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Food a plenty
Saturday. 3.21.15 5:33 pm
When you go to Buffalo Wild Wings, you must get an appetizer to share, at least one drink and of course, wings. I've been craving spicy food all week so what did I do? I got hot wings. It's toward the bottom of the spice level bottle illustration that they have in the menu and it's the only one that I really like out of the other options that are between that and medium. I may, one day, venture on to a hotter sauce, but for now I'll stick with hot.

Considering how much I don't care for sports and how BWW is very much a sports bar, I really do enjoy going there. Even when there's a game and people are yelling and screaming, the food is worth it and the company typically is as well. Apparently there's a BWW Downtown, which I was previously unaware of, but my friend lives south and it's easier for me to just drive down there than for her to bus/train up here.

Now that I've gone out and had a good time, I'm in for the remainder of the weekend. I need to do laundry tomorrow, but that's about it. I finally have more contacts so that's the only thing keeping me from taking a food coma nap right now. I don't like to waste them, since they're higher up on the price scale, so when I put them in in the morning, I make the sacrifice to not nap that day. Tomorrow, especially since I'm staying in, I'll just throw my glasses on in the morning. Even if I don't nap, I'll still have the option of doing so.

I received an invitation to one of my cousin's wedding. I'm going to put in for the time off, but there's no guarantees that I'll be able to get it so I'll RSVP with a maybe. I'd really like to go. I haven't seen most of my extended family in over a decade. I think it'd be fun to hang out with them for a weekend. I'll ask my manager when I see her on Monday. I'll put in for the time, explain why, but say that it's perfectly cool if I can't.

Anywho, time to dive in to Netflix and Hulu. Here's to a relaxing remainder of the weekend.

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Home remedies
Thursday. 3.19.15 6:25 pm
There are varying opinions when it comes to home remedies. Some people swear by them, while others are skeptical of everything. I'm one of those people who is willing to try home remedies, if it means getting to skip going to the doctor and/or spending ridiculous amounts of money on medications. Home remedies have been a hit or miss for me. Hot tea with honey or lemon does nothing for a sore throat for me, even when I get past the disgusting flavor. There has been one remedy, however, that I've recently discovered that I'm going to resort back to as many times as needed: vanilla extract for cold sores.

I was somewhat skeptical at first, but I figured the worst that would happen is that it takes a week or more, like normal, for the stupid thing to heal. I tried it as directed and it's working! After only doing this treatment for 2 1/2 days, the sore is nearly gone! I'm also using Blistex at night and during the day to help keep it hydrated. So I'm thinking that the combination of the two is what's making it heal so quickly. I'm also avoiding, despite my annoyance, eating spicy foods, as those tend to irritate the affected area. Once this thing has healed, I'm going to eat so much spicy food!

I had an entry planned for St. Paddy's day, but I lost the motivation halfway through the entry and ended up scrapping what little I had already written. Nothing special has happened this week. I've actually been in kind of a down mood. I've been physically drained most of the week and haven't been terribly social. I only texted 4 people yesterday, two of which were family. The urge to communicate isn't really there this week. Hopefully it's a funk that I'll be able to get out of by next week. I plan on staying in this weekend. Well, I've made one tentative plan, but if it falls through, I'm going to be perfectly okay with it.

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Responsible adult
Sunday. 3.15.15 10:00 am
Being an adult has its perks, for sure. You get to sleep in on the weekends and not have anyone bug you to get out of bed {if you live alone, that is.} You can eat ice cream and cookies for breakfast, if you so please. You can go out on a work night and stay out late because you've already weighed out whether the reward was high enough to deal with the consequences in the morning.

On the other hand, you have to make sure that you have food in your house, otherwise you'll be spending the money on delivery or take out, which adds up really quickly. You have to make sure your bills are paid on time so that you can continue taking hot showers, have a roof over your head and internet access. You have to make sure that you get yourself to work on time and if you ride share, you have a responsibility to others as well.

Another part of being a responsible adult is knowing when to stop drinking. There are plenty of safe options to get home without getting behind the wheel, but I'm so paranoid about leaving my car in a parking lot that I've been irresponsible and driven home while under the influence. I'm certainly not proud of that decision, but it's one that I'm working on not making again. The last two nights I went out for drinks and I was able to stop myself from getting more, despite wanting more, so that I'd be able to safely drive home. This is when carpooling has major advantages, so long as you're not the DD.

