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Age. 30
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location England, United Kingdom
School. Other
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[JJ's Blog!!!]
17/10/06 17:03
I am...

feeling: happy but cold
listening to: nothing
wanting: to meet JJ!!!!!
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing...

Here is where I announce that... a couple of days ago...

I FOUND JJ'S BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=Cries with joy= Although I won't publicise the link cos it's all in Traditional Chinese so I'm not sure if there's any point in giving it out anyways ^^;;

He hasn't blogged in aaaaaaaaaages, though, but I'm looking at all his albums and photos he's put up there <333333 Gosh I'm in heaven!!!

But! Omw yesterday I saw a video on youtube and I ~*think*~ (although JJ kinda denys it) that he likes Hebe from S.H.E!!!! Omw I was properly heartbroken I cried ;_; Seriously... URG I know he definitely thinks she's cute at least!!!

IT'S NOT FAIR!!! =Cries= Now I really don't like Hebe. Really, really don't!!! ;_;

Y'know what? One day, I'm gonna be famous in China, and I'll meet JJ. Okay, maybe I won't make it to stardom, but I'll definitely meet JJ. One day. Somehow. I will.

I will.

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One day.



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15/10/06 15:33
I am...

feeling: not sure...
listening to: Hai Pa - LJJ
wanting: to meet JJ ;_;
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing =3

I don't think I've blogged about it before, but I'm pretty sure I mentioned it though, and for lack of something to blog about, I will tell you about my ipod! XD

Well, you see, a month or so ago, some relatives of mine came over, cos their son's going to LSE (London School of Economics) or something, basically, the *best* school there is for economics, so they came over to visit before going down to London, and you know how relatives usually only give you some chocolates as a 'hi' gift?

Mine bought me a VIDEO IPOD! <33333333333

How much do my relatives rock?! XDDDDDDDD So I've been getting gorgeous LJJ songs and putting them all on my Ipod <3333 Yay! =DDDD

Oh! And did you guys notice my change in avy? XD This one is made by the amazingly talented Ayumi at our humble forum, -->Eeled's Abode<-- =D She made me a siggie too~ I've decided to put it up as well since I think the avy doesn't look complete on it's own ^^;;

So if you have time, pay us at EA a visit! =D

My fingers are freezing and I can't type properly now x_X;; I will leave my blog here ^_^

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14/10/06 10:37
I am...

feeling: jealous, insanely happy, jealous, going hyper...
listening to: SONGS BY JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
wanting: TO MEET HIM!!!!
eating: who cares?!
drinking: silent screaming too much to drink!!

A continuation from the title: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! =faints= -end of title- XD

OH MY WORD!!!!! I was browsing myspace (boredom kills, it really does) and OMW I stumbed onto a JJ fan-space thingy! Okay you're probably wondering who JJ is? He's a Chinese singer, JJ is is nickname, his actual name is Lin Jun Jie! Sooooo famous, SOOOOO talented!!!!

Anyways, I just HAVE to share this video with you!!! This is how *Chinese* artists sing live--with their actual real gorgeous voices, not like certain American pop stars who mime to a pre-recorded CD that's already been edited to make their voices sound better =3:


And although there's a few pre-recorded 'ooooh's when he's talking, it is actually him singing the main song cos it's different from the CD =3


People non-Chinese might not want to watch the next one (it's part two of a TV show thingy with him on), but if you go to about 3 mins or something, he sings again! Omw! He's SOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!! (Before he sings he's like "let's all sing together! =D" <333333333)

Omw! That girl in 'Distance' (I will post up the video in a sec) was really shy when filming the video with him??? =O I'LL FILM THE VIDEO WITH YOU, JJ!!!!!!!!!! =OOOOO

I'm so jealous of the people on that show ;_; And apparently JJ wrote one of the songs that girl sings! (In the first part) ...The song she sings in this part doesn't suit her, I don't think =3

This is the video 'Distance', the one in which the girl was nervous/shy about doing the video... =/ she's not *that* pretty.

Gosh I was thinking as I watched this 'darnit if he kisses her I'm gonna cry!!! ;_;' Anyways, on to next video!

