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'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley
Sunday. 7.9.06 11.40 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

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Small cosy geek night
Sunday. 7.2.06 10:07pm

Last night I had a small get together for it was kinda my bf's idea from the very start to have a 'geek night' or 'gaming session'. Of course I am not up to the standard of being the ultimate gamer girl but I am curious and quite like the world of gaming. It was just me, Fernando, Rob (his fren from work) and Naomi (another fren from his work) at the start. It was good, cuz we had pizzas and watched 'Napoleon Dynamite', the guys were mainly on the Xbox. All this was teamed up with some alcohol, and it was my first time that I had tried Jager-bombs (shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of redbull). I had 2 and I was so red-faced! But it was actually quite nice :)

Naomi left early and then Tiff came to join us. It was good, we brought out the deck of cards and started playing poker. It was heaps of fun! I am really into poker, probably since 2 years ago when I used to watch 'Uplate poker' on SBS after 'Queer As Folk'. But this was prob the first time I had a proper game. We were betting with matchsticks, cuz no one was ready to put down real money unless we knew the game a bit better. :p It really is an experience to play tipsy. ;)

Then after we had a Nintendo DS session! Cuz my baby bought me a NEW NINTENDO DS LITE! Awwwww...it is absolutely a portable console of perfection! I love it soooooooooooooo much! I can actual call this beautiful...hehehe. My bf has been spoiling me. :p Anyways we had a download versus session with Mario Kart. It was so cool! But I kept on losing, cuz I have not been practising. :/ I never knew I would be so excited about gaming...but this is a transformation! I have always been the spectator and thought from the beginning I was never good enough to be the gamer. But now I can be :D

I ended up sleeping at 3am. I rather this....drinking at home, mucking about, chatting to good friends and just having fun without fronting up appearances or bumping into dickheads at the club. It was awesome. I wish I got photos so I could put them up on flicka. damn! I am a very happy girl though...I love my new TOY!!!

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whoa! it's been a while..
Thursday. 6.29.06 7:50pm
Hehe..whoa its been so long since I have been here. So sorry to those ppl who come and read my blog. Thank you for coming n checking in on me. :) But recently life has been so 'normal'. lol! I mean it is a good thing, but when I type in my blog, it's usually something that has been troubling my head.

Rite now it is holidays and I am just working part time and bumming around. I have been catching up with frens and celebrating the end of exams. So life has been good. Last weekend I went out clubbing, and stayed up till 4:30am in the morning! Haha it's been ages since I have stayed up that late! And I had work on sun at 12! Damn I was buggered. It was the first sat night in a long while since I did not spend with Fernando. It was an all girls night.

But it kinda ended in tears and bad vibes...cuz too much alcohol involved. Half my friends were tired so I had to drive them back to my house after a stop off at Maccas and then went back to the club to join my other friends.But found them drunk, man it sucked! Kinda reminded me why clubbin sucks now :( But I love my dancing n that is one of the places I can do it.

The next day I went to a salon expo to see my bf walk down the catwalk. Yes my bf is a model hahaha a hair model. :p Pls go to flicka to see the pics, I will post them up soon. :) But I felt so ugly and plain when I went there, cuz the girls are so beautiful and gorgeous, with long legs, thin arms and pretty faces and hair. *sobs* I duno just feeling rather replusive recently... it's weird. I have these ups and down about the way I look and always feel the need to change my appearance. :/ I know I shouldn't care, but somehow I feel society is judging me. It's true! I mean it is a real fact that people who do not look after themselves and their appearance do not get the same amount of attention and opportunity as a good looking person. :/ Ahhh...the truth hurts hey?

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Giving advice to a broken heart
Wednesday. 5.31.06 5:42pm
My friend Mel broke up with her bf Jon recently. I met up with her yesterday to talk to her. Funny how all my other friends had called her once she sms us, but I didnt call her to talk about it. I did msg her back though, hoping she is ok. Im not insensitive or unsympathetic to her situation, but I know I will have to have something to say. I have given so much rship advice this year it somehow makes me so frustrated! I dont wanna sound selfish, but when I give advice to others they often dont take it and repeat their mistakes. I think that people who have been jilted do not need my advice but for me to listen to them. I should just shut up. Cuz they have made the mistake, and they know it and they should learn from experience to never repeat that mistake again. Some are so blinded by affection and love that they dont see how much they are truely worth and can move on without the person who broke their heart.

