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Saturday. 11.24.07 2:39 pm
I'm watching HanaKimi, the Japanese drama. I've already finished the Taiwanese version.


There's this woman who had breast cancer. She had surgery. Five years later (now), she is in safe territory with no sign of the cancer returning. How did she do it? By eating two raw cockaroaches every day. She has an established roach farm just for that purpose.

Medical Officials (dr.s, etc. ) say there's no science to back it up. Who knows idf it works?

**Disclaimer: This sharing of stories is not to encourage anyone to believe this story or any other as legitimate cures for cancer.**


I'm thirsty and hungry, guys. Got anything for me?

"Cheeseburger, well done, raw onion, no mayo, no rabbit food."

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Friday. 11.23.07 9:38 am
I have never had such a huge allergic reaction before.

I am allergic to cats, dogs, (basicaly all living things with...fur), dust, etc. But never have i ever had such a horrible reaction. I lived, LIVED in HK with my godmother for so many times, for weeks at a time, and she had TWO dogs and I never had such a reaction. My cousin has a cat, another cousin has a dog and I have never...you get the point.

I had TWO gobble dinners yesterday. The second I could barely keep down and couldn't finish because I was sneezing so much. >.>

They have one old, incredibly friendly doggy and several cats. In the middle of the meal, the-cat-called-Jimmy jumped up on my seat and perched himself on the table. Of all places, he jumps me! The allergic one! Niiiice choice...

I have no idea why I was sneezing so much...and my throat started acting up. It got dry and hoarse and scratchy til it almost HURT. Don't remember that happening before...

Anyway, Macy's Turkey Day PARADE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, the marching band was there and it was awesome. See, I was uptown in the bleachers by Central Park so I saw the beginning of the parade. Dolly Parton, the newest American Ido winner (forgot her name), Good Charlotte, Jonas Brothers, Wynona Judd, Spring Awakening, etc. Didn't get to hear them sing since it was only the beginning of the parade, but whatever.

Anyway, Virginia Tech's marching band was the most coordinated and my ma's favorite. ;) Mine, too. They did the whole...walk-turn-cross-turn-walk...thingy...um, where they walk for a few meters and then the leader turns around and walks back while the rest continues to walk the other way except for the second line that follows and then the third and...etc. Yeah. >.> *cough* Yeah. XD And they did it so many times! In the beginning, the start of the parade, too. Nice.

You know how each segment of the parade comes with people holding banners that say what marching band it is? They did it so many times, their banner people walked off without them. They marched away and the band stayed. It was only like an extra minute or two, but still. It was nice.

What else did I want to talk about...nope, don't remember.

Only right now, my gran left the house with the incense burning in the window and the fumes are tickling my dnose...adn I'm getting stuffed ub againd andd...I gotta leave.

I suppose the plan for today is movie, skating, maybe errands before the

August Rush? Hmm, what else is on? Oh crap! Skating without my scarf. Damn it, it's cold! Man...

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Wednesday. 11.21.07 7:21 pm
Yes, I am a chicken, NOT a turkey. Hah! Bah.

Not fair. I'm in class, but the teachers aren't. >.> Bastards.

Anyway, funny story: Seppuku-style.

My friend A had been incredibly bored in gym class one day. They were sitting down and actually writing for once. She scribbles and doodles on the paper which she then hands in. The gym teacher is shocked at what she wrote and gos running to her counselor. (We have 'guidance counselors'. I have no idea what they're being paid for. >.>)

She had written (dun dun dun) "I want to commit seppuku." How had this young late-thirties teacher with a young daughter know what seppuku meant? We have no idea. (Seppuku means suicide, basically. But it's an honorable thing to do.)

A gets sent to her 'counselor'.

"Why did you write that?"
"Is everything okay"
"Why do you feel that way?"

A is going 'Omgod, what an overreaction.' This was...last year, I believe. She told me the story the other day.

TURKEY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to the Macy's Parade this year. ^-^ Whooooooooooooooo! I have lived uptown by Central Park for years and I have never attended. It's like New Yorkers and Dick Clark's New Year thing--we never NEVER go. Only tourists do. Of course there may be exceptions, but I have no idea who would risk drowning in the human red sea.

Just so happens that my mother's friend had four tickets and gave them away. To us. ;D So? Up, up, and away! To the bleachers we go to freeze our asses off!

