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Wednesday. 3.29.06 12:05 pm
So I haven't been updating in a while. It might have been my lack of interest in writing, or just waiting until something worth writing about came along. Either way, I'm updating now, so woo.

I turned the big 21 on the 18th of March, so technically I am now offically actually ABLE to buy alcohol legally. Yup, that's right folks. Not like I would, but at least now I have the option available if I just so happen to get a hankerin for some Patron in the middle of a VIP club party inside club Rain in Las Vegas. [:

Speaking of Vegas, that's where I actually celebrated my 21st, along with three compadres of both the male and female sex. We stayed at the Doubletree, which is a little off the strip, but the courtesy shuttle was more than enough to get us back and forth on our weekend debauchery in Sin City.

The picture above was from inside Studio 54 at the MGM Grand, which was packed like a mother by midnight. Believe it or not, I actually fell asleep TWICE sitting on one of the couches scattered around the ground floor of the club while the music was pulsing through my soul; Seriously, I was tired.

We finally left the club around 2 a.m. (I think) and we decided to just try our luck on the million gambling rigs all over the hotel. I actually won $1.45, but lost 3 dollars afterwards. So boo to that. But otherwise, I had a great time.

Throughout the entire weekend I had about 6 hours sleep TOTAL. So by the time our flight came around and we were on the plane back to San Diego, I was knocked out. In my entire life, I never rode so many taxis or seen so many alcoholic beverages like I did in Vegas. And legally too.

But yeah, the Strip is an adventure in itself. We were only able to do so much over the weekend we were there, but I think we did a lot. Fashion Show mall was even bigger looking in person because of the surrounding super hotels, the Gondola ride in the Venetian is great for some relaxing out of the crazy casinos and the Forum Shoppes and Grand Canal Shoppes are a luxury shoppers paradise.

The monorail that services the strip is aight; I actually turned 21 WAITING for that thing to move because of 'technical difficulties' but it was all good regardless. So all in all, if you're legal, and definitely want to have fun, hit up one of the numerous clubs up and down the strip, or just take in the immense size of each and every one of the hotels; each one is unique, and there are a bunch of free things to do there too.

I just don't recommend mixing Hypnotiq and Smirnoff Ice together after taking a Diaz 151 shot and a jello shot. [;

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Saturday. 2.18.06 12:21 pm
Dude, I just now realized how addicted I am to working out. I wasn't able to work out consistently in two days and I felt off; I couldn't function correctly at work yesterday, and I felt like I had to exaggerate my daily routines to make up for my lack of lifting and crunching and stepping and yada yada yada.

So yeah, as soon as I got home I went straight to the bedroom and got down with my workout routine. I had to workout pretty fast too, because Michael was on his way to pick me up so we could enjoy Friday night live. I felt relieved when I finally finished my last free weight curl. Sheesh like my supervisor told me, I think I'm possessed.

But in a good way. I respect my body enough to know that smoking screws up your insides, just as much as drinking does. I mean being a social drinker is all good I guess, but I've never been one to pick up a Smirnoff at a kick back and just chill. Call me whatever you want, but I still believe in waiting until 21 to drink. (Not that I haven't tried ANYTHING, I mean I did have one fifth of a bottle of a Kahlua rum cola once that was diluted with 99% coke).

In other words, I haven't done squat in that area.

My birthday is a month from today, and since I've never been to Las Vegas in my life, I'm looking forward to it more. Yay.

Now it's time for breakfast.

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