I know that not everyone is the same, with diff dislikes and likes. But I cant help thinking why cant you like 'this' sort of person. They would treat you so much better! It's like girls who tend to fall for "bad" guys and "loser" types. I just wanna give them punch in the head for being so stupid! Is that what they really want? A guy to treat them like shit under their shoe! *sigh*. It sometimes sucks to be in a happy rship, cuz I sometimes feel like I have to lower myself to a certain standard to make those around me feel ok.

Even with Jason, my gay friend...I just get so tired when he complains to me about his love life. Cuz I know the next minute he will only do the same thing again! Often with my love life I keep it personal and do not discuss it with friends, well not the full details anyway. I am happy to keep my probs between me and my man. Cuz only we can sort it out...no one else can.

This kinda reminds me of a rant I have been wanting to do since the beginning of this month. I have noticed that Msian girls back home rely very much on their romantic rships to become socially acceptable. I cant believe that girls would 'make believe' boyfriends that they dont physically have, to talk about in their cafe conversations. It seems to be with the in-crowd a girl must have a bf to talk about. Kinda pathetic, for those girls to think that a man makes them who they are. It also sickens me because they do not take their rships seriously, for them boyfriends are like changing underwear...its pretty much all about cars, money, status and housing. But let me be clear and say that this isnt all Msian girls but only a small group, that gives girls a bad name. And therefore erases all hopes for good guys, cuz they think most girls are out there only to use them.

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im quite scared
Saturday. 5.20.06 8:35pm
I feel quite scared of graduating or not graduating. More so of NOT graduating...because my current state of studies dont look too good. I have prob taken more units than I should have because I was so used to doing 2 and then getting distinctions for them...now for my 4 units I think I will only pass. :( My best friend Michelle just graduated yesterday at Curtin, in her mining engineering degree and I couldnt be more proud and happy for her. I wish I could have graduated the same time, becuz she has been my friend for 17 yrs now...in all of my schooling and education life, so she is a big part of me growing up. I miss her..and hate the fact that she has to fly back to Pt Hedland tm.

Today Michelle, Mel and I sat and chat about all different sorts of things. It really made me open my eyes and give my opinions on certain things. I wish in the past I couldve turned to somebody for support, it wouldve avoided me doing a lot of things that I wish I didnt do. But I guess that is life, and it's all about learning from your mistakes. It would be great though it have not had to make them in the first place.

I find that us girls have grown a lil a part becuz we are so involved with our lives with our bfs. I miss and absolutely cherish the times that we are just having a girls night, have fun and laugh about similar things that happen to us in our love lives. :) I miss having them around all the time...esp Michelle. But then I couldnt live without F either. If only we were back in highschool...hehe :) Yes and the thought that I was 12 yrs old 10 yrs ago, kinda scares me how fast time flies! And I dont think I was even having fun most of the time...So it is true what they say about enjoying everyday as it comes...

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2nd yr anniversary
Saturday. 4.22.06 12:00 pm

Today marks the 2nd year anniversary for Fernando and E-von. :) It has been two years since the day we officially dated. The memory is still as clear as day...and the time has gone by so fast! We both dont feel as it has been 2 yrs already..cuz we have been having so much fun and enjoying each other.

We celebrated by going out to dinner at Valentinos in Northbridge. It was a nice cooling night. The service at Valentinos was great, we had a good meal and it was in a nice setting. I was so full by the end of it! But we then went to Dome to have iced coffees there. We spent the time together figuring out this kids puzzle that was left in the coffee shop. hehe. It was cruisy and sweet...

And that was it, it was very simple but it was special. Wow...I still cant believe it has been two years. I hope that there will be more special events like this to come with him. I cant wait to journey into the future with Fernando. :) It's like I cant imagine my world without him. ^_^

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