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[Bento 012]
10/10/06 19:14
I am...

feeling: happy~
listening to: nothing =3
wanting: to have no maths homework ;_; apparently that's not gonna happen =sigh=
eating: just finished dinner ^_^
drinking: water =D

Helliooooooo all! XDDDDD As you can tell, I'm in a good mood today, yup yup! Yay! =D

Yes, you guys may think 'Eh? It's only Tuesday! Why has Kuri made another bento so soon? =3' but! Gosh I went to the Chinese store with my parents on Saturday, and I bought SO MANY CUTE bento-y thingys I just *had* to use them!!!

Yes, so I will have two bentos this week XD One tomorrow, one on Friday =3 Healthy, healthy Kuri! (Although the one on Friday will of course contain home-made brownies as the main bottom tier =3 -- I have decided to do some baking every Thursday evening now =3)

Tomorrow, since it's my school and I love my school and I can talk to the teachers without fearing for my life, I will hopefully find a microwave so I won't need to eat cold food again XD

I'll bet you're all wanting to see what it looks like, no? =3

Here it is~~~ (Thank you, hikarixgaki and thisdisease for offering to edit them for me!!! <333333)

Close up:

It's a shame most the photos I took turned out blurry =/ I didn't take it very well ;_; I think my camera was running out of battery, so refused to take photos properly... =/ Anyways...

Top tier: Fried rice with egg, peas, sweetcorn, and half a frankfurter (hidden) XD, flower carrots, and a couple of octopus frankfurters tucked snug into their own little egg-y den ^_^
Bottom: Strawberry milk sweetie, some kind of mochi-dessert thingy, Hello Kitty mini chocolate cookies in heart-shaped cookie cutter ^_^, some other japanese cracker thingy which I also can't be bothered to check the name of, but at least my description makes more sense than if I'd have given you guys the name XD

Yay~~~ Ahhh I can't wait to eat it <3

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09/10/06 09:09
I am...

feeling: tired. Very, very tired.
listening to: nothing
wanting: sleep
eating: nothing
drinking: water

...suck. They really do. I have one right now, and I'm really tired... =sigh= but then again, it's winter... colds are to be expected x_x

They're just not very nice... =3

Yes, as you can tell I have nothing decent to blog about right now ^^;; I'm at school again anyways =3 another 3 hours free for me, so I'll just go online~ Fun fun =]

Anyways, for lack of a better subject, I'll summarise Friday's Mid-Autumn Festival party thing. I'm hoping to get some pictures soon, so I'll do a proper blog about that later.

As you guys may know, our Chinese Church organised a party on Friday--it was a HUGE success. Our main goal was to promote our faith, but we also added some other programs onto our party, such as our performance, and games, so that people wouldn't come, then just leave.

We were only expecting like... 50 people to come anyways, but then, at the start, there were over 300 people!!!

Miracles of God <3

Then, as the night progressed and our Christian speaker went up, quite a lot of people left, but the numbers of those who stayed were also completely out of our expectations: 100+ people!!!

Seriously! We weren't even expecting so many to have stayed! And even MORE amazing: about 7-10 people (I didn't count) decided to be Christians that night <3

They'll be joining our Bible Study groups soon, I expect <3

Another miracle of God <3333333

So yes, brilliant! =D

Plug to the beautiful: hikarixgaki




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[Bento 011]
07/10/06 17:22
I am...

feeling: happy, but I have a cold though ;_;
listening to: nothing
wanting: a new bento box cos I scratched the plastic lid of my one ;_;
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing

Well, last night was my performance for the Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival thingy, and yes, there are photos, but I need to wait for some guy to send them to my daddy before I can nick them and decide if they're OK enough to show you all ^^;;

I think they'll be awful, though, cos it was warm, and I was nervous, so I ended up the colour of a tomato =sigh=

Anyways, here was my lunch from yesterday!