Ooooh, I really like the chorus <3 not entirely sure about the english rap part... but let me assure you, he does it WAY better than normal Chinese artists do! =3 Hehe the graphics reminded me of Final Fantasy XD

Hahaha I found a comedy: click here~! Hehe I found it funny ^_^ The reason I gave the link is cos the person who posted it wrote a translation for what they said XD Awwww JJ's so sweet <3

And now, I present to you, one of my most FAVOURITE songs of ALL time!!!! JJ's most recent song (I only just found that out today haha), Cao Cao!!! Complete with Chinese History XD

OMW! He plays guitar too?!?!?! =O Can a guy be too perfect??? =O Okay!!! I just found his profile!!!

* Name: Lin Jun Jie (JJ) <-- Name begins with one of my most FAVOURITE letters!!!! <33333
* Birthdate: 27 March 1981 <--Only 9 yrs older than me XD ...27th March!!! =O That's me and Ani's would-be birthdate if we were really twins! <3333 (long story)
* Horoscope: Aries - like me~~~
* Religion: Christianity - =O SO PERFECT!!!
* Place of Birth: Singapore
* Height: 172 cm <-- muahaha, not that tall, but quite a lot taller than me at least!
* Weight: 60 kg <-- skinnyyyyy ;_;
* Blood Type: O <-- O for 'Original'! XD
* Dialect Group: Hokkien/Fu Jian
* Languages: English, Mandarin <-- <33333
* Schools Studied In: Jingshan Primary School, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), St. Andrews Junior College
* Instruments Played: Piano, Drums, Guitar <-- =OOOOOOO I want to learn guitar and drums!!!!! They're both on my 'to-learn' list!!! <33333
* Talents: Composing Songs, Music Arrangement, Singing, Dancing, Writing Poetry, Drawing <-- perfect!!!!
* Hobbies: Watching Movies, Going Online, Swimming, Basketball, Gaming <-- BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!! GOING ONLINE!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!
* Favourite Colours: Navy Blue, Black, White <-- I LOVE HIM MORE!!!
* Favourite Male Singers: Michael Jackson, Craig David, Jacky Cheung, David Tao, Jay Chou, Lee Hom <-- ...>_>; no comment
* Favourite Female Singers: Kit Chan, A Mei, BoA <-- ...who?
* Favourite Groups: Linkin Park(Long-gone), S.H.E <-- LP pwn, S.H.E are alright =3
* Favourite Actors: Chou Yun Fat, Nicholas Cage, Tony Leung <-- who?
* Favourite Actresses: Fukada Kyoko, Jeon Ji Hyun, Zhang Zi Yi
* Favourite Author: William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens
* Favourite Book: The Holy Bible <-- <3333333
* Favourite Food: Drunken Prawns, Plain Rice, Sashimi <-- do I hear Japanese food here? XDDD
* Happiest Moments: Being with a person he loves. <-- WHO DOES HE LOVE??? =OOOO
* Hated Moments: Doing things that are wrong, feeling cheated.


Oh! I just found a vid of him performing piano live!!! He didn't write these songs, he's just singing (and playing!!!) them! Sooooo talented:

He's gorgeous ;_; omw I wanna be in that audience screaming how wonderful he is too!!! It's not faiiiiiiir!!!! He encourages the audience to sing with him too!!!! I wanna be there!!!!!!!!! ;_;

To stop myself from crying that I haven't even been to *ONE* of his live performances, I will show you another cute video, pretty new, I think:

So cute <333333! Now... I will show you all the song the first ever song I heard from him, a song I heard last year in China that led me to love his songs and his voice, A Thousand Years Later:

It's such a gorgeous song... <333333333 I got confused with the videos though =/ Actually I was quite confused by most of his videos, but the songs make it worth watching!

