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food and food and friendship
Friday. 2.22.13 4:47 pm

So, I bought three blocks of cheese in late January, cut them all up, and stored the cheese slices in tupperware containers with other little snacks.

THIS IS THE BEST IDEA I'VE EVER HAD. I actually eat less cheese when it's pre-sliced, so I have a SHIT TON of cheese left over for next month (I buy groceries roughly once a month), so less groceries to buy! Weird useless thought. Cheese is one of the few things I buy for myself even though it isn't necessarily a healthy choice. I cut out chips, most sweets, soft drinks, most juices...now it's grapes and cheese. And water. Sometimes milk and cookies.

Tonight is my night out with Roysean. We're going to grab some dinner and I'm going to ask all about his internship, because he isn't returning this summer due to a more promising internship on his actual career path. I'm bummed out because he's really great to work with, but it's cool that he made that decision, and that he's really taking charge of his life. Dinner will be good. I always like listening to him talk about politics and history, even though I'm not typically thrilled about history. He knows a lot about (and brings up independently) oppression and perpetual circumstances, so I always like to listen and ask questions. If I could, I would definitely take a few classes, just to gain some sort of footing?

Time to go!

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what do I even talk about anymore
Thursday. 2.21.13 4:43 pm

Tomorrow, I only have one class, and then I get to help choose our eleven new employees AAAHHHHH

I have my fingers crossed for some people. We had some really magnificent applicants.

We had this discussion, in Spanish, today, on sexism and gender-charged job titles. I was astounded at the general female reaction in the class.

It went something like this: Eh, whatever.

Okay, I'm sorry, but if you don't want to live in a world where your daughters, nieces, students, or other little girls grow up with the idea that their worth is in their bodies and their domestic abilities, you need to start actually thinking about this stuff. This doesn't just fix itself, simply because the country becomes more progressive. We perpetuate what we learn as adults.

So basically, it's time to stop being fine with it.

Also, my professor seems to think that you can't hate your last name and still not want to change it to your spouse's.


I hate my last name a lot. My plan was kinda always to just change it to something when the opportunity came about. I don't want to take a spouse's, though. That, to me, is saying that marriage fundamentally changes a woman where it doesn't change a man.

Anyway that's it.

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strangers I'll love
Wednesday. 2.20.13 8:30 pm


We're hiring the new interns!

It's...dramatic. People tell each other off, they get mad and avoid them...it's part of being basically taught to love each other. We get so close because of the special training we go through that it's easy to get so comfortable that we act like family and kind of emotionally crap on each other, occasionally.

But I'm so excited. Last summer was the best I've had in years. We spent so much time just having fun together, whether we were working or off for the day. I'd never trade that summer for anything. This year...I'm going to miss the guys. Most of them aren't returning, and they're the people with whom I had the deepest and most personal conversations. But, new people will come!

So I wrote a whole page of Spanish on an active volcano, today. What did YOU do

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Tuesday. 2.19.13 6:55 pm
I got the whole executive board to agree to be Safe Zone trained what son what what

It's great because we increase our ally numbers at the school and contribute to a bigger community of acceptance...AND the club gets some good press, because what up I'm kind of that evil publicity person who thinks about press when I find something good for the club to do.


This article made me super angry and sad. I do like the photo that accompanies it, because it looks like the photographer said something like, "SAY CHEESE YOU DISCRIMINATORY DONKEY," but man. Governmental officials shouldn't be able to use the process against other officials to get their way. There's way too much of this business, lately.


They're...oooh. They're getting a strongly worded letter, along with the airport that decided to delay my flight to New York by two hours by only having one de-icing truck for the entire airport, and Dr. Pepper because of THIS:


Basically, the letters do nothing. They go oh okay have a letter with a stamp signature and here's why we actually don't suck haha you're funny for thinking we do so okay here's a coupon go spend more money on us you are a valued customer.

It's just worth it because at least then they know that I'm not happy with their service. I've been considering writing Pizza Hut, too, because they're the only pizza delivery company around here that doesn't either 1) donate huge sums to anti-LGBT rights organizations, or 2) threaten to fire people rather than just pay the extra sum to support their Obamacare (like seriously shut UP Papa John).

Anyway about that rant entry, a couple of entries back:

Basically, that was it. If I ask for something back, that's all I can do. And if some nutburger denies that simple request, so be it. I'll just assume said lunatic has some greater problem with me, that encourages this passive-aggressive maniac to withhold a plastic box out of some deep-seated resentment that, really, seriously, I can't even being to try to explain.

I may have changed the original Dr. Pepper photo to the one I made for tumblr

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