And close up:

Top tier: Spaghetti with a tomato fried egg sauce-y thing. Doesn't *sound* that nice in English, but it sounds quite decent in Chinese, and not to mention tasted really rather very quite nice too XD
Bottom tier: Slices of cucumber, orange and banana, and last but not least, a couple of slices of home-made (Kuri-made of course! XD) brownies! XDDDDD

Yummy~ <3

Ah, also, would anyone be kind enough to edit my bento photos to say what date they were posted with a link to my page on? =3 Like KitchenCow's (it's a link)? I don't have an editor on this computer, and it'd be *really* helpful for me if you could, so anyone who's a photoshopper and wouldn't mind helping me, please lemme know! =D

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05/10/06 13:33
I am... feeling: cold
listening to: Nishi Kaze No Kaeri Michi - CCS
wanting: hot chocolate
eating: nothing ;_;
drinking: nothing~~~ ;_;

Has anyone wondered where all the pps come from? ^^;; I mean, there are pps opportunities and all in the forum, but honestly, where do they all come from?

Some people give them away for doing stuff, but where did they get their pps from in the first place? =3 And dave, where does he get his from? I mean, he's the creator of NuTang...

Does he have an 'add pps to myself' function? o_O Cos there are so many pps out there, where did they all come from in the first place? =3

It might have said somewhere, and I've missed it, but that's always been puzzling me =3

Like the G system on SnS, I know you post and get G's, but where does all the G appear from to be given away at the start? =3 Is there a secret stash of it somewhere in the forum? XD

Although NuTang doesn't have a you-make-a-post-and-you-get-pps-for-it thing =3, so is there another secret stash of pps hidden somewhere in the site that we all don't know about?

Dave? XD

That being said, I'm gonna go to the forum and see if I can get myself some more pps =3

Plugs to the beautiful: Silver-dot-, thisdisease, hikarixgaki


@Silver and Cammie, well, it's not a proper production right now--she's just letting us take out extracts and perform it so we can form our own interpretation and get to know the play =3

Right now we're doing work on The Mechanicals. I was Bottom last time, decided to play Flute this time though, cos I didn't have another hour in the morning to learn all my lines again ^^;; (Yeah, on Monday we did the first part of The Mechanicals, we had to perform it in the afternoon, I learnt all my lines that morning =3

<-- Fast line learner XD)



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4/10/06 21:10
I am...

feeling: tired
listening to: my sister read a book in the other room
eating: well, chewing gum ^^;
drinking: nothing

Well~~~ I've just had a piano lesson. Gosh, finally getting to grips with this grade 8 aural stuff, yay~ ^_^

For those in America who doesn't have our music grading system: you start at grade 1, and progress to grade 8. Grade 8 is the final grade for instrumental exams, and once you've passed that you could qualify to be a proper instrumental teacher basically ^_^ so yeah, it's the highest grade there is.

Then, if you want to continue music you can do a diploma in whatever instrument you're taking etc etc, or go on to do it at uni too blah blah ^_^

The exam is split up into 4 parts: pieces, scales, sight reading and aural exams =3 (Theory is done separately) I trust those who are into musical instruments will know about them? =3

So yeah, I'm at grade 8. I've been playing piano since I was about... um... 5? 6? 7? I've forgotten ^^;; But I did my first grade when I was 7 yrs old though =D

So yes, this means I'm not that bad at it ;)

Aaaaanyways! I will be sure to post some photos up on Fr--um, Saturday of the Moon Festival Party thingy ^_^ You can see me playing Pipa--woo! =D (Well, if the photos aren't half bad, I'll post them up, and those of you who aren't sure what it is can see it then =3 ^_^)

So anyways, hope you are all well~~~ <3 I'm dead tired... Need to go learn some lines for drama (Shakespeare--A Midsummer Night's Dream--joy ¬_¬), then I'll go to bed ^_^

Nighty-night, everyone~~~

Oh yeah! I also referred my best friend Annie to NuTang yesterday! =D Hopefully she'll get to grips with the system and start posting soon ^_^

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03/10/06 17:56
I am...

feeling: pretty happy =D
listening to: nothing
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing

...wow I'm not doing very much am I? =3

Well, I said my title as pipa... but unfortunately I have no *decent* photos of me playing the Pipa that I would care to share with you all ^^;;

Anyways, performance on Friday for the Chinese Moon Cake Festival party ^_^ I'll be playing Pipa and Dizi. Hopefully some people there will be nice enough to send me some of the photos too, instead of there being *more* random photos of me that I will never know people have x_x;

There are already enough random photos of me online =3

Anyways, I'll post them up if there're any okay ones! Dinner time now, then I got a ton of homework to do x_x;;

Plug to the beautiful: Dilated




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