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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
In the air!
Friday. 4.18.14 8:00 pm
It has been a long time I have not taken domestic flight from the KL International Airport. I think it is almost 15 years.

KLIA atmosphere is surely different from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal. LCCT sucks. It looks more of a market structure without the perishable items.

The only thing I dislike about KLIA today is the lack of space. It has now more shopping counters so it is now more cramp. How sad.

Penang, my growing-up-home, here I come.

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Tuesday. 4.8.14 9:56 pm
This is so strange.

My colleagues from other departments seem to have seen me and even know me and yet I don't recall them at all.

Recently, I had lunch with a colleague whom I asserted that I have never met her before. And later she revealed that she has seen me on campus for several months already. Sometimes I would have a newspaper in my arms in the cafeteria. She added that I walked super fast like I am a marathon athlete.

Aww... but I have never participated in those sports... But I did win the 400m race back in high school. =)

So where have I been hiding all this while?! So embarrassing not to be able to recognise my other colleagues. Aww...

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Friday. 4.4.14 9:04 am
Kisses from the damn are not very welcome on my face. I have to use salt to rub my face to rid the itchiness every now and then. So troublesome.

Insects... please leave my face alone. I want to have a fantastic complexion so my asset value won't further depreciate.

Ugh. Insects... do you even understand human language?

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Shoo Shoo
Monday. 3.31.14 9:15 pm
For my traveling recently, I have downloaded some chanting mantra songs onto my tab so I could clear the space wherever I was staying.

And I remember crying myself to sleep when I was thinking of some matter. This was the song that was played...

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Sincerity at heart
Wednesday. 3.26.14 10:20 am
I was shocked to hear that my friend's son was in the mysterious MH 370 boeing. I might be seeing him tomorrow at the university and I wonder how he is taking the news. What shocked me the most is he looks early 40s and I didn't know he has a working son already.

My mum and her friends have already sent their condolence to him.

I am in no position to say anything because I cannot understand what is the feeling. The nearest is losing the person that I love.

I will just give my prayers for them.

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Tuesday. 3.25.14 11:00 am
I met up with my friends from Penang, Singapore, Seremban and KL after attending our friend's wedding. The couple is also from out batch that represented Malaysia.

As I sat in the restaurant with the notorious boisterous bunch of guys, I realised how much of laughter and jokes we shed in that two hours.

How much of life am I going to leave out if I am so warped up in life's little world. Do we have the choice? At certain stage of life, we will be busy finding money till we forgot our friends until we are stagnant and wonder what has happened.

Where am I now? I would love to have those laughter again and again. But I am not sure if these laughter can last into our golden age. Do you get what I mean?

I just hope we will be able to have those laughter again before we enter old age. Life is precious so is friendship.

I sat there and think again... how lucky I am to have such friends. Sometimes good things don't have to come so often. Once in a while in our lap is enough to remind us what life is.

God... please continue to be kind to us. Bestowed us with fortunes especially abundance. BWAHAHA...

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