And I have a turkey dinner awaitn' at one o'clock. Don't ask. I have no idea why it's so early. >.> I'm going to sleep over at my grandmother's and bringing my SAT stuff with me. SAT this Saturday...TT.TT *sigh* Oh, well. My last for my apps. I might take it again to get the highest score possible because my bastard of an uncle always brags about how he's a genius and the smartest in the family and all that. *eyeroll* Just to shut him up. I'm not going to try to break his record or hatever because for one, I don't know what he got, two, I'm taking the NEW 2400 SAT anyway so we can't compare, and three, if he asks, I've actaully got an answer and he can't call me dumb. Asshole. >.>

HAPPY TURKEY HOLIDAY! Haha, funny little smilie...

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So Stew-pod.
Tuesday. 11.20.07 7:48 pm
The people in the nurse's office wouldn't let me go to class.

*lets that sink in*

I asked several times, over and over. "NO."

Seriously. It is usually the other way around. The people make kids GO TO CLASS. There is NOTHING, NOTHING wrong with me. They called my mom. Made me give them the number to call her and get her to pick me up. >.>

I-I...*sigh* It's so stupid.

Even dumber, by the time my mom came, it was 3:30. PM. *eyeroll* And I was starving! I hadn't eaten lunch yet because I went to the library instead. They had even asked me (when I first came into the room) if I had eaten anything. And still they decided to relish in their lunches right before my eyes.

"Ooh, this is so delicious!"
"Ooh, it's hot!"

Hello? Hungry child in front of you! Bastards! Mo leung sum ga. No compassion, basically.

TT.TT I'm so hungry. Where's my salmoooooon?

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Saturday. 11.17.07 11:51 pm
My throat itches. I sneeze a ten times consecutively every time. I'm so tired...I want to sleep. I have to get up and get there at 9am tomorrow. Ungodly hour. Especially when I feel so awful.

1.) Bronchitis is back --?
2.) Caught a cold ---most likely, I guess
3.) MONO!

XD *hack* HACK! *cough* Ow...my throat.

Recipe for Coke 'n Ginger

However much Coke you want to drink
However much ginger needed to balance out the coke

Put ingredients in pot. Bring to a boil. Pour into cup or mug. Smell and enjoy.

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Friday. 11.16.07 5:28 pm
I've got my violin for the weekend. Wonder how my nice, sweet 'partment neighbors are gonna like that...

Yay, leprechauns! And the devil. Meeeee!

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Oh my god...
Wednesday. 11.14.07 6:22 pm
There was a huge misunderstanding today. And it's ridiculous and hilarious--especially what just happened.

Okay, we need to swipe in to get into school. We swipe in to the cafeteria. We swipe to get food. That's exactly what happened today.

Out of nowhere suddenly, the school system says I didn't go to school today. It is 1:00pm and my phone is vibrating over and over in my pocket. I have a voicemail, two text messages, and a page from my mother.

My mother had been checking on me, my guidance counselor told her I didn't go to school today. I had been marked 'absent'. *silence* Okay, I can understand if the first swipe went wrong, but come on, I swiped at least THREE times today!


And my fuckin' bitch of a mother starts getting on my case about fifteen minutes ago over the phone. Wait, wait, that's not it. Earlier in the day, at around 1:20pm, 20 min. after my phone's vibrate session, I climbed up all those stairs to my counselor's seventh floor office. In the office, I called my mother and my counselor specifically said the words, "SHE'S HERE." to my mother over the phone.

I was satisfied because I thought, "There. My mother has her answer."

Noooooooo. Fifteen min. ago, my mother called me on my cell. Asking why I didn't go to school today. *silence* Hellooo? What are you, an idiot?!


But still, it is laughable, really. Which is what I did, after I hung up. Of course, I'm not totally over it. It's always a bit...when it comes to my mother. >.> 'Mother'.

Good night, folks. Storytime's over.

GREEN FAIRY! Whooooooo!

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Two Choices
Tuesday. 11.13.07 5:26 pm
To set one's heart on a challenge and despite the pain one will continue to go through, go on to (try) prove 'em wrong.

To distance oneself from the cause of the pain, if they are set in their judgements, let it go.

Which shall I choose? What would you pick?

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