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Came home (Aug 2, 2014)
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Saturday. 3.5.11 7:31 pm

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I <3 Huckabee - an article in review
Friday. 3.4.11 5:16 pm
I really like Huckabee. I like his attitude. I am thinking about it because I was reading yahoo news again. It just struck me that I am on one of those people in the polls who would say he was "likable". He's likable because he seems to respect everyone else. If he is going to make a statement about someone's actions, that is as far as it goes. This is the segment taken from the article:

"Natalie is an extraordinary actor, very deserving of her recent Oscar and I am glad she will marry her baby's father," Huckabee said. "My comments were about the statistical reality that most single moms are very poor, under-educated, can't get a job, and if it weren't for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death. That's the story that we're not seeing, and it's unfortunate that society often glorifies and glamorizes the idea of having children out of wedlock."

In this, he starts with a genuine compliment (everyone knows she deserves that Oscar) and says that she is happy that her decisions are working out for her, which everyone can see that they are. Then, he points out why he is concerned about this idea on a more globalized level, all the while never saying anything bad about Portman. That shows respect.

In fact, thinking about it, I would say that being able to disagree with people respectfully is a top quality for a president. That is half of what the job is. Really, being president is about leading a country with disparate views. In leading, you are not, in fact, wandering blindly towards something because that's what leaders do, but rather reasonably assessing what everyone in the group wants to do and then telling everyone that this will be what actually happens. That is to say a leader is a filter for opinions designed to reconcile differing viewpoints so that people can actually move about together in an organized group.

I respect that he has opinions, but mostly because he can have them while respecting everyone else. That is not to say he has a laissez faire attitude towards matters of public affairs, but rather that he has his opinions and treats respectfully the people who have different ones. Like the article mentions with Michelle Obama, he does not throw out the baby with the bathwater. He does not allow his opinions on Barak Obama's policy making obscure his respect for what Michelle Obama is doing with obesity. So circularly, I think I could respect him, because he seems to respect everyone else.

I kind of hope he runs. If it were me, I think I would like to see Obama and Huckabee running for president, because I think that would be a contest that would bring out the best in both combatants. Personally, I would vote for Huckabee.

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The Dog
Saturday. 2.26.11 10:51 am
As I walked in the door of the bar I was greeted by a black lab. It was not a black lab in the manner of the standard: stocky and somehow small. It was a lab like you would see in a painting. It was an ambling lab, silky brush-like fur and dark pooling black eyes and a nose that sniffed away at my jacket. It was smelling all the other dogs that I had been with the week before, it was the only way to explain its fascination. It was as though my friends at the shelter had left little messages for this dog to follow and so it stood, studiously devouring the books written upon my sleeves.

"I think you are his favorite person in this place right now," my friend said.

"I think he's mine," I said softly and I gently stroked his sculpted head.

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New Things
Tuesday. 2.22.11 7:35 am
Well, I met my new coworker, today. I was so glad. She seems like such a nice person. I also get the new kindy class. That should be wonderful. I love the babies.

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Welcome to College
Monday. 2.21.11 10:15 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Dizzy and the Subject of Existence
Sunday. 2.20.11 9:09 am
When I was younger I had a dog named Dizzy. Now, none of you know that apart from the fact that I told you that it was so. It is infinitely possible that my entire family and I imagined the dog and invented our memories of her, but it is not so. There are infinite ways that you can argue for her lack of existence, it is not exactly as though I kept her collar and while there are a few pictures, who knows, I could have fabricated those as well. The thing is, after a while, it is just silly to keep on denying that the dog existed. In fact, if we continue to argue about the most basic principle of her existence, then I doubt I will ever get a chance to say anything that might actually be interesting about her.

Such is God.

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