Despite only having 3 drinks on Friday night and two last night, I managed to have quite the fun time. Both nights started out simple enough: meet up with a friend to have a good time. Friday night simply added more people and became a little crazier until a couple people had to work and the others were tired from having worked all day so we parted ways. Last night there was an unexpected guest that joined so it just happened to make it more fun. That particular situation might turn in to some kind of redemption opportunity for me so I'm cautiously optimistic about how it may end up.

Today I'm going to hang out with my newly engaged friend. She wants to go look at some bridal stuff and invited me to go with her. We're also gonna make a couple other stops while in the area so it should be a nice day. It's rainy outside today, perfect Seattle weather, so I'm happy to be going out in it. I do need to get the oil changed in my car ... it may have to wait until after work one day this week since I don't think I'll be back Downtown until after they close. Luckily they're open until 7 during the week.

Anywho, I need to get my clothes in the dryer and take a quick shower. This entry was far less exciting than I thought it would be, but I guess I just wasn't in the mood to detail all the events of Friday the 13th and Pi day. Oh well.

Until next time. . .

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Wednesday. 3.11.15 7:52 pm
Can lust and smitten be used in the same context? Because I'm fairly certain there's a blurred line between the two at the moment.

I picked up my packages today and discovered that one of the pairs of shoes I ordered was accidentally ordered in the wrong size. So now I have to go back tomorrow to exchange them for the size that'll fit. It's only slightly inconvenient since I really don't mind driving up there. I just don't like dealing with the traffic after work. Since I'm now working "normal" hours, I have to deal with rush hour traffic.

I'm pretty excited to try out my new running shoes, along with the new pair of crop pants I got from VS. I also have a headband so I'll be interested to see how well that helps with the sweat. The new bra I have is a really pretty color blue. I have no one to show it off to, but when I wear it, I can be excited knowing I have it on.

Two more days until the weekend. I'm so ready to have two days to sleep in. Can it be the weekend yet?

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Monday. 3.9.15 7:08 pm
After going for a long, unplanned walk Saturday afternoon and spending time with friends Saturday night and yesterday evening, my legs are still sore. Don't get me wrong, it was a really nice walk. I love walking around the lake and it looks a lot less weird to walk around by yourself when you have a dog with you, or you're jogging. But my legs have quickly adjusted to the sedentary occupation and thus aren't used to being walked on all the time. I'm getting a new pair of running shoes on Wednesday, ones that actually fit my feet, so that should be more comfortable for exercise. The ones I've had are about half a size too big.

I logged in to Facebook for the first time in about 3 weeks and it was interesting seeing all the older stuff mixed in with the new stuff that would filter though on my feed. I will most likely put the app back on my phone this coming weekend and see how long it takes before it annoys me again. I may end up just keeping it for the weekend. Or unfollowing half the people on my list.

I'm gonna go to bed early tonight; after staying out later than I anticipated last night and still being sore from my weekend activities, crashing early is exactly what I need. Hopefully my muscles don't hate me so much in the morning. I have until Friday to recover because I have more plans to do stuff this coming weekend.

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Spring forward.
Saturday. 3.7.15 4:56 pm
It's that time of year again. . . the time of year when we uselessly change the clocks and lose an hour of sleep. I don't know why we change the clocks. It serves no real purpose any more, but until the rest of the country catches on to what Hawaii and Arizona have already figured out, then we have to deal with it. I'm just happy this year that I don't have to work tomorrow so I can sleep in until whenever.

I ended up going out today. I told my friends that I'd walk their dog since one of them had to work late and the other is sick. I took the pup over to Greenlake and we walked the whole 3 miles. It's a beautiful day outside so the place was pretty busy. A lot of people, a lot of dogs and a lot of kids. I can handle the people and the dogs, but kids are annoying. Even if they're not directly affecting me, their presence is enough. Luckily, I was able to just focus on watching the dog zigzag back and forth and try to keep him from running in to people and other dogs.

Now that that's done, I'm in until Monday morning. I have no other plans for the remainder of the weekend and I'm going to keep it that way. I'd like a day to just sit around in pajamas and not do anything. Especially since I have plans next Friday and Saturday. Perhaps Sunday, but those haven't been entirely decided on yet.

Anywho, my food is almost done cooking and I'm gonna dive in to a movie on Netflix.

Until next time. . .

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