And I will leave you on my current obsession, another GORGEOUS song that I love oh-so-much; the lyrics are some of the most beautiful lyrics that he's ever written, next to "A Thousand Years Later":

OMW!!!! SA RANG HAE YO, LIN JUN JIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_;

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[Bento 013]
12/10/06 19:56
I am...

feeling: accomplished
listening to: Xing Qiu - Lin Jun Jie
wanting: not entirely sure...
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing

Righty ho~~~ Hehe are you all anticipating my new bento? ^_^

Well, this one is edited! With a pretty-ful edge and blah =D I must say a massive thank you!!!!!!!!!! to Sylphie, though, because she did edit some of my photos for me before, but I decided not to use them ^^;;

The main reason I was hoping someone else could edit it for me was because if not I'd have had to run from upstairs computer (which has the internet) to downstairs computer (which has photoshop) and continuously transfer my photos around to edit them, which, me, being so lazy that I asked the class if anyone had a tissue cos I couldn't be bothered to get them out of my own bag which was sitting by my foot, really cannot be bothered to do ^^;;

But today I realised my Corel Photo Album thingy came with a mini-editing feature! =D So I decided to edit them myself~ Ty for your hard work before, Sylphie!!!!!

My bento for tomorrow, then!

And close up:

It's not too different from my previous one, really, but my previous one was really yummy! =D

Top tier: Fried rice (see Bento #012 for full details), flower-y (kinda) rice cracker-y thingys! (They were SOOOO yummy I just *had* to have some more!)
Bottom tier: More crackers (yummy!!!), grapes and pomegranates in heart-shaped cookie cutter, red bean paste mochi (I know what they're called now XD) with, again, a strawberry milk sweetie~ =D
Additional: Strawberry pudding! And an apple and grape gummy sweet ^_^

Put your hands up if you think it'll be yummy! =D

Well, I gotta go practise piano now~~~

Plugs to the beautiful: Silver-dot-, Katrina-nee, JMC




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[Referrals to Nutang]
12/10/06 14:37
I am...

feeling: alright
listening to: nothing
wanting: graphs to disappear off the mathematical syllabus!!!
eating: nothing, although I have a bar of chocolate beckoning me in my bag =3
drinking: nothing

Hm... a while ago, I saw an entry by Silver-dot- saying how she couldn't manage to refer one person to NuTang... That, to me, is really, really strange o_O;;

When I told my friends that NuTang *pays you* to *blog*, loads of my friends wanted invite codes! o_O;; (Well, actually, I've only told a select few of my friends ^^;; I didn't have many invite codes then...)

I mean, first, Tealy-Kun joined under my referral, then, my best friend Annie's joined, although so far she hasn't had time to set up her account properly yet (her bedtime's at like... 9pm cos she has to get up at a heck crazy hour in the morning the next day), and just now, after posting a bulletin about NuTang up on my myspace, another friend of mine, Katie has asked to join XD

I've just given her an invite code, so hopefully her account should be up by tonight since she's computer obsessed and very bloggy XD

I only have 3 invite codes left, and now that I've given Katie one I have only 2 left ^^;;

=cough=Hint hint, Dave, I'd like more invite codes=cough=

Does anyone else think we should get pps for inviting friends to join? ;)

Well, still in school right now... I should go and do some maths work... Key word, though, being *should* ^^;;

Plugs to the beautiful: Silver-dot- (Entry was deleted and edited, so the comment disappeared ^^;; ), randomjunk




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[Every Day Vids]
11/10/06 16:44
I am...

feeling: annoyed
listening to: more like ignoring my mummy ^^;;
wanting: this rain to stop, and my mummy to mind her own business ¬_¬
eating: dinner soon =3
drinking: nothing

Haha well, I was actually planning on writing this entry some time ago, but then I either didn't have time to blog about it, was blogging about something else, or completely forgot ^^;;

So here goes!

Many of you may have seen an entry like this on various people's NuTang's. Well, fair enough XD Dave offered us pps for it =3 But hey~ I probably would have made an entry about it anyways =3

If you click -->here<-- it will bring to to a site created by none other than our wonderful webmaster and creator of NuTang... Dave!

That's reason enough to go visit, no? XDDDDD

No, I hear you non-Nutang-ers say? o_O; ~Okay then~ More reasons you should visit:

1) They contain some brilliantly amazing videos. Seriously, there was one of this guy on crutches doing loads of really cool tricks... And then some other ones of this absolutely wicked slam dunk etc etc~
2) They also have some hilariously funny videos that cracked me sooooo badly my sides almost split! I'll let you go find out for yourselves which ones that is, but I recommend one with a cat hanging off a fan on the ceiling XDDD

So what're you waiting for? Go take a look! XD

Plugs to the beautiful: Crispin, randomjunk, Silver-dot-, frostbitten




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