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New Music
Thursday. 11.22.07 5:58 am

This is Wasted by Cartel.

Just cashed my check today. (From my main job, not my online one. 8 more days for that.) Paid off one credit card, put money on all my other ones. Paid my small bills. I tell you, it feels good knowing that you’re in complete control of your finances. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about money. I have almost $900 in savings, I have very few bills to pay, my credit is great, and I’m about to get paid 300 dollars in a few days that I can do whatever I want with.

It also feels great knowing this is pretty much what the rest of my life is going to feel like. When we move, Jenn and I will be getting an apartment that we won’t have to pay rent or a mortgage on. I’ll get a good job, Jenn will get a great job, what with her pre-law degree. We’ll probably have a 3-bedroom condo, which means we’re set for the next 10-15 years, or longer. We only plan on having 2 kids, and that’s a room for each of them. Which means we can upgrade to a bigger house if we feel the need, but if we don’t, we’re set for a long time.

Sorry. Didna mean to brag. I’m just happy. I can honestly say that my life sucked until I met Jenn. Read my earlier entries and you’ll see. Heh.

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New Music
Tuesday. 11.20.07 6:22 pm

This is Capri by Colbie Caillat. Awesome voice on this girl. I would recommend her cd to anyone.

Not much to report. It’s basically a waiting game now for the hotel. 85 days and counting. Could be less than that but I figure it’s better to over-count it.

Obsessions of the moment - People’s Court, Diablo II (The Eastern Sun modification), trying to learn as much as I can about javascript.

Jenn and I were discussing today what kind of parents we would be. We’re both of the opinion that we’re going to be great parents. I know everyone who plans to have kids thinks that, but we’re not just saying it. We’ve talked at great length about parenting. What we want to do and what we shouldn’t do. And we’re always pointing out to ourselves when we see bad parenting in action. For instance, any time I see a parent walking AHEAD of their 4-11 year old, I get a strong desire to have the kid pass their parents a note that says “Do you know how many times I could have been kid napped while you weren’t looking?” Parents that don’t pay close enough to their children piss me the fuck off. Especially these days when there are so many bad things that can happen to them. You don’t have to be paranoid and shelter them, but at least know where the hell they are!

But I digress. We know what kind of parents we’ll be. We won’t be the kind of parents that will say “no” just to assert our authority. That always pissed me off as a kid. We’ll explain things to our kids if we have a reason for saying no. We won’t take discussion as argument. Another thing that used to bug me about my parents. I was a mature kid for my age and sometimes I wanted to discuss with them why I was being told no.. and they always yelled at me like I was arguing.

Heh. We’re also going to be rather young-at-heart parents. Given that as parents we’ll still be playing PS3, Wii, Xbox, computer games.

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