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Ahh, Myspace.
Wednesday. 4.23.08 7:52 pm
The title doesn't have a lot to do with the blog, but whatevs.
Everyone has these little truth box things on their profile. Sure, I mean, they're nice when people leave NICE comments about you, but what if someone actually sucked it up and told you something negative? You wouldn't want that to happen, you wouldn't want to know the truth, then. We all say "Oh, I'd rather have someone tell me their feelings to my face and not behind my back." Truth is, no we don't. We want people to like us to our faces, and, unfortunately, we must learn to brush off the little comments people make behind our backs.

That had nothing to do with Myspace, but the truth boxes annoy me.

I wish I was 16. And that I had gotten my permit on my birthday so that I could be driving ON MY OWN now. (Sudden change of topic, in a way) I would love so much to work at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Pineville, but 1) I don't have time. 2) I'm not old enough. 3) I can't drive by myself yet. 4) Think of how much gas would cost driving all they way from Rock Hill to Pineville every week! But, every time I go there, I just get lost. I always go straight to the wall that has the Manga on it, I choose a book, find a comfy spot, and get lost in my own world of romance Japanese comics.

I just realized that IB is going to kill me next year. D8

I'm so full of random thought, today!

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Thanks for the warm welcomes!
Tuesday. 4.22.08 9:47 pm
Oh, do not frown upon me. I do not blog for the money. I blog for the sake of blogging. I enjoy it, and I'd like to think others enjoy my entries as well, otherwise they wouldn't read them. :)

So a lot of people at my school lately have been very unhappy. Everyone is hostile against one another, and no one is content anymore. They have masks, I tell you! They act in lies! They have internal problems that apparently can't be discussed in person, because Lord knows all hell would break loose.

Get the problems out, and lets make a REAL effort to resolve them, and not make things worse. Yes, I agree that people are entitled to their own opinions and perceptions of other people, but do NOT shove your thoughts down the throats' of your peers. Understand others, and they will understand you.


Happiness, people. Happiness. Think of happiness first, and let everything else aside. Conflict, resolution, happiness!

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Thanks, Stevie!
Friday. 4.18.08 9:07 pm
I have never heard of a blog site that actually paid their bloggers. Not that I joined because of that, but it most certainly adds to the excitement!
So I guess I'll just go ahead and write a regular ole' blog.
BTW, thank you for the friend code, Stevie! :D

I'm going to just post this to see how it looks :D

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