do something, anything...maybe. The main thing we were going to do was get him added to my bank account, but lol...I don't know if that's going to work or not. My bank (since they don't check credit) holds checks instead of depositing them (yeah, it's strange)...so, they would be holding his paycheck every time he deposited it into my bank account. That's pretty wonky if you ask me...it's a payroll check...but they'll hold it anyway. They held my paycheck for 2 weeks! HOWEVER, they do direct deposit and that puts the funds in there immediately. That would be essential diaper buying money!

But yeah...other than that, I suppose I should clean my car out or something so people quit staring at it when they walk by it. They stare at the shit piled up to the back of the seat in the back and then they see me going to my car and they shut up, but I know they were talking about it...lol

Bastards...I'll show you!

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This morning...
Friday. 11.10.06 9:43 am
I neglected to say in the past post about the power going out that it wasn't at my house but rather at work (where we're not allowed to do most of the items that were suggested...let alone do them whilst on the clock)...BUT YEAH...

The power didn't go out yesterday as they were going to come back out this morning (at 5am) and fix their little stopbox thingy-ma-jig. I guess the whole thing was going to take about 2 hours to fix, so by the time I got to work this morning, everything was peachy keen (of course)...better for me, I suppose. I have paper coming out of my ears, so I probably need to not be down for as long as possible.

HOWEVER, a candle party does sound fun...and how I love candles :) No one said anything about having a seance...hehe...that requires a lot of candles and the dark.

We're supposed to leave work early today to go bowling, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to go. I have too much stuff to do and no time to do it. If I can get all my stuff done before noon (it may happen), I might be able to still go...but we'll see.

It was strange this morning...about 4am, I woke up for some strange reason, and then about 3 seconds later, the power went out at my house. I sat there for a little bit because I'm like "FUCK...I have to get up and set a different alarm." I had no idea how long the power was going to be out and I still had to get up for work later. I went and grabbed my cell phone and set the alarm on it, crossing my fingers that it would actually work (POS phone...). Shortly after that, the power tried to come back on, and then I saw a big white flash of light...and it was out again. That's when I knew I was going to have to rely on the stupid cell phone. I went back to sleep, power came on at about 5:10 (I work up again for that whole thing)...ugh...it was an eventful, somewhat sleepless night. I really didn't want to get up this morning if you get my drift...lol

NOW, I'm going to finish eating my box of Cheerios and try to get all my work done in 4 hours (with this loud ass generator going outside my window)...

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What a cutie!
Thursday. 11.9.06 11:12 pm
Okay...I know my posts have been boring and whatnot lately, so I figured I would continue on that path of boredom (well, if you're not bored by my posts...more power to ya)...

Anyway, click the link here to see the new baby lion cub at the Denver Zoo! I think she's cute...she does look like a big kitten, but she's still cute! If you didn't already know, I'm a sucker for baby animals.

I love the Denver Zoo! I am going to see if Brian will want to go to Zoolights with me. If he won't go, I'm sure Melissa will go. Basically, the zoo is lit up for the holidays and you get to see all the animals (at night) and sometimes they participate (there's a picture on the website of one of their elephants topping the Christmas tree with a star)...I think it's cool and it's not something that you normally see when you go to the zoo. I guess on one of the days, they have professional ice carvers that carve ice sculptures of animals and they'll have them on display in the ice garden. I think it sounds fun!

YAY! And I just asked Brian if we could go to Zoolights and he said sure :) Now that just made my night...lol...I sound like a little kid, I swear. I think that would be fun to take our son to. I guess Santa is there and the whole bit. Maybe next year, we can do it as a family...so exciting!

Okay...that was my random thing for the evening...

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Thursday. 11.9.06 2:01 pm
I guess in our last snow storm, a snow plow hit one of our power things and exposed a bunch of wires to our building...and now they're coming out to fix it...and we might be without power this afternoon...I wonder when that is going to happen? I guess the crew is on their way out right now...but seriously, this happened 2 weeks ago to this day...why are they just coming out to fix it right now if it was so dangerous?

It's a good thing I'm leaving work early anyway, but still...I just find it a bit odd that they're going to be doing this electrical fix thing 2 weeks after it happened. AND...we won't be able to do any work during this time. That's going to suck somewhat...I have lots of stuff to do!

I remember when I worked in a call center, the power used to go out all the time...or the phone systems and/or Intranet would go down...and either, all the calls would get transferred out of the call center except for the ones that were coming to my phone...that was wonderful. I do not regret not working there anymore...that was the crappiest place ever!

Ugh...I wonder what we'll do when the power is out...lol

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Here we go again...
Thursday. 11.9.06 9:37 am
It's Thursday...and it's time for my doctor's appointment :) Yes, I'm trying to be as optimistic about it as possible, but I'm sure it will go by just fine.

I get to fast once again...so no food after 12:00pm...and only water for the rest of the day (until they draw my blood) and then believe me, I'm going home, cracking out the ground meat and making myself some dinner. I am going to try and eat as much as I have around me (okay, not that much food...I have a cup-o-noodle and I might have a cup of hot chocolate) prior to 12:00pm and then I've got my 2 bottles of water to tide me over for the rest of the afternoon. I think 2 liters is good enough...lol

I have to drink my sugar drink at 3:15pm and then I leave work at 3:30pm to go down to the doctor's appointment at 4:00pm. Brian's not going to be there for this one as he is working (and I don't think it's that important that he's coming to the doctor's appointments anymore...he needs to come to the classes Tuesday night). I go alone to have my blood drawn (eek!) but I'll be fine...hehe

What else is today...it's Jamba Day (the Jamba Juice up in Superior gave our company free Jamba Juice cards to go get a free drink TODAY ONLY...and of course, I am fasting today...so I am disappointed).

Ugh...I was looking in the mirror this morning and I noticed that my face is getting all round again :( I'm starting to pork up or something and I don't like it. Not that I was skinny to begin with, but I still don't want to look like a baked ham! My neck and my face are starting to melt together...This whole entire pregnancy, I had lost a bunch of weight and my face had thinned out and it was great (no...don't take this the wrong way, the baby was gaining weight, I was just not really gaining all that much...and I had actually lost about 6 or 7 pounds at one point in there)...I know when he comes in January, I'm going to take my few weeks of rest, and then it's going to be hitting the gym at my apartment. It's the winter...it's gonna be cold...I don't want to be doing any of this shit outside. Our gym at the apartment is open until 10pm, so I can go work out on the treadmill/eliptical/stair machine and lift weights on the weight machine and hope to lose a few pounds. My ultimate goal is to get down to a size 10 and then I'll be extremely happy. I don't know if that will work, but at least I have a goal to strive for. I think with the baby, I'll be more active. I'm not going to be a couch potato mom raising a couch potato kid, that's for sure! I'm gonna go do stuff!!

Anyway, I best get going on my stuff...I'm training someone today to do my job when I'm out (not when I'm out on maternity leave), but when I'm just out for days or something...

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