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Saturday. 8.2.08 12:35 am
Thats all, I just feel blech and icky and depressed and angry. And I can't figure out why.

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Against religion?
Thursday. 7.31.08 8:32 pm
Why does it seem when you are against something and say you you are against it because its against your religion do people get so angry? Not saying I use that as a cop-out for everything I'm against. (like shoes, wish I could claim they were against my religion but I can't so they aren't)
But If you just hate something regardless of why people seem more accepting of the hate, or at least hmm how do I explain it. I guess I can't but I don't want to use examples here.

Well I guess I won't ask my questions then. lol

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Kick A** Friggin Awesome as heck!
Thursday. 7.31.08 4:07 am
Hell yeah, I get paid on Friday and I get my 401k payout on Friday. Awesome.

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How do I tell him I'm not his girlfriend?
Wednesday. 7.30.08 9:05 pm
Ok, I was talking with someone on this site. He said he was deployed and I felt sorry for him so I kept talking to him. He wasn't mean or rude, he was nice, though he seemed a tad immature. Well I wrote him a note the other day to say thanks for something he did, his reply was

Well I'm glad I could help, I'm just glad that you are my girlfriend ....(some other stuff regarding the help he did, not relevant)
F**** (not real name lol)

So, he seemed really happy about this, is it wrong to just let him think that since I'll never meet him or anything lke that. Or should I say, hey, sorry to burst your bubble but.... (haha bubble butt)

Anyway that it